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Best Climbers for Kids

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Top Climbing Toys for Small Children  (and big kids too)!

What are the Best Climbers for Kids?

best climbers for kids

Awesome Climber for Kids

Are you looking for the best and most fun climbers for kids?
Kids love climbing toys, climbing walls and climbing structures!
Anything that they can climb, they will!
Children are natural born climbers!
Naturally their favorite activity is climbing!
I was able to find the most fun climbers for kids and toddlers being sold on the market!
From cute and colorful toddler climbing toys to large outdoor climbing structures for kids, you will find them all here!
They are a great way to make kids exercise and spend all that energy while having a blast!

If you have an active toddler you definitely know he or she loves to climb things!
Leave a toddler alone for a few seconds and next thing you know they end up on the ceiling! Lol
(I once found my daughter all the way up her bedroom door when she was barely 2 years old…She somehow managed to climb the door opening with her feet and legs and ended up all the way up….then of course she couldn’t get off…Lol… it was the funniest situation!)
If you want to keep your toddler very busy and very active in a safer way than climbing doors and furniture, then I definitely recommend giving them a fun climber!

Climber Challenge for Kids

What a huge outdoor climbing structure for kids!
What a fun challenge for brave little boys and girls!
It will fit children from about 5 to 12 years old!)

After doing a lot of research I came up with a few of the best climbers for kids ages 1, 2, 3 up to 12 years old!
They are fun, very colorful, safe and perfect for more than one toddler to play at a time, which is great for parents with twins or even multiples…
I hope you find a nice climbing structure for your toddler or your older children!

Happy Caterpillar Fun Climbing Structure for Kids!

happy caterpillar climber

Cute Caterpillar Climbing Toy for Kids

Cute Happy Caterpillar Climbing Structure

This cute purple caterpillar with colorful legs is my favorite climber for children around!
Look at it!
Isn’t he a happy fellow indeed?
Kids love him!
Adults also love him because he is cute and perfect to keep their toddlers busy for hours and hours!
The children also love crawling inside the ‘tunnel’…
You can have this happy climber indoors or outdoors, at churches, nurseries, day care centers and playrooms!
The colorful caterpillar’s ‘boots’ (or legs) will hod him in place.
Overall it has 4.5 star reviews by parents and most of them say it was a great purchase!
(Can you imagine having this huge caterpillar under the Christmas tree?)

(Product Dimensions: 56.3 x 37 x 47.6 inches ; 2.2 pounds.)

Look at how much fun these kids are having with this cute purple caterpillar!

Tree House Climbing Structure With a Cool Slide!

Another Fun and Very Colorful Child Climber for Sale!

best climbing toys for children

Fun Tree House Climber for Children

Fun Tree House Climbing Structure for Kids

The best climbers for kids are those who also have a fun slide!
Just like this fun and colorful tree house climber!
Great gift idea if you have multiple kids and a big basement or backyard!
Will keep them entertained during the day and tired at night!

This fun tree house climber is also a huge hit among kids!
Not only it is a great climber, it also has a fun slide!
(Gosh I wish I could be 3 again just to try this toy!)
Happy buyer said it’s fairly easy to set up and they found this toy pretty sturdy as well and it’s perfect for play dates!
During summer you can definitely have this cute climber outdoors, so kids can catch some sun while playing…
It is a great addition to any playroom to, obviously…
This toy comes pretty much ready to assemble and it includes everything you will need.
What do you think?

(Product Dimensions: 78.7 x 49.2 x 54.7 inches ; 62 pounds)

Step2 Skyward Summit: Awesome Child Climber!

Best Climbing Toys for Children!

best child climber

Best Child Climber

Step2 Skyward Summit

What a fun and unique climber for kids full of real challenges!
They love that!
4 kids can attempt to ‘climb to the summit’ together!

