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Best Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls

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What are The Best Gifts for 3-Year-Old Girls?

Are you looking for the best and most fun toys and gift ideas for a 3-year-old little girl?

best gift ideas for 3 year old girls

Cute Pink Twin Bed for Little Girls

Delta Children Upholstered Twin Bed, JoJo Siwa

I’d love to help! 🙂

3-year-old children are definitely no longer toddlers and they are even more active and curious than ever!

That’s why you need to choose fun toys that will stimulate their brand-new motor skills and spice up their eagerness to learn something new while having lots of fun!
They have an active ‘voice’ and they have their own personality!
It’s only fair that we give them toys and gifts that will stimulate and challenge them!

I did thorough research on the best toys for 3-year-old girls that will fuel their imagination. spark their curiosity and challenge their motor skills!

I find absolute joy in knowing that a parent or grandparent found the perfect gift idea for their child through me!

(When my own daughter was three I spent a lot of time in toy stores just because I could! I love toys!)

On this page, you will find a few of the best gift ideas for 3 year old girls that were approved by parents and grandparents and also based on their high-quality, popularity and uniqueness!

Have fun!

*By the way, can you see your 3-year-old princess on this amazing pink bed in the picture above?
I can see myself there!!
If they had a cute pink bed for adults I would get one for me!
This fun bed will fit children from 2 to 7 years old!
It makes a great Christmas gift idea for any 3-year-old little girl’s bedroom!

How about a Fun Bounce House?

Cool Gift Idea for 3 Year Old Girls!

fun bounce house for kids

Fun Bouncer

Little Tikes Shady Jump n Slide Bouncer

I decided to start my selections of best gifts for 3 year old girls with this fun bounce house because my own daughter got this as a gift when she turned 3 and I will never forget the look on her face when we finished setting it up for her!
She let out a very excited scream and immediately went inside and started bouncing!
She loved it so much that she literally ‘moved in’!
She even wanted to sleep inside!! 🙂
It was a struggle to get her out to take a shower and eat!

Needless to say fun bouncing houses make one the best birthday gifts for 3 year old girls!!
If you have the space, go for it!!

This Little Tikes bouncer is very affordable and perfect to have in your backyard or basement.
It is also great for play dates and birthday parties, of course!
All kids love it and have a blast together!
(We also bought a hundred colorful balls and placed them inside and it was insane! My daughter loved to throw them out and then put them back inside! Too cute!)

Fun Cedar Wood Outdoor Swing Set

Best Outdoor Gift Idea for 3-Year-Old Kids!

fun gifts for 3 year old girls

All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

Backyard Discovery Somerset All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

If you’ve got the space in your backyard and the cash, then getting a complete swing set is an awesome outdoor gift idea!
It is the best way to keep your children entertained outside and in the sun!
Perfect for parents with multiple children!
This is a cool backyard swing set for kids ages 3 years old and up!
There are climbing activities, sliding, swinging and even chilling with their friends!
I wish I had one when I was little…
Back then the only places my sisters and I could play on swing places were restaurants and local playgrounds.
Nowadays kids can have these in their own backyard!

-It will take several hours to assemble. Best to have someone help you, so the process is faster.
-After that, it’s fun times for the kids!

How about a Pink Tricycle?

Great Gift Ideas for 3 Year Old Girls!

pink trike

Cute Pink Tricycle for Girls

Radio Flyer Girls Classic Dual Deck Tricycle, Pink

Cute tricycles also make great fun gifts for 3 year old girls!

It is the best way for them to exercise and have fun at the same time!

This cute pink tricycle for girls is very affordable, very pretty and it ships for free!

A cute and fun pink tricycle (or any other color, of course) is always a great gift idea for small children!
Our daughter also got a fun tricycle from my sister when she was three years old and she loved it!
She would go from one place to another in the house only using her tricycle!
It was so cute!
She also kept it for a very long time, until she could no longer fit, which happened when she was around 6 years old.

This is a fun vintage style pink trike for girls!
Great Christmas gift idea for sure!

How about a Cute Pink Pedal Car?

