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Best Christmas Costumes for Adults

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What are the Best Christmas Costumes for Adults?

Can you imagine throwing a cool Christmas party for the family in which everybody has to come dressed in a cool Christmas costume?
How many Santas, Mrs. Santa, elves or reindeer will come?
I found some awesome Christmas costumes for adults for sale, including amazing Santa Claus suits, beautiful Mrs. Claus outfits for women, very realistic Snowman mascot suits, fun reindeer costumes and also elves and even a funny Christmas tree costume for sale!
This is gonna be fun!

I just found 20 pretty awesome Christmas Costumes for Adults!

cool Christmas costumes for adults

Coolest Christmas Costumes for Adults

Santa Claus Mascot Costume

Ho ho ho!
Are you looking for the coolest Christmas costumes for adults?
You have landed on the right page!

Just imagine throwing a Christmas party where everybody needs to dress in a fun Christmas theme suit?
How many Santas and elves would we see?

(*This Santa Claus mascot suit in the picture is beyond cool! Now even mom can be Santa Claus if she wants! Nobody will know who is underneath! 🙂

Did you know you can also dress as a reindeer?
That’s right! You will also see a couple of Santa’s reindeer costumes for adults here!
Have fun choosing your Christmas costume!
Merry Christmas!

Original ADULT Festive Christmas Tree Costume

Fun Christmas Tree Costume for Adults!

Christmas tree costume for adults

Fun Christmas Tree Costume for Adults

Std Size Adult Festive Christmas Tree Costume

I had to start my selection of the best Christmas costumes for adults with this funny Christmas tree costume with presents for shoes!
It’s so funny!

This is the most hilarious Christmas costume for adults ever!!

Wearing gift boxes shoes!
That don’t match in color!

Who’s up for being a Christmas tree this year folks?
I think it’s a great idea!
The kids are gonna have a blast!

Fun Santa Claus Lightweight Mascot Costume

Santa Claus Lightweight Mascot Costume

Santa Claus Lightweight Mascot Costume

Cool Santa Claus Lightweight Mascot Costume

What an awesome Santa Claus mascot suit for sale!
I love his cute ‘rosy’ face and huge blue eyes!
It fits most adults from 5’4″ to 6’2″.
It includes everything you see on the picture.

Top of the Line Best Santa Suit for Adults

best santa claus costume for adults

Best Santa Claus Costume for Adults

Majestic Santa Suit Costume for Adults

If you work as a professional Santa Claus in several events or malls every year and need to have a Santa suit that will last many, many years, then this is your Santa outfit!

This is a beautiful and very realistic Santa Claus suit for men!
It is a top of the line Santa suit for adults, especially designed to last for a long time!

It has a gorgeous bright red color and it’s very durable!

If you really want to look exactly like the real Santa Claus, this is the suit for you!

(What? Of course there is a real Santa! You don’t believe that? I do!)

Why dress up in a Santa suit?
Why not?

The main reason why parents (specially cool dads!) dress up in a fun Santa suit is to entertain their children!
Why else?
(Unless you have always wanted to be Santa Claus…:)
Watching your little ones faces when they see Mr. Santa himself at their house is priceless!!

Great Looking Santa Suit

Best Christmas Costumes for Adults!

Santa Suit

Santa Suit

Rubie’s Costume Co Deluxe Ultra Velvet Santa Suit, Red/White, X-Large

Ho ho ho!
Merry Christmas everyone!
Have you been a good boy?

One of the best Christmas costumes for adults is, of course, old Santa Claus!
Who else?

Happy ‘Santa’ buyers say this is a first-class Santa suit and they were very impressed with the high-quality of it!
Top of the line Santa Suit!
Very comfortable!

It’s a bright red velvet Santa Claus costume for sale!
It is very comfortable to wear and the quality is excellent!
Happy buyers are really impressed!

*I chose these because they are the most realistic Santa suits for men around!!
Your children will not believe when they see Santa in their living-room!
These are high-quality outfits that will last for many, many Christmases!

So, who’s up for dressing up as Santa Claus this year? Will it be dad? Uncle Billy?

(You will have to buy the beard separate or let your own beard grown, for a more realistic look!)
Merry Christmas everyone!
Ho ho ho!

Cute Elderly Mrs. Santa Claus Suit Dress

Best Christmas Costumes for Women!

elderly Mrs. Santa Claus costume

Elderly Mrs. Santa Claus Suit Dress

Elderly Mrs. Santa Claus Suit Dress – Small

Now it’s time for Mrs. Santa Claus to make her appearance!
This is a wonderful Mrs. Santa Claus costume for women!
I think it is perfect for real grandmothers to wear!
They will look exactly like Mrs. Santa!
What do you think ladies?
Are you up for it?

This is a very cute and also very realistic elderly Mrs. Santa costume for sale!
I think it’s perfect for grandma!
Actually, how about grandpa and grandma dressing up as Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus?
That would be so cool!
This cute costume also includes the apron and the cap.
Have fun!

Young Cute Mrs. Santa Claus Costume for Women!

young mrs santa claus costume for women

Young Mrs. Santa Costume for Women

Mrs. Santa Claus Christmas Costume for Women

How about dressing up as Ms.Santa this year?
It is a very cute Ms. Santa costume!
I think it’s a wonderful idea!
I bet your kids are going to love it!

This is a very cute young Mrs. Claus dress for women!
It is available in all sizes and it includes the hat and the white belt too!

Cute Mrs. Claus Christmas Costume

cute Mrs. Claus Christmas Costume

Cute Mrs. Claus Christmas Costume

Cute Mrs. Santa Claus Set Adult Costume Size Medium

Young moms or daughters, how about dressing up as a sexy, cute and girly miss Claus?
(I don’t think Santa has a daughter, but we can get creative here, right?)

