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Best Above Ground Swimming Pools

What are the Best Above Ground Swimming Pools for Cheap to Buy?

Best Swimming Pools Above Ground for Cheap

Best Swimming Pools Above Ground for Cheap

Summer is finally on its way!
(I know you have been waiting a very long time!)
Enough snow already!

I heard you are looking for a nice swimming pool above ground for cheap?
It can be done! 🙂
I just found some amazing and refreshing cheap above ground swimming pools online and I am very excited to show them to you!

One of the best and most fun summer gift ideas for the kids AND adults alike is……
A nice and very large above ground swimming pool for the backyard!
The biggest advantage of a nice swimming pool above ground in my opinion is that you can take it with you when you move!
You can also put it away during winter and free-up some backyard space for other activities…

Best Intex 16ft X 48in Ultra Frame Pool Set with Filter Pump & Saltwater System

If you have kids and you live in a house, chances are they want a swimming pool!
When I was a kid we always had a cheap pool in our backyard and my sisters and I always had a blast!
Kids love to play in the water!
Nowadays there are so many options, sizes, shapes and prices that I believe anyone can have a pool in their backyard!

Above ground pools are the cheapest kind of swimming pools for sale and the easiest to set up and start splashing in the water right away!
But which ones are the best for your home?

First of all, how much space do you have in your backyard?
That’s the first question you need to answer…
Second, how much can you afford?
These backyard pools come in many sizes!
The inflatable swimming pools are usually the cheapest ones, followed by the metal frames ones…
I prefer the large ones, that will fit the entire family!
(Don’t get scared, they are not ‘that’ expensive! They usually cost 10 or 20 times less than a ‘real’ pool!)
Ok, I am getting carried away already…
Let’s get down to business!
On this page you are going to find the best above ground swimming pools for sale online based on their popularity, price and size!
I am going to start with the larger ones, (I really like all the Intex swimming pools for sale… they are among the best of the best!), followed by the medium-sized ones and at the end you will find the best inflatable pools for the small kids and toddlers!
They LOVE splashing around too!
Are you ready to get your pool?
I am excited to be part of it!
I LOVE pools!

Beautiful Round Above Ground Deluxe Pool Package, 18-Feet by 52-Inch

large round above ground swimming pool for sale

Large Round Above Ground Swimming Pool for Sale

Best Above Ground Swimming Pools 52″ Complete Oval Pool Package

This round above ground pool package for sale comes in six different sizes, the first is the 18 feet by 52 inch.
As you can see it fits the whole family and it looks gorgeous!
It comes with a very nice and strong ladder, the pump and the motor.
The installation video will show you how to set up this pool step by step.
(It will take at least three people and the whole day to set it up. I would definitely call a professional pool installation team to do it for me.)
But the wait will be worth it!
This is a sturdy and very well-made above ground pool!
Some buyers recommend you get a lot of sand or a pool pad to place under the pool, for extra-safety and to help prevent the liner from tearing.
This is a large pool that the whole family will enjoy during summer, not only the kids…
I think it’s worth all the trouble setting it up!

*This guy shows us exactly what to expect when installing your new above ground swimming pool!
(There are two videos, take the time watching them, they are very thorough.)

Oval 48/52-Inch Deep 6-Inch Top Rail Metal Wall Swimming Pool Package

Best Above Ground Large Swimming Pools to Buy!

best oval above ground swimming pools

Large Oval Above Ground Swimming Pool

Swim Time Belize 12-Feet by 24-Feet Oval 48-Inch Deep 6-Inch Top Rail Metal Wall Swimming Pool Package

This oval metal wall above ground swimming pool comes in 7 different (large) sizes ranging from 18 feet to 41 feet and 48 to 52 inches deep.
As you can see it will also fit everyone!
(I love large pools! They are perfect for birthday parties and fun family gatherings!)
The pump, ladder, skimmer and filter are also included in this package!
Large above ground pools are also perfect for using a nice pool float and just relax!
(I love doing that on my pool! I think there’s nothing better to melt all that stress away!)
This pool also has one of the best galvanization coating around, which prevents corrosion.
Again, setting it up will take approximately the whole day and a few men.
(It does come with detailed instructions.)
Spring is the right time to buy these above ground pools, you can take your time setting it up and when summer starts it will be all ready to use!

