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Animal Rockers

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I Found The Cutest Plush Animal Rockers for Sale!

Adorable Animal Rockers for Kids

Flamingo Plush Rocker

Cute animal rockers make awesome gift ideas for toddlers anytime!
They LOVE rocking toys!
Back in the 70’s the only options available were wood rocking horses…
Now we can find dozens and dozens of super cute, fun, and very colorful (and many of them also musical!) plush animal rockers for kids!
I love them all!!
They are not very expensive and absolutely perfect for 1, 2 and 3-year-olds!
(Besides that, they look very cute in the bedroom and also add to the decor!)
Here are my top favorite animal rockers for kids!

Adorable Flamingo Rocker

*By the way how absolutely adorable is this salmon color Flamingo plush rocker for toddler girls? πŸ™‚

Cute Plush Mammoth Rocker for Kids

One of My Favorite Plush Animal Rockers for Toddlers!

Mammoth Rocker for sale

Adorable Mammoth Rocker

Amazing Mammoth Rocker, Stuffed Rocker Toy for Child 1-3 Year Old

I had to start with this fun plush mammoth rocker because it is one of my favorites!
I love his cute and ‘happy’ mammoth face!
He loves rocking back and forth!
It is a perfect toy for babies and toddlers!

Now we gotta find a fun name for him…
What do you think?
How about Rocky the Mammoth?

Cute Crocodile Plush Rocker!

The Most Fun and Unique Animal Rockers for Children!

Cute Crocodile Plush Rocker Toy

Green Crocodile Plush Rocker Toy

Stuffed Animal Rocker, Green Crocodile Plush Rocker Toy for Kids

How cute and awesome is this crocodile plush rocker?
I know… I know… Crocodiles are very dangerous, but this one is very friendly!
All he wants to do is have some fun!
Parents say this ‘Croc Rocker’ makes a great 1st birthday gift idea!
Their toddlers LOVE him and have a blast rocking!

Cute Frog Plush Rocker

Frog Rocker

cute frog rocker

Toy Frog Style Rocker with Fun Music

Frog Style Rocker with Fun Music, Seat Belt & Soft Plush Fabric

Hello everyone!
I am a happy plush frog rocker!
My mission in life is to make toddlers happy!
I am also a very educated frog fellow!

Fits little ones as young as 18 months old and as ‘old’ as 3 years old!

The Cutest Plush Bear Rocker for Little Kids!

Cute Bear Baby Rocker Plush Ride-On

Barry The Bear Baby Rocker Plush Ride-On, Brown, Large

Rockin’ Rider Barry The Bear Baby Rocker Plush Ride-On, Brown, Large

This cute plush bear rocker is the cutest teddy bear rocker ever!!
I think it makes the most adorable new baby gift idea for happy parents!
(Even better if they are planning a cute teddy bear-themed nursery room!)
(I wish I could ‘miniaturize’ myself to the size of a 1-year-old child just to try this cutie!!)

Cutest Lady Bug Plush RockerΒ 

Fun Animal Rockers for Baby Girls!

Adorable Ladybug Rocker Toy

Plush Ladybug Rocker Toy

Cutest Ladybug Rocker Toy with Wheels

How absolutely adorable is this colorful plush ladybug rocker for toddler girls?
Look at her cute ladybug happy face!
How’s that for your first granddaughter?
(The very first gift idea for your first grandchild is the most meaningful! I still have my daughter’s first gift that my mom gave her!)
I bet this cute plush ladybug will not disappoint!

The Cutest Giraffe Rocker!

adorable giraffe rocker

Plush Ride-On Rocking Horse Toy Giraffe

Ride-On Rocking Toy Giraffe Style with Song for 18-36 Months, Brown

How gorgeous is this plush giraffe rocker?
I love his bright ‘giraffe’ colors!
Isn’t he perfect for a giraffe nursery room?
It fits babies and toddlers up to 3 years old.
One of my favorites!

Adorable Plush Owl Rocker

cute owl plush rocker

2-Piece Plush & Joyride Character Rocker Bundle ­– Grey Owl

Cutest 2-Piece Plush & Joyride Character Rocker Bundle ­– Grey Owl

How unique, fun, and owldorable is this owl plush rocker for kids?
It’s the first time I’ve seen one!
He is beautiful!
He fits older children, ages 3 and 4 years old!
Great ‘owl’ gift idea!

The Cutest Zebra Plush Rocking Animal

cute zebra rocker for kids

Wooden Rocking Zebra – Plush Ride On Zebra

Rocking Zebra – Plush Ride On Zebra Rocking Toy

This is the cutest and most affordable plush zebra rocker for kids!
It is a little tall for toddlers, so the ‘perfect’ age would be between 2 and 3 years old.
Needless to say, it’s also perfect to complement a fun zebra nursery room!
His colors are very bright!
Buyers also say he is very sturdy and durable!

It is a Fun Pink RabbitPlush Rocker for Kids!

Cute Pink Rabbit Rocker with Music

Pink Rabbit Rocker

Riding Rocker Animal Ride on,Pink Rabbit

It’s a cute plush pink rabbit rocker!
Have you ever seen one before?
He loves to rock back and forth and he is ready to take your little one on a fun ‘rocking’ adventure!
No, don’t worry…
This cute rabbit won’t start hopping away…
He only likes to rock! πŸ™‚
He is absolutely perfect for adventurous toddlers and little ones between the ages of 2 and 4 years old!

Beautiful Plush Lion Rocker

cutest plush lion rocker for kids

Ride-ON Chair Rocking Horse Lion

Adorable Plush Lion Rocker

What a gorgeous and very realistic plush lion rocker for kids!
He is awesome!
Perfect for a Safari or wild animal-themed nursery!
Gorgeous roaring lion!
He definitely rocks!

Cute and FUN Plush Dinosaur Rocker!

Fun Green Dinosaur Baby Rocker

Green Dinosaur Baby Rocker

Adorable Dinosaur Baby Rocker, Kids Ride on Toy for Toddlers

Look who just came to play!!
It’s a fun green dinosaur!
He is also a plush rocker!
He is happy to rock with your child!
Fits most babies and toddlers until about 3 years old.
How fun!!
Oh, did I mention that he is also super happy? πŸ™‚

Cuddly Koala Shape Rocker

Cute Koala-Shaped Rocker

Koala-Shaped Rocker with Realistic Sounds for Children

Kids Ride-On Rocking Koala-Shaped Rocker

What a gorgeous and very cuddly adorable koala plush rocker!
He is super soft and cuddly!
Not to mention super happy and thrilled to be going home with you today!
He can’t wait to meet your child!

How about a Cute Swan Plush Rocker?

Best Animal Rockers for Kids!

Cute Swan, Kid Ride On Toy

White Swan, Kid Ride On Toy

Baby Riding Animal White Swan

How cool is this white swan plush rocker for toddler girls?
He fits toddlers up to 4 years old!
He is very sturdy, very soft and very happy!

*I hope you had fun here today choosing a cute plush animal rocker for your toddler! πŸ™‚
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