This is also a very cute and girly Mrs. Santa Claus costume for women!
I love it!
The fabric is very shiny and I love the boot covers!
Great price too!

Cutest Christmas Dress for Women!

Women’s Sleigh Belle Velvet Dress

cute Christmas dress

Cute Christmas Dress

Dreamgirl Women’s Sleigh Belle Velvet Dress

This is the cutest and the cheapest Christmas outfit for women here!
(And one of my favorites!)
It is a cute red velvet Christmas dress!

This cute red dress is one of the most bought Christmas dresses for women!
It’s cute, durable, soft to wear and best of all: cheap!!
Happy buyers said they love this cute and sexy red Christmas dress!
You can get it in all women’s sizes and the fabric is also stretchy, so it will fit everyone!

Affordable Christmas Caroler Red Costume Dress

Affordable Christmas Caroler Red Costume Dress

Affordable Christmas Caroler Red Costume Dress

Women’s Christmas Caroler Costume, Red, One Size

This red Christmas caroler costume for women is absolutely fantastic!!
It is perfect for a theater play or very fancy Christmas party!
The dress is gorgeous! 🙂
One of the coolest and most unique Christmas costumes for women around!

Cute Snowman Mascot Costume

Best Snowman Suits for Adults!

cute snowman costume for adults

Cute Snowman Mascot Suit

Cute Snowman Mascot Costume, White, One Size

We can’t talk about the best Christmas costumes for adults without including a couple of cute Snowman suits in the mix!
After all, no Christmas is complete without Snowman right?
This is a very cute Snowman suit for adults!
I love his ‘happy’ face!
So, who’s gonna dress as Mr. Snowman?

Fun Snowman Costume for Adults!

snowman suit

Fun Snowman Suit for Adults

Snowman Economy Mascot Adult Costume, Standard (One Size), White

Another fun and ‘happy’ Snowman suit for adults!
Happy buyers said it’s nice and warm to wear!
(That is funny, right? A ‘warm’ Snowman!)

Realistic Snowman Lightweight Mascot Costume

Best Snowman Suit Adult Costume

Best Snowman Lightweight Mascot Costume

Coolest Snowman Lightweight Mascot Costume

Snowman Lightweight Mascot Costume

I think this fun snowman full-body mascot costume is one of the best Christmas costumes for adults so far!
Look at him!
It is so realistic!
You can’t have a Christmas costume party without a snowman!

*Where does the Snowman come from?

We don’t know!
Bob Eckstein, author of The History of the Snowman documented snowmen from medieval times…
But nobody really knows who built the very first snowman…
If you ever find out please let us know, ok?

Beautiful Reindeer Mascot Costume for Adults!

Professional Reindeer Suit for Sale!

Reindeer Lightweight Mascot Costume

Professional Reindeer Lightweight Mascot Costume

Reindeer Lightweight Mascot Costume

Ha, ha , ha!
How fun!
A reindeer costume for adults!
Just imagine your children’s face when they encounter one of Santa’s reindeer in their own living-room!

Who wants to be one of Santa’s reindeer this year?
This is a professional adult reindeer mascot suit for sale!
Perfect for going on a Christmas parade or a cool Christmas costume party!
(The only ‘hard part’ is learning how to fly the sleigh, but I’m sure you are going to do fine!)

Cute Rudolph Reindeer Mascot Suit for Adults!

Rudolph Reindeer Mascot Costume

Cute Rudolph Reindeer Mascot Costume

Rubie’s Costume Reindeer Mascot Costume, Brown, One Size

This is a very cool and very cute affordable Rudolph the red nose reindeer suit for adults!
Kids love him!
This is a lifetime investment!
Every year someone else can be Rudolph!
Who is it gonna be this year?

Coolest Elf Adult Costume

Best Adult Christmas Costumes!

Elf Deluxe Costume for Adults

Elf Deluxe Costume for Adults

Rubie’s Buddy the Elf Deluxe Costume – Adult 25540 – Xl

So I hear you are applying to be a Santa’s elf this year?
It is a lot of hard work!
You must be willing to work long hours and make sure all toys being made are of extremely high-quality!
Are you up for the job?

(The costume includes a green jacket with black belt and white cuffs and collar, a green and yellow hat, shoe covers, yellow leggings and a curly wig.)

Fun Christmas Elf Costume for Men!

Cool Christmas Outfits for Adults!

Christmas elf costume for men

Men’s Elf Xmas Theater Costume

Men’s Elf Xmas Theater Costume, Red, Medium

So, who wants to be one of Santa’s elves?
This is a super fun X-mas elf costume for men!
Made with high-quality fabric!
Will last for many, many Christmases!

Women’s Elf Costume

Fun and Colorful Elf Costume for Women!

fun elf costumes for women

Women’s Medium Elf Theater Costume

Women’s Medium Elf Theater Costume

Fun and colorful elf costume for women!

There is a big ‘Help Wanted’ sign in the North Pole!
Santa needs all the help he can get this year!

Cute Elf Lady Costume!

Cutest Christmas Costumes for Women!

cute Elf lady costume for women

Cute Pink Elf Dress for Women

Cute Elf Lady Christmas Costume

How about dressing up as a cute elf lady helper this year?
I love this cute pink elf woman dress!
Great to complement the men’s elf outfit!
Maybe auntie can be Mrs. Elf and uncle can be Mr. Elf!
How about that?

Adult Grinch Costume With Mask

grinch costume

Awesome Grinch Costume for Adults

Elope Santa Grinch With Mask

No Christmas party would be complete without the Grinch, of course!
This is a great Grinch outfit for adults that includes the mask!
(It does not include the green pants, though.)

*Another great idea for a Christmas party, if you can’t afford a professional Christmas costume is to wear traditional Christmas sweaters!
Check them out!