The Skyward Summit (I love the name!) is definitely one of the best climbers for kids being sold!
From their height and perspective it will definitely look just like a huge mountain!
It has four different climbing walls, each one with a unique challenge for them!
(Of course if you have small kids you will need to supervise them while playing…)

Up to 4 kids can play at the same time.
I love the fact that it looks very realistic, just like a real rock climbing wall for adults, doesn’t it?
Most parents are giving this climber a 5 star review saying that it is a fantastic toy to have in the backyard and the height is just perfect for kids ages 3 to about 7 years old.
(Even though older children can also enjoy it…)
They said their kids LOVE when they ‘get to the top’ all by themselves for the first time and they feel super accomplished!
Parents who have triplets said this is a must-have!
(I agree… anything to keep those kids busy and spending all their energy during the day so at night they are tired!)

Parents who bought this climbing structure for their kids say it’s awesome and they are really pleased!
Definitely one of the best climbers for kids being sold!
Fits children from 3 to about 7 or 8 years old.

(Product Dimensions: 52 x 80 x 80 inches ; 138 pounds)

Check out these kids reaching the summit!

Step2 Clubhouse Climber

Complete Climbing Structure for Kids Ages 2 to 6 Years Old!

climbing structures for kids

Complete Climbing Structure for Kids

Step2 Clubhouse Climber for Kids

This Step2 climber for toddlers is a very popular climber for kids!

Parents love it and their kids always have a blast climbing, hiding and sliding over and over again!

It fits toddlers and small children from 2 to 6 years old!
Parents say it is the perfect gift idea for twins or multiple children!
Everybody has fun together and there is always something to do!

This awesome ‘clubhouse climber’ is a complete playground style climbing toy for children!
Kids can not only climb, but also crawl and slide!
Great climber toy for twins!
Definitely a great choice for a fun playroom!
(If you have a big basement you can put this toy in there during winter and outside during summer!)
Kids also love to ‘hang out’ on the bridge and check the skylight!

(Product Dimensions: 56.8 x 123 x 70 inches)

Check it out here!

Cute Pirate Ship Climber for Toddlers!

Fun Climbers for Kids!

pirate ship climber for kids

Cute Pirate Ship Climbing Toy for Children

Preschool Home Active Play Indoor Outdoor Plastic Buccaneer Boat With Pirate Flag

Who wants to climb a fun and colorful pirate ship?
All the little kids do!
Look how much they are having climbing this cool pirate ship together!
Can be used indoors or outdoors!
Perfect gift idea for active toddlers!
One of the most fun climbers for kids around!

This pirate ship climbing structure for toddlers is very cute, definitely fun for them and very affordable too!
Kids love pirate ships! Lol
It makes an awesome gift idea for a 2 year old boy!
It definitely helps with a toddler’s motor skills development and balance!
Parents love the fun colors and they say it’s very solid and easy to assemble.
It will also look great in their bedroom!
It is just the right size for toddlers, not too small and not too big…

I think it will make an awesome Christmas gift idea!

(Product Dimensions: 54.3 x 30.7 x 56.7 inches ; 32 pounds.)

Cool Monkey Bars Tower: Affordable Toddler Climber!

Fun Climber for Small Children!

affordable climbers for children

Affordable Climber for Kids

Toy Monster Monkey Bars Tower

This is a fun and challenging climbing structure for toddlers and small children!
They love to conquer their fear and climb all the way up!
It’s also very affordable and very easy to assemble!

This fun Monkey Bars Tower is also one of the best climbers for kids!
It is a classic toddler climber!
(When I was a child y mom used to take me and my sister to our local playground and they had lots of these there and I remember being very scared of trying to climb…)

This one is just right for toddlers and small children from 2 to about 5 or 6 years old.
It is very sturdy and also very portable!
Kids also love to just go inside and chill…

(Product Dimensions: 70 x 66 x 46 inches ; 27 pounds.)

Soft Corner Climber and Crawling Tunnel Maze for Toddlers

Best Climbers for 1 Year Old Children!

best soft climbers for toddlers

Soft Climbers for Toddlers

Soft Corner Tunnel Climber

If you have a 1 year old child and are looking for a good climbing structure for him or her, then I think you are going to like this soft corner climber and crawling tunnels maze!
It is made from dense foam covered with waterproof vinyl in beautiful primary colors!
It is very smooth, very easy to clean and very durable!
Even 9 month old children can start enjoying this fun soft climber!
Great to have in any playroom!

