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Best Birthday Gifts for Women

What are the best birthday presents for women?

fun happy birthday coffee mug

Festive Happy Birthday Coffee Mug

Are you looking for the best birthday presents for women? 🙂

I am a woman, but I understand guys have a really difficult time understanding what we really want for our birthdays…
Let’s face it: they are absolutely clueless!
When it’s time to choose something for our birthdays they panic!
Then the ‘safest’ choice is usually flowers and a chocolate box…

Very Colorful Festive Happy Birthday 13 Oz Coffee Mug with Cupcakes and Confetti Great Birthday Gift

I’m not saying flowers and chocolates are a bad gift!
Not at all!
Hey, I love chocolate!
I’m just saying that there are other things we women like too for a birthday present…
Or maybe you would love to actually buy her a nice gift that it’s really going to make her say ‘Wow’!!

So I decided to create this page today in hopes of helping you (clueless) guys out there to find the best birthday present for your woman…

What do women want on their birthday?

cute heart earrings for women

Cute Heart Earrings

I am not pretending it’s an easy task to find that perfect birthday present for your wife, mom or girlfriend…
It takes a little thinking on the guys part….

First of all: do not generalize guys!
Don’t think that all women are the same and therefore we all want the same things….
Absolutely not.
I will give you a general idea of some nice gifts you can buy the women of your life, but only you will be able to really know what would make the best gift for them.

King Baby “Crowned Heart” Small 3D Crowned Heart Leverback Earrings

Be careful!
Many women do not like to get “house gifts” on their birthdays………
You know what I mean…….
Don’t think she will be excited in getting the newest blender or coffee machine for her birthday.
Birthdays are special!
So give her something that will be just for her and not for everybody in the house…

Before you hit the BUY button….

cute love figurine

Willow Tree with Love

Last piece of advice:
Make a list of your woman’s qualities! 🙂

Ok, so you have decided you want to spend some time thinking about some gift ideas for your significant other lady….
That’s great!
It’s the very first step in getting her something that she will really love (and not just “pretend” she did….)
Write down some qualities about your woman… (I hope it’s a long list, for your own sake………)

Willow Tree with Love

Is she musical? Girly? Serious? Funny? Goofy? Does she love jewelry? Does she like to spend time outdoors? Does she practice sports? Is she a business woman? Housewife? Tomboy? Serious? Homebody? Mature woman?
You know what I mean now, don’t you?

Best Birthday Gifts for Her!

If she is musical…

If she is musical, besides getting her tickets to the next opera or concert (for both of you, of course!) there are other things you can consider getting her as well…

How about a beautiful white digital piano?

Yamaha White Digital Piano

Yamaha White Digital Piano

Beautiful Yamaha DGX650WH WHITE Digital Piano

Does your wife play the piano?
How about buying her a beautiful white digital piano on her birthday? 🙂
I BET she is going to scream of happiness!
It is a very good birthday gift idea for ‘musical women’!

If she is girly…

If your wife or girlfriend is the ‘girly’ type, then she definitely loves cute, colorful and ‘pretty’ stuff…

How about giving her a very cute watch?

cute watch for her

Cute Watch for Her

Stuhrling Original Women’s Amour Aphrodite Cupid Watch Set Automatic skeleton Swarovski Crystal Interchangeable Strap

Cute watches make great birthday gift ideas for young and girly women! 🙂
I’m sure she’s gonna love getting a beautiful cute watch from you!

Is she funny and goofy?

If your woman is the “funny” type of lady you are in luck….
She will like almost anything you give her!
She is also very adventurous and she probably loves to play with kids!
Am I right?

How about buying her a cute and funny Squishable stuffed animal?

cute squishable plush turtle

Squishable / Sea Turtle Plush – 15″

Cute Squishable / Sea Turtle Plush – 15″

I am a goofy and funny woman myself, so I can tell you I absolutely LOVE getting fun and cute Squishable animals!
(I have two already and I keep one in my living-room couch and the other one in my bedroom…)

If she loves to wear jewelry all the time…

It’s also very easy to buy a birthday gift for your woman if she loves jewelry………
However, make sure you take your time choosing something that will be meaningful to her…..
Don’t just go to the jewelry store and ask the salesperson to pick something for you…
You know they will almost always persuade you to buy the most expensive piece of jewelry that maybe won’t have any special meaning to your woman…

How about a beautiful, fun and romantic heart shaped necklace?

fun heart devil necklace for women

Fun 14k Yellow Gold and Diamond Heart Devil Pendant Necklace

XPY 14k Yellow Gold and Diamond Heart Devil Pendant Necklace, 18′

This is such a cool, fun, unique and romantic heart shaped ‘devil’ necklace!
Perfect ‘naughty’ birthday gift idea for wives and girlfriends! 🙂
She is gonna love to know she is your little ‘devil’….

If she is the ‘outdoorsy’ type…

Every guy’s dream, right?
A woman who also LOVES to spend time outdoors! 🙂

How about giving her a cute cruiser bike on her birthday?

Cute Cruiser Bike for Women

Cute Cruiser Bike for Women

J Bikes CHLOE 26″ Women’s 1-speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle BLACK with Mint Green Rims Bike

Cute and fun cruiser bikes make awesome birthday gift ideas for women who love to spend time outdoors! 🙂
(Even if she already has a bicycle, I bet it’s not as comfy and cute as this one in the picture!)

*Another great gift idea is also a nice pair of rollerblades for her!

Best Birthday Gifts for Women!

If she loves to wear perfume

Nice perfume also make great birthday gifts for women of all ages!
I LOVE perfume and everyone in my family knows that… 🙂
And I NEVER get tired of getting perfume on my birthday either!
(And yes, I do have over 20 bottles of perfume…Lol)

nice perfume for women

Flower by Kenzo for Women

Flower by Kenzo for Women – 3.4 Ounce EDP Spray

As I said before, nice perfume is always a very good birthday present idea for women!
(Specially if you also like her to smell nice for you…)
This is a very nice floral fragrance that lingers on the body for a long time! 🙂

If she loves to read…

best birthday gift idea for women who love to read

Fire HDX 8.9 Tablet

Fire HDX 8.9, 8.9″ HDX Display, Wi-Fi, 16 GB – Includes Special Offers

This one is easy!!
If your woman loves to read, watch movies and surf the net, then the new Fire tablet is the perfect birthday gift idea for her! 🙂
I have one myself and I can tell you that it is with me 24/7!
This is the whole entertainment deal!
Thousands of books, movies, videos, music, magazines, games, social media, cool apps that go everywhere with you inside your purse!
Yes, I LOVE my Kindle Fire tablet and so will she!

*I hope I have been helpful here today and hopefully you were able to choose a nice birthday gift idea for her! 🙂
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