Best Intex Above Ground Swimming Pools to Buy!

Intex 32-Foot by 16-Foot by 52-Inch Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool

large rectangular above ground swimming pool

Beautiful Rectangular Intex Above Ground Swimming Pool

Intex 32-Foot by 16-Foot by 52-Inch Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool

Intex is one of the most popular above ground pool brands around and they are usually far less expensive than other brands.
(They are also easier and faster to set up!)
This is one of my favorite large Intex rectangular pools for sale!
I love the size, looks and design!
First thing you will need to do before you start setting up is to find a very flat surface!
This pool is also very easy to keep and to clean!

*Look how gorgeous this pool looks after it is set up!

Cheap Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool Set, 18-Feet by 9-Feet by 52-Inch

Best Above Ground Swimming Pools for Cheap!

cheap rectangular above ground pool

Affordable Intex Rectangular Frame Above Ground Pool

Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool Set, 18-Feet by 9-Feet by 52-Inch

If you are looking for the best cheap above ground pools, for under 1,000 dollars, then you are going to LOVE this Intex rectangular swimming pool for sale!
First of all it is absolutely perfect for a small size backyard!
It is very compact!
Set up is extremely easy!
It will take you less than two hours!
(Of course you should prepare the site first…make sure you level the ground pretty good before starting…)
It will take approximately nine hours to fill it up with water.
Even though this is a cheaper Intex pool, the metal frame is very strong, the lining is nice and thick and the size is pretty decent as well!
Overall this is a great affordable pool for your backyard!

*Great helpful video on how to set up your new Intex rectangular frame pool!

One of The Cheapest Intex Above Ground Pools Under 500 Dollars!

Intex Metal Frame Round Pool Set, 15-Feet by 48-Inch

cheap swimming pools above ground for sale

Cheap Intex Metal Frame Round Swimming Pool

Intex Metal Frame Pool Set, 15-Feet by 48-Inch

This is one of the cheapest high-quality Intex metal frame round above ground swimming pools for sale!
It is under 500 dollars!
Can you believe it?
It is also super easy to assemble and fill with water!
(As long as you have a nice flat ground area in your backyard ready for the pool, you are ready to go!)
It comes pretty much with everything needed, including the pump and ladder!
It will hold approximately 4500 gallons of water!
Perfect to throw fun summer pool parties for the kids!
It fits up to 8 people inside comfortably!
If you are on a budget but would love to buy a pool for your kids this summer, this is it!

*This guy set up his new Intex pool all by himself!

Intex 15 x 48 Easy Set Pool Set

Cheapest Intex Pools for Sale Online!

Cheap Intex 15 x 48 Easy Set Pool Set

Cheap Intex 15 x 48 Easy Set Pool Set

Awesome Cheapest Intex Easy Set Pool Set, 15-Feet by 48-Inch, Blue

Another fun and extremely easy to set-up family swimming pool above ground for cheap!
Set-up will take about 15 minutes!
Can you believe that?
What better way to keep cool during summer time than splashing around in this awesome above ground pool?
Happy buyers say this is a fantastic recreational pool!

(Simply inflate the top ring and the pool rises as you fill it!)
One of the easiest Intex pools to set-up and take down! 🙂

Cheap Intex Oval Frame Pool Set, 18-Feet by 10-Feet by 42-Inch

My Favorite Cheap Swimming Pools for Sale!

cheap inflatable above ground oval pool

Cheap Inflatable Above Ground Pool

Intex Oval Frame Pool Set, 18-Feet by 10-Feet by 42-Inch

This is also a very popular and one of the most bought cheap Intex above ground oval pools for the backyard!
It costs less than a laptop computer!
It holds over 2,800 gallons of water and it fits the whole family!
This pool is also perfect for smaller backyards!
It’s deep enough for you to exercise and also to put a float!
Great for children ages 6 to to 10 years old!
The size is perfect for them!
Not too shallow, not too deep.
Just right!
That’s not to say mom and dad cannot enjoy this pool….
On the contrary!
It’s also fun for adults as well!
(Just perfect for a family of four!)
Buyers are very happy with this pool and they say it lasts for many years!
I love the price!

