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About Happy Gabby

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Happy Gift Ideas to Make Anyone Smile!

Welcome to HappyGabby!

As the name says, here it’s all about fun and ‘happy stuff’! 🙂
What makes people very happy, especially kids?
Yes, you guessed it right!
Happy gifts!
Fun gifts!
Cool gifts!

Here you will find the coolest gift ideas for everyone!
Not just Christmas gifts, but also cool birthday gift ideas as well!

*HappyGabby is specially directed to parents and grandparents looking to find the coolest toy ideas for their children and grandchildren!

*I love to give HAPPY gifts! 🙂

My passion is finding and recommending the coolest gift ideas for toddlers, older kids and adults.

I am always doing research on fun gifts for all occasions and I also love smiling face stuff!
Is there anything ‘happier’ than a smiling face? 🙂
That’s why I decided to make my ‘main page’ all about smiling face items, so we start off on the right foot!

On my other pages you will find all the other fun and happy gift ideas based on the child’s age or the occasion…

I also LOVE dolls, stuffed animals and funny gifts too!
Make sure to check those pages as well…
Funny and hilarious gifts are perfect for a Secret (Funny) Santa!
I love those!

For now enjoy these happy smiling face gift ideas here on my main page and go put a smile on someone’s face today!
God bless you!

*All fun toys and gift ideas displayed on this website were selected based on research done online and my personal opinion.

How about a HAPPY Tee?

happy tshirt for girls

I SMILE BECAUSE I’M HAPPY Cute Toothy Mouth Sweatshirt

I SMILE BECAUSE I’M HAPPY Cute Toothy Mouth Sweatshirt

Check out this happy smiling colorful ‘toothy’ mouth tee! 🙂
I have two of them and I wear them all the time! (Yes, these come in all sizes and styles, including for adults!)
(I also got one for my teenage daughter and she loved it too!)

This happy shirt instantly makes anyone who sees it smile!
How can it not, right?
I love going out wearing this shirt!
Sometimes all people need to brighten up their days is to receive a smile from a stranger…

SMILING Happy SUN Inspirational Throw Pillow

Happy Gift Ideas!

happy gift ideas

Positive Quote Cute Happy Sun Blue Sky Print Throw Pillow

Positive Quote Cute Happy Sun Blue Sky Print Throw Pillow

I have a feeling it’s gonna be a GOOD day!
This fun inspirational throw pillow says ‘TODAY, AND EVERY DAY, I WILL SEE THE POSITIVE SIDE OF THINGS!’

*Is it only me, or are you also singing ‘Shiny Happy People’ in your mind? 🙂

You can paint your own world Happy Print

Cute Colorful Abstract Trees Positive Words Wood Print

Colorful Abstract Trees Positive Words Wood Print

Cute Colorful Abstract Trees Positive Words Wood Print

Well, as you can see I LOVE colorful, happy stuff!
To me they make the happiest gift ideas to anyone!
What better way to make someone smile than by adding a fun, colorful ‘dot trees’ print on your wall? It also says ‘you can paint your own world’! True!! 🙂

Happy Reversible Throw Pillow

I had to show you this gorgeous and fun not to mention colorful, HAPPY pillow! 🙂
What better way to wish someone happiness day every day? It is also reversible!
I love it!!
As happy as happy can be!!
(And colorful!!)
I also LOVE to give colorful gifts to people!

*Cute Happy Smiling Peel and Stick Removable Graphic

happy gifts

Happy Smiling Face Peel and Stick Graphic

How is this for a happy gift idea for anyone?
A happy smiling face peel and stick graphic! 🙂

What a cool and creative gift!
It’s going to look gorgeous (and happy!) on any wall!

Very easy to apply anywhere!
Just peel and stick!
Looks awesome above the couch!

Bright Yellow HAPPY Round Pouf (to bring happiness to your home)!

happy housewarming gift idea

Happy Pouf Fun Housewarming Gift Idea

JOY and HAPPINESS Bright Yellow Pattern FUN Pouf

I bet you were never expecting this one!!
How’s that for a ‘happy gift idea’?

A HAPPY yellow JOY and HAPPINESS large round pouf!! 🙂
How fun!!
Makes a great gift idea for kids and happy grown-ups too!

Ten Commandments of Health Cool Shower Curtain

Colorful Words Shower Curtain

TEN COMMANDMENTS OF HEALTH Colorful Words Shower Curtain

TEN COMMANDMENTS OF HEALTH Colorful Words Shower Curtain

This is a fun shower curtain with ‘ten commandments of health’ written in cool, colorful words. The ‘commandments’ are: ‘SLEEP AT LEAST 7 HOURS AT NIGHT’, ‘walk for 30 minutes at least 5X a week’, EAT FRUITS AND VEGETABLES EVERY DAY’, ‘*DRINK WATER’, ‘Get natural sunlight for 15 minutes a day’, ‘MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF’, ‘*Read a book’, ‘Sing in the shower’, ‘OFFER SMILES!’, ‘*Spend time in nature’.

It will definitely make everyone smile every time they enter the bathroom! 🙂


Adorable Yellow Ceramic Happy Face Money Bank Smiling

Cute Smiling Face Money Bank

Cute Smiling Face Money Bank

Can you think of a ‘happier’ way to save money than with a happy smiling face money bank?
One of the coolest ‘happy gifts’ you can give someone!
They are going to be truly happy after a few months of saving their coins!

Cute Smiling Face Round Area Rug

Cute Happy Face Round Rug

Happy Face Round Area Rug

Happy Round Rug for Bedroom

To add some happiness to any room or corner of your home, add this happy smiling face area rug!
Perfect for your happy bathroom, kitchen, or your child’s bedroom!

Sunshine and Rainbow Clock

Fun, Happy Gifts!

happy wall clock

Follow Your Dreams Smiling Face Sun and Rainbow over Blue Sky Wall Clock

Do you know what time is it?
It’s time to get happy!! 🙂

Another super happy gift idea for anyone is this yellow smiling face sunshine and rainbow on a blue sky wall clock!
What a cool way to add happiness to any room!
Everyone will smile when they see your happy clock!

I hope you have a wonderful time here on HappyGabby and find the happiest gift idea for your loved one! 🙂
God bless you!