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4 Year Old Gifts

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Top Toy Gift Ideas for 4 Year Old Children!

4 year old gifts

4 Year Old Children Gift Ideas

What do you give a 4 year old child?
They are not ‘toddlers’ anymore but they are still considered ‘small children’…
They are getting more and more independent every day and they don’t like to be treated like ‘babies’…
At this point they already have their own personality and they are definitely ‘on the go’ and very active all day long!
There are not enough hours in the day for their adventurous spirit!
So what are the best toys for 4 year old boys and girls?
Here is what I came up with…

Fun Play Tent with Tunnel for 4 Year Olds

(4 year olds LOVE play tents! My daughter used to spend entire days playing inside her fun tent when she was 4! It’s a great fun gift!)

Best Presents for 4 Year Olds!

How about a beautiful art table?

cool art table for a 4 year old child

4 Year Old Gift Ideas: Art Table

ALEX Toys – Artist Studio, Super Art Table with Paper Roll

Are you looking for the best gift ideas for a 4 year old child?
Welcome to my 4 year old gifts guide! 🙂

I absolutely love doing extensive research on fun toys for kids and I think gifts for 4 year old children can sometimes be very tricky!
4 year old children can no longer be considered ‘toddlers’ obviously, but they are not big children either! Sometimes a toy will be too difficult or too big for them and a toddler’s toy will be too boring or small….
So what are the best presents for 4 year olds?

Art tables make great, fun gift ideas for artsy 4 year old children!
It is the perfect gift for them to let their imagination soar!
(And much better than video-games…)
They will be able to draw, paint, color, create stories and much more!

How about a Cool Electric Car?

Best 4 Year Old Toy Gifts!

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford Mustang Yellow

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford Mustang Yellow

Gorgeous Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford Mustang (Amazon Exclusive-Yellow)

I always say that you can almost never go wrong by giving a (lucky) child a beautiful electric ride-on car!
In my humble opinion, cute electric cars make the best gift ideas for 4 year olds and smaller children!
Just make sure the electric car for kids you are getting is not a toddler’s car!
This gorgeous yellow Ford Mustang ride-on car is a great option for your 4 year old boy!

Cute Disney Frozen Mustang Ride on Car for Girls!

Cool Disney Frozen Mustang Car for Girls

Cool Disney Frozen Mustang Car for Girls

Cute Disney FROZEN Ride on Car for Girls

If your 4 year old girl LOVES Frozen, then this will be the best birthday gift idea for her ever!!
Her very own ‘Frozen’ electric car!
Can you imagine her face when she gets this??
It fits little girls between the ages of 3 and 5! 🙂

Child Trampoline: Perfect 4th Birthday Gift Idea!

child trampoline

Child Trampoline

Child Trampoline

4 year old children LOVE to jump!
When my daughter was 4 she wouldn’t stop jumping!
They have amazing energy and we get tired just by looking at them jump!
That’s why a child trampoline is the perfect gift idea for a 4 year old child, boy or girl!
This kid’s jumper is very affordable and great to have anywhere in the house!
You can have it outdoors during summer, so they can jump in the sun, or indoors during winter!

How about their first bicycle?

Best 4 Year Old Children Gift Ideas!

bicycle for little boys age 4

Fun Bicycle for Little Boys

John Deere Heavy Duty 16″ Bicycle for Boys

At 4 years old children are more than ready to get their very first bicycle!
It’s almost like a rite of passage!
Every child wants to ride a bicycle!
This is a great first bicycle for little boys ages 3, 4 and 5 years old!
It’s fun, cute and very sturdy!
When my daughter got her first bicycle she was around 3 years old and she learned to ride it inside the house first, and then we let her ride outside after she felt confident enough!

Cute Bicycle for Little Girls age 4!

cute bicycle for girls age 4

Cute Bicycle for 4 Year Old Girls

Cute Bicycle for Little Girls age 4

How adorable is this girly bicycle for little girls age 4 years old?
I love the cute floral design!
It is the perfect first bicycle for your little girl!
She will be riding it in no time!

Fun Swing Set!

Best Outdoor Gift Idea for 4 Year Old Kids!

outdoor swing set for kids age 4

Fun Outdoor Swing Set for Kids ages 4 and up

Southampton Wood Complete Ready-to-Assemble Swing Set Kit

One of the best outdoor gift ideas for children ages 4 and up is a fun swing set, of course!
Even better if you have multiple children!
They can all play together and burn off all that energy!
This is a complete, ready to assemble ultra-fun swing set that comes with two awesome slides!
It will fit kids ages 3 and 4 up to 9 or 10 years old!

Crazy Spiro Hop Bouncer!

Fun 4 Year Old Child Birthday Gift Idea!