Unique Birthday or Christmas Gift Idea for 3-Year-Old Girls!

fun toy ideas for 3 year old girls

Toy Pedal Car

Instep Kids Toy Pedal Car, Toddler Push and Ride On Toy, Pink Lady

How gorgeous, fun, and unique is this cute pink pedal car for girls?

If you are looking for the most unique gift idea for a 3-year-old girl, this is it!
Imagine her ‘driving’ this pink beauty around the block with her parents or grandparents?
I bet every child is going to start screaming to their parents to get them one too!!

PINK Ford Mustang

FUN Pink Electric Car for 3-Year-Old Girls!

best toy ideas for a 3 year old girl

Cool Power Wheels Smart Drive Ford Mustang

Cute Power Wheels Smart Drive Ford Mustang PINK

What is even better than a cute pink tricycle for a 3-year-old girl?
A cute pink electric CAR, of course!

This cute pink electric car is an absolute winner!!

Parents and grandparents will love getting this cute electric car as a birthday gift for 3-year-old girls!
The most fun thing about this cute car is that it fits two kids from 2 to 6 years old!
She can play with her older sister!
This cute car for girls also plays music and flashlights!

Can you imagine how much fun your little girl is gonna have driving this gorgeous pink mustang?
She can even take her baby sister or baby brother for a ride too since it fits two kids inside!
It also makes the coolest sounds!

It’s a safe, fun, and a great birthday or Christmas gift idea without a doubt!

Gorgeous Ride-on Toy Pony for Girls

Cool and Unique Present for a 3 and 4-Year-Old Girl!

best toys for 3 year old girls

Pony Cycle Riding Horse Chocolate Brown

PonyCycle Pony Cycle Riding Horse Chocolate Brown with White Hoof- Med. Riding Horse

What’s even better than a cute pink ride-on car for some girls?
A beautiful riding horse! 🙂

We all know that little girls love ponies!
Imagine a cute plush pony!

If your little girl has a big love for animals already, especially ponies, then she is going to LOVE getting her very own ride-on toy plush pony!
How cool is it?
Parents say it’s very well-designed and it’s very sturdy too!
It’s also very easy (and fun) for kids to turn and maneuver!
(It’s the best way to give them a ‘pony’ when they are little…)

*Best Ride on Horse Toys for Kids!!

KidKraft Majestic Cute Mansion Dollhouse

Beautiful Toy Idea for 3 Year Old Girls!

dollhouse for girls

Gorgeous Dollhouse for Girls

KidKraft Majestic Dollhouse

Another wonderful toy gift idea for little girls is a gorgeous dollhouse, of course!

Dollhouses make excellent Christmas gift ideas for 3 year old girls!

It is a wonderful way for them to develop their imagination and improvisational skills while ruling a household for their cute dolls!

My middle sister and I spent most of our free time playing with our gigantic doll house that was actually improvised out of our own bookshelf….
Back then there were no such beautiful dollhouses like this majestic mansion!
It is a great way for sisters to interact and play together!

Most little girls LOVE playing with dolls and this majestic dollhouse is a dream come true!

It is huge and it has 8 rooms for them to decorate and play pretend with their cute dolls!
Most parents said this dollhouse is absolutely gorgeous and the most perfect gift idea for their 3 year old girls!
They play with it for hours and hours on a row and it looks very beautiful in their bedroom!
Great choice!

Cute Playhouse for Girls

Great Christmas Gift Idea for 2 and 3-Year-Old Girls!

best gifts for 3 year old girls

Happy Home Cottage & Grill Kids Playhouse, Pink

Step2 Happy Home Cottage & Grill Kids Playhouse, Pink

Another great Christmas gift idea for 3-year-old little girls is a fun playhouse! 🙂
Little girls love to play house and imitate their mommies!
Even better if she has a brother or sister to play house with her!

This one can be set up in your backyard, basement, playroom, or even in her bedroom!

It is cute, fun and large!
It fits two little kids inside comfortably!
Kids love opening and closing the door, going in and out of the house, and also staying at the window!
I love the cute colors and the cute pink sink!

*Cutest Toddler Playhouses!