Very Affordable Large Intex 18-Feet by 48-Inch Easy Set Round Pool Set

best inflatable round above ground pool

Large Above Ground ROUND Inflatable Pool

Intex 18-Feet by 48-Inch Easy Set Pool Set

Another popular and very affordable large round Intex easy set above ground pool set!
This pool is perfect for smaller children and small backyards!
(Even though the adults can definitely enjoy this fun pool with the kids as well!)
My sister used to have this awesome round pool in her backyard and the whole family got to enjoy!
You won’t believe how easy and fast it is to assemble!
It’s about 4 feet deep and it’s just perfect to enjoy in a hot summer day!
The same way it’s easy to set it up it’s also easy to dismantle when winter time comes.
All you really need is a nice flat ground surface!

*This lady is showing her Intex pool all set up!

Intex 12-Foot by 30-Inch Round Metal Frame Pool Set for Sale!

One of the Cheapest Intex Swimming Pools Above Ground!

cheapest Intex above ground swimming pool

Cheapest Intex 12ft X 30in Metal Frame Pool Set

Very Cheap Intex 12ft X 30in Metal Frame Pool Set

This is a very nice and very cheap 12-Foot by 30-Inch size above ground ground Intex pool with metal frames!
Very easy to set-up, no tools needed!
Set-up will take less than 45 minutes!
As you can see it will fit the whole family!
Happy buyers remind you to make sure you start to assemble it on a LEVEL site…
So take your time choosing the perfect spot!
It fits around 6 kids inside comfortably (or 3 adults) and it holds about 1,700 gallons of water.

*This is the smallest and cheapest size, but you can also choose among 3 other bigger sizes.
They are all very affordable in my opinion.

HUGE Round Above Ground Swimming Pool for Cheap!

Huge Round 18-Feet by 48-Inch Frame Pool

Huge Round 18-Feet by 48-Inch Frame Pool

HUGE Bestway Steel Pro Frame Pool Set, 18-Feet by 48-Inch

This is a strong and very large (18-Feet by 48-Inch) complete family pool above ground!
(It is also available in smaller sizes if you prefer.)
Perfect for a large backyard!
Great for a summer party or a family get together!
(Trust me, there will be lots of family visiting… Lol)

Buyers said this is one of the best backyard pools for the money!
It comes with everything you’ll need to install and care for the pool.
It will take about 2 hours to set it up and it is extremely durable! 🙂

iPool Above Ground Exercise Swimming Pool

best above ground exercise pool

Above Ground Exercise Swimming Pool

iPool Above Ground Exercise Swimming Pool

I had to show you this fantastic above ground exercise swimming pool for sale!
Just imagine yourself ‘suspended’ by a waist band and ready to start lap swimming!
Perfect for resistance training!
How long can you go before you get tired?
This is a very compact lap pool that you can place basically anywhere you want!
It holds 1,500 gallons of water and it is 10 x 6.5 feet.
It is not difficult to set it up, but of course you need to make sure you have a very nice FLAT area.
Most buyers are extremely pleased with this exercise swimming pool!
Needless to say swimming is one of the best exercises for everyone!

*Check it out how awesome this pool is!

Fun Inflatable Family Paddling Pool / Baby Pool with Backrest!

best inflatable pool for toddlers

Fun Inflatable Pool for Toddlers

The Backrest Inflatable Family Paddling Pool / Baby Pool with Air Pump

Now if you’ve got toddlers and want to find the perfect kiddie pool to have fun with them during summer, then you are going to love this fun inflatable kiddie pool with backrest!
Check it out!
Mom and dad can enjoy a nice and hot summer day comfortably inside this awesome toddler pool while their little ones have a blast splashing around!

*I hope you had a nice time here today choosing the best above ground pool for your family!

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