Activity Spiro Hop Bouncer

Crazy Activity Spiro Hop Bouncer

TP Activity Spiro Hop Bouncer

Wow, wow, wow!!!
What is this?
It looks like such a crazy and fun outdoor toy for 4 year old kids and older! 🙂
It spins and bounces and it is plain crazy!!
Sounds like so much fun!!
It is a winner!
This crazy hop bouncer seesaw kind of toy is a great gift idea for your 4 year old!!

Cool Teeter-Totter

Great Outdoor Gift Idea for 4 Year Olds!

Fun Flyer Teeter-Totter

Fun Flyer Teeter-Totter

Fun Flyer Teeter-Totter

Ok, there is no denying it now….
Outdoor toys make the best 4 year old gifts!!
Kids need to play outdoors!!
They need the fresh air and the sun and the contact with grass and trees and wind!!
I can’t stress this enough!
Let’s make our children and grandchildren create wonderful memories of their childhood playing outdoors, just like we did! 🙂

Needless to say, this awesome teeter-totter is a wonderful outdoor toy for your children!
It will fit kids up to 12 years old!!
Fun for all brothers and sisters as well!

Fun ATV for Kids ages 4!

electric quad for kids

Power Wheels Fun ATV for Kids age 4

Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX for Kids age 4

How about buying your 4 year old his or her first ATV?
It is electric and will ride on grass and other tough surfaces!
It is the perfect riding toy for any 4 year old children!
You can get this beautiful pink quad for your little girl or the green one for your little boy!
(Just click on the picture to make your choice.)
Many grand[parents said it was the best birthday present for their 4 year old granddaughter!

Little Tikes Play Like a Pro Basketball Set for Kids

Little Tikes Play Like a Pro Basketball Set

Little Tikes Play Like a Pro Basketball Set for Children

Little Tikes Play Like a Pro Basketball Set

Another excellent gift idea for a 4 year old child is this fun basketball set!
It is fully adjustable and you can increase the height as your children grow!
It’s a great way to keep them entertained indoors or outside!
This looks like so much fun!
(Very affordable too!)

How about a Fun Bouncing Castle?

Fun Birthday Present Ideas for Children Age 4 Years Old!

inflatable bouncing castle for kids

Castle Inflatable Bounce House w/ Slide

Castle Inflatable Bounce House w/ Slide (12′ x 9′)

My daughter got this same inflatable bouncing castle on her 4th birthday and it was an immediate hit!!
Children this age love to bounce all day long!
My daughter even wanted to eat her meals inside! Lol
This will be their new ‘home’!
This cute and colorful inflatable castle is also affordable and you can have it indoors too if you prefer.
(Perfect for a playroom!)

Fun Activity Desk for Kids!

Activity Desk for Kids

Fun Activity Desk for Kids

Step2 Art Master Activity Desk for Kids

A fun activity desk is also a very cool birthday gift idea for 4 year old children because they can practice their writing, drawing and coloring skills!
Small kids love drawing and coloring at this age and it’s a great past time!
This cute and colorful desk will look beautiful in their bedroom!
Great for rainy days!

Fun Learning Tablet for Kids!

Learning Tablet for Kids

Best Learning Tablet for Kids 4 Years Old

LeapFrog LeapPad2 Kids’ Learning Tablet (Custom Edition), Pink

If you are looking for a fun electronic gift idea for your 4 year old child, then you are going to love this cute learning tablet!
It is perfect for kids ages 3 to 9 years old!
There is even a camera and video recorder too!
They are gonna love that!
It comes with nine apps and 10 fun sticker skins!
Very affordable too!

How about a Fun Musical Instrument?

Great Presents for 4 Year Olds!

Cool Musical Instrument  for Kids

Cool Musical Instrument for Kids

Cool Woodstock Percussion Musical Instrument Chimalong XR Extended Range

Now let’s get musical!! Musical! I want to get musical! Let’s get musical!
(Sorry, I was just thinking about an old song from Olivia Newton John called ‘Let’s Get Physical’ and I got carried away….)

Anyways, my point is, musical toys are great 4 year old gifts!!

It is never too soon to start encouraging your kids to play an instrument!
Music makes kids more intelligent did you know that?
It is scientifically proven!
Kids that play a musical instrument from an early age will do better academically!
Besides that, we know that all kids love to make noise!

This is a fun musical toy for your 4 year old child! 🙂

Fun Train Set and Table

Train Set and Table for Kids

Train Set and Table for Kids

KidKraft Ride Around Train Set and Table

If you are looking for a great birthday gift idea for a 4 year old boy, how about this fun train set table?
Little boys LOVE trains!
This table is made of wood, so it’s very sturdy!
It comes with 100 fun colorful pieces and also two large storage bins!
Kids love setting it up!
There’s even an ‘airport’ with a helipad and a hospital with ambulance!
I predict hours and hours of fun!

cute furby

Cute Furby

*I hope you had fun here choosing a cool 4th birthday gift idea for your child!
Come back again soon!
Have a wonderful day!

Bye, bye!

Furby Boom Figure (Triangles)