KidKraft Vintage Play Kitchen Set in Blue

Best Toys for 3 Year Old Girls!

toy kitchen

KidKraft Vintage Kitchen in Blue

KidKraft Vintage Kitchen in Blue

Little girls LOVE to pretend they are mommies too and they love to imitate mom and dad!

Toy kitchen sets always make great gifts for little girls because they help stimulate a child’s imagination, improvisation, motor and cooperation skills!

Look how gorgeous this vintage style pretend kitchen is!
It is very realistic and it even has a fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave and sink!
It is adorable!
I wish my REAL kitchen looked like this!
It will keep your little girl entertained for hours ‘cooking’ for her cute baby dolls!

Levels of Discovery Princess Cute Vanity Table and Chair Set for Girls!

Fun Christmas Gift Idea for 3 Year Old Girl!

cute vanity set for girls

Levels of Discovery Princess Vanity Table and Chair Set

Levels of Discovery Princess Vanity Table and Chair Set

Cute vanity tables with chairs make such cute gift ideas for 3 year old girls!
They love to sit down and comb their hair in front of the mirror feeling like a true princess!

It is a great way for them to learn how to groom themselves and take pride in their appearance!
This cute pink and purple vanity set comes with a message that says “Always a Princess”!

This is the cutest vanity table for little girls being sold right now!

It makes a wonderful birthday or Christmas present for any 3 year old girl in the family!

It looks very cute in their bedrooms and they love combing their hair and pretending they are a princess!
The heart-shaped mirror is the cutest thing ever!
I also love the pink and purple colors!
Buyers said it’s very durable and their daughters love it!

Cute Studio Desk and Art Table for Little Girls!

Best Birthday and Christmas Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls!

Fun Art Table for Kids

Cute Art Table for Kids

Step2 Deluxe Art Master Desk

Does your little girl love to draw and color?
Then this cute studio desk will be the perfect gift idea for her!

One of the best gift ideas for a 3 year old girl is a fun and colorful art table for kids!

When my sister and I were little, we would spend hours and hours playing, coloring and ‘teaching’ one another on our art table…

Of course back then they were much more simpler than the art tables of today…..
I chose this fun art desk for kids for your 3 year old girl because it is affordable, very spacious and full of storage space and fun!!

Perfect desk for developing their creativity!
Will also look very cute in her room!

It fits little girls from ages 2 to about 6 or 7 years old!

How about a Cute Purple Piano?

Great Musical Gift Idea for 2 and 3-Year-Old Girls!

amazing toy ideas for 3 year old girls

25 Key Teddy Bear Piano Pal (Purple)

Schoenhut- 25 Key Teddy Bear Piano Pal (Purple)

How cute and adorable is this purple Teddy Bear design piano for little girls ages 2 and 3 years old folks?
What a wonderful way to spark their musical interest!

A cute piano for children is one of the best gift ideas for 3-year-old girls ever!
Music is the best gift a parent can ever give any child!
If she is musically inclined, give her a cute and girly piano, just like this cute pink horse purple piano, and start teaching her how to play easy songs!

This cute piano comes with a learning system that is very easy for parents or grandparents to teach their own children how to play!

It’s also very sturdy and durable!
It comes with a fun teaching system using color strips that fit behind the keys and it makes beautiful chime-like sounds!

Cute and Adorable Butterfly Rocking Chair!

Very Cute Gift Idea for Little Girls!

Adorable Rocking Chair for Girls

Adorable Rocking Chair for Girls

Fantasy Fields – Magic Garden Rocking Chair

What better way to encourage little girls to start reading than with a cute butterfly rocking chair like this one?
Get a few fun picture books for girls to go with it and you are on your way to getting your little girl excited about reading time!
I am sure she will get very excited with this ultra-cute butterfly chair for her bedroom!

Adorable Pink Roller Skates for Girls

fun gift ideas for 3 year old girl

Disney Princess Kids Glitter Roller Skates

Glitter Roller Skates with Knee Pads

Another fun gift idea for 3-year-old little girls!
Their first pair of roller skates!
She’s gonna love them!
They are pink and they are sparkly! 🙂

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