Cool Outdoor Turtle Climber

outdoor turtle climber

Cool Outdoor Turtle Climber for Kids

Cute Outdoor Turtle Climber for Kids

I had to show you this ultra-cool outdoor turtle climber for kids!
Isn’t it gorgeous?
It fits children ages 2 to 5 years old.
It is very expensive though…
Great to have in a day care center or pre-school!

(Use Zone: 18 ft. x 20 ft.)

Fun and Colorful Sturdy Play House Climber for Young Kids!

Play House Climber for Children

Fun Play House Climber for Young Children

Play House Climber

This play house climber is definitely among the most fun and sturdy climbing structures for younger children between the ages 2 and 6 years old!
The colors are very bright and it’s also a ‘hiding spot’ for them!
There are climbing holes all around and also a climbing ladder.
It is all made from aluminum so it is a very sturdy structure that will definitely be passed on to future childen in the family! 🙂

(Ground Space: 5′ x 5′.)

Fun Climber and Slide for Toddlers

Fun Climber and Slide for Toddlers

Fun Climber and Slide for Toddlers

Fun Climber and Slide

Simple and straight to the point!
Climb and slide!

This is a fun climber and slide structure for toddlers that can be set up indoors or outdoors! 🙂
The climbing walls are just about the right height to offer the little ones a fun challenge while mom watches them and cheers them on!
It fits about 4 toddlers playing at the same time!
(Look at that little boy’s happy face after he accomplished his climbing challenge and got all the way to the top!)

Fun and Affordable Indoor Climbing Net for Kids!

Cool Indoor Climbing Net

Cool Indoor Climbing Net

10′ W x 10′ H Indoor Climbing Net

If you have a large basement or large playroom in your home and are looking for a cool indoor climbing net structure for your children, then I think you are going to like this one! 🙂

Several kids can attempt to climb the net together and they love to compete among themselves to see who can climb all the way up first!

It’s perfect for having your kids entertained indoors while you do other activities inside the house.
It is very strong and durable and as you can see in the picture and kids love it, of course!

It is a great work out for them! 🙂

Fancy Indoor Wood Climber for Toddlers!

fancy indoor wood climber for toddlers

Fancy Indoor Wood Climber for Toddlers

Mainstream Toddler Social Climber Corner Loft (Blue)

This is a very fancy wooden climbing structure with blue carpeting for toddlers!
It will fit about 12 children ages 1 to about 4 years old altogether!
Great to have in a day care center or a large basement!

(Dimensions: 102”w x 102”d x 60”h, 28”h platform.)

Best Outdoor Net Climber for Kids Ages 5 to 12 Years Old!

outdoor net climber for kids

Outdoor Net Climber for Older Kids

Sport Play Outdoor Net Climber

If you have older kids and are looking for a cool outdoor net climber to keep them busy and moving their bodies, I think you should consider getting this awesome climber for kids between the ages 4 and 5 up to 12 years old!
As you can see many kids can play together and challenge each other, trying to climb up and hold on as long as they can!
Great addition to any backyard play set!

(Use Zone: 19 ft. x 19 ft.)

Quad Climber: Heavy Duty Outside Climbing Structure for Big Kids!

Quad Climber for old kids

Quad Climber Heavy Duty Climber for Big Kids

This cool outdoor climbing structure took me straight back to the past!
Remember these back in the 70’s and 80’s folks?
To tell you the truth I could never climb all the way to the top!
I was so scared I was going to fall!
I probably only made as far up as the first couple of steps… 🙂
This fun quad climber is perfect for the ‘big kids’ ages 5 and 6 up to 12 years old!
It is great for developing their agility and overall fitness!
It requires a lot of concentration and coordination to reach the top and conquer the world!
AND slide down the pole, of course!
That is the most fun part!

(Size: 14 x 14. 26 x 26 use zone.)

Quad Climber: Heavy Duty Climber for Big Kids

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