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Hilarious Gift Ideas

Funny Birthday Presents for Everyone!

hilarious gift ideas

Big Toes Ugly Feet Slippers

Is there a birthday in the family coming up?
Would you love to find the most hilarious birthday gifts ever?
I love to buy funny presents for my family!
Last year I gave a yellow screaming chicken to my sister, a donut pillow and a pizza pillow to another…
I am always looking for the funniest prank gifts.

*(I love these! Funny human feet slippers! Lol)

Here are my top favorite hilarious birthday gift ideas for anyone!
Have a good laughter!

Funny Slippers: Grizzly Bear Paw Slippers for Women and Men

Grizzly Bear Paw Slippers

Funny Grizzly Bear Paw Slippers

Grizzly Bear Paw Slippers for Women and Men

Funny slippers always make awesome funny birthday presents for anyone!
We all love to wear fuzzy slippers at home, so why not wear funny ones?
How about trying these grizzly bear paws?

Hilarious Hairy Feet Slippers

Funny Hairy Feet Slippers

Funny Hairy Feet Slippers

Hobbit Feet Slippers for Adults

This pair of hairy feet funny plush slippers will also make great funny birthday gift ideas for the whole family!
Let’s all have hairy feet at home!

Funny Pillows: The Original Authentic Ostrich Pillow

funny ostrich pillow

The Original Authentic Ostrich Pillow

The Original Authentic Ostrich Pillow

Another awesome funny present idea for anyone (specially an office worker or a frequent traveler) is a funny pillow!
I am always buying funny pillow gifts for my family and friends!
This is by far the most hilarious pillow gift around!
It is the famous ostrich pillow!
You actually ‘wear it’ on your head!
Great for that ’10 minute nap’ in the office! Lol

Hilarious Napping Pillow!

hilarious napping pillow

Hilarious Napping Pillow

Hilarious Napping Pillow

Feeling stressed out at the office?
Take a nap!

Another hilarious napping pillow for sale!
Imagine ‘wearing’ this gigantic pillow on your head while traveling by bus or plane!
What a funny way to just ‘unplug’ from everything and everyone!
I love it!

Funny Pile of Poop Shaped Pillow

Hilarious Birthday Gift Idea!

funny pile of poop shape pillow

Funny Poop Shape Pillow

Pile of Poop / Poo Plush Pillow

Need I say anything about this one?
What an awesome prank gift idea!
One of my favorites!





I bought this for myself last year and I love it!
It is a great funny squeeze toy that helps you anytime you are feeling a little anxious or over the edge!
Just squeeze Pete!
His eyes and nose will ‘pop out’ and he will calm you down!

Laughing Egg Plush Doll!

Laughing Egg Plush Doll

Laughing Egg Plush Doll

Crack-Ups Laughing Egg Plush – Egg-Shaped Stuffed Toys That Giggle

This funny laughing EGG plush doll will definitely crack you up!
(Get it? 🙂
Just squeeze his tummy and he will start laughing hysterically!
Also great for children too!
They love to laugh and giggle with this hilarious egg plush doll!

17 Inch Squeeze Shrilling Screaming Chicken Funny Toy Gift

 Screaming Chicken Funny Toy Gift

17 Inch Squeeze Shrilling Screaming Chicken Funny Toy Gift

17 Inch Squeeze Shrilling Screaming Chicken Funny Toy Gift Chicken Toy

This yellow screaming chicken toy is by far the most hilarious squeeze toy I have ever seen!
His screams are so loud and his chicken face is so funny that you cannot help yourself but start laughing!
I bought one for my sister and my nephew last year!
Every time they are in need of some cheering up, all they have to do is squeeze this hilarious chicken!

*Here it is! Screaming chicken in action! LOL

The Swearing Finger

Funny Gag Gift Idea for Adults!

The Swearing Finger Toy

The Swearing Finger

The Swearing Finger

This swearing finger makes a great funny gag gift idea for adults!
It also curses and moves!

*Check it out! It’s awesome!

Pukin’ Paul Funny Toy!

funny toys puking Paul

Pukin’ Paul Funny Toy

Big Mouth Toys Pukin’ Paul (Solar Power Shakes Head)

Meet puking Paul!
He pukes non-stop!
Great funny gift for the office, car, dorm room or college boys!

Farting Desktop Pen Set: Funny Gag Gift Idea for the Office Worker!

Farting Desktop Pen Set

Farting Desktop Pen Set

Big Mouth Toys Shove it! Farting Desktop Pen Set

Every time you insert your pen, he farts!

Pass The Gas Hilarious Farting Game

pass the gas hilarious farting game

Pass the Gas Farting Game

Big Mouth Toys Pass the Gas Game by Big Mouth Toys

Who farted?
Was it you?
Or you?
Let’s find out!
Whoever is holding the plush butt which farts when the music stops is the ‘guilty’ one!
Kids and adults love this game!

Inflatable Judy Doll: Funny Gag Gift Idea for Single Guys!

Inflatable Judy Doll

Inflatable Judy Doll

Inflatable Judy Doll

Are you still single?
No problem!
Let Judy take care of you!
She doesn’t nag and never talks back!

Funny Cheese Hat!

funny cheese hat

Funny Cheese Shape Hat

NFL Green Bay Packers Cheesehead

Who wants to be a cheesehead?
This funny cheese hat is the perfect gag gift idea for cheese lovers!

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