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Best Push and Pull Toys for Toddlers

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Cute and FUN Push and Pull Toys for Active Toddlers!

best push toys for toddlers

Fun Push Toys for Toddlers

Are you looking for the cutest push and pull toys for toddlers?
What a great fun idea!
Toddlers love to push and pull things!
I think they get enormous satisfaction in being able to pull toys around the house…
They really feel they are doing something very important…
From their bedroom to the living-room and to the kitchen, off they go, wobbly legs still, but always pulling their toys along with them…Like they have a purpose!
It is the cutest thing in the world to watch a toddler pull their cute pull toy all over the house, isn’t it?

Plan Toy Baby Walker

Toddlers push and pull toys are the very first toys a toddler will remember when they get older and treasure those sweet memories for the rest of their lives…
Just like I am doing right now…
With tears in my eyes…
Such sweet and precious memories I have from playing with my pull toys…

Cute Wooden Duck Pull Along Baby Toy

cute wood duck pull toys for toddlers

Cute Wood Duck Pull Toy

Brio Pull Along Duck Baby Toy

I gathered a few of the cutest push and pull toys for toddlers!
They are all very colorful and very happy! (I love to say that toys are “happy”… 🙂
They are waiting for a cute toddler to start taking them to all kinds of places!
They love to follow toddlers everywhere they go!

Ducks are among my favorite pull-along toys for kids!
They are so cute, so much fun and so unique!

A cute wooden duck pull toy is always a fun idea!
His head will move and his wings will flap!
He is absolutely adorable and of the best quality possible!
You can’t go wrong with this fellow!
How about finding him a nice ‘duck name’ now?
Let’s see…
How about Howard?

‘Quack, quack’!
(He said: try me!)

Fisher Price Classic Chatter Phone Pull Toy!

Best Pull Toys for Toddlers!

Fisher Price Classic Pull Toy for Toddlers Chatter Telephone

Fisher Price Classic Pull Toy: Chatter Telephone

Fisher Price Classic Pull Toy: Chatter Telephone

This is a classic!!
It was one of my favorite pull toys when I was just a toddler myself!
I loved the way its eyes moved as it followed me everywhere…
It also made a cute noise (which I bet was annoying to the grown-ups around me… 🙂
I loved my chatter phone…

This is one of the classiest ‘retro’ toys for toddlers on the planet!
What child can resist this adorable pull chatter phone?

Original Slinky Pull Toy!

Original Slinky Dog Pull Toy

Original Slinky Dog Pull Toy

Collector’s Edition Original Slinky Dog Pull Toy

“Sniff, sniff….. Where did I leave my bone? Sniff, sniff….”

Another classic pull toy!
My sister had this one…
Toddlers love dogs and they will fall in love with this one immediately!
So cute!!

A slinky dog!!
Another ultra-fun vintage pull toy for kids!

(I love vintage toys!! Brings back the best memories!! When life was easy and sweet…No worries or bills to pay…Just play with toys the whole day!)

Cutest Pull-Along Zebra!

Cute Pull-Along Zebra

Cute Pull-Along Zebra

PlanToys Pull-Along Zebra

“Hey, which way to Madagascar?”

This wooden zebra pull-along toy is so adorable!!

I LOVE this cute pull zebra toy that looks like the one from the movie ‘Madagascar’!
When kids start pulling her, her head will move up and down!
So, where are you taking her today?

Adorable Snail Pull Along Toy!

cutest snail pull along toy

Walk-A-Long Snail Toy

Hape Walk-A-Long Snail Toy

Look who (very slowly) came to play now!
A fun wooden snail pull-along and shape sorter toy for toddlers!
Look at those happy ‘snail eyes’!
She can’t wait to hang out with your toddler the whole day teaching him all about fun shapes and colors!
(And once in a while go for a slow walk around the house! 🙂

Cutest Wood Frog Pull Toy for Toddlers!

Happy Frog Pull Toy

Happy Frog Pull Toy

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Frolicking Frog Pull Toy

This is my ultimate favorite, most adorable, cutest and happiest wood pull frog toy around!
Isn’t he the most adorable frog you have ever seen? 🙂
Look at his huge eyes!
He loves to ‘hop along’ your toddler all day long!

Woodpecker Wooden Baby Walker

The Most Fun Push Toys for Toddlers!

Woodpecker Baby Walker

Woodpecker Baby Walker

Woodpecker Baby Walker – Plan Toys

This one is so interesting!
It is a “baby walker” push toy…
As toddlers push this toy, it makes a cute sound!
Perfect to develop their little toddler leg muscles!

When children push this fun walker, it creates a sound!
It stimulates children to walk and develop their motor skills while they are having a blast!
It is made from organic rubber wood!
Natural and safe!

Boikido Adorable Wooden Push And Play Wagon for Girls!

cute push toys for girls

Boikido Wooden Push And Play Wagon for Girls

Boikido Wooden Push And Play – Mouse Wagon

Another cute “baby walker” push toy!

Push toys are great for toddlers, since they encourage balance and walking.
The colors are very vibrant and attractive too!
Another big plus is that they can carry other small toys inside the wagon!
They are going to love that!

It encourages walking!
(But what little kids love to do the most with this fun wagon is to put their favorite small toys and dolls inside!)
Great Christmas gift idea for a 1 year old little girl! 🙂

Cute Hopping Bunny Walker Push Toy!

Hopping Bunny Walker Toy

Adorable Hopping Bunny Walker

Wonderworld Hopping Bunny Walker Toy

What a gorgeous walker!!
Watch the bunnies hop up and down as the walker is pushed along…. So cute!! 🙂

Kids go crazy when they see the cute bunnies going up and down, up and down…
It makes them want to push and push and push!
(And walk… and walk… and walk!)

The Most Fun Wooden Activity Walker Toy!

Fun Activity Walker

Cute and Fun Activity Walker

EverEarth Fun Activity Walker

Check this out!
This is not only a great walker push toy for children, but also a fun activity toy board complete with fun puzzles and bead maze, xylophone, shape sorters, cute tumbling flowers and storage space!
It is awesome!

Cute Pink Van Walker for Girls!

Cute Pink  Van Walker Toy for Girls

Cute Pink Van Walker Toy for Girls

Plan Toys Van Walker, Pink

I couldn’t resist showing you this adorable pink van walker push toy for toddler girls!
It fits her favorite stuffed animals and small toys inside!
They love to make several ‘stops’ around the house and ‘deposit’ a cute toy or plush animal!
Then they will go back and ‘pick them up’ again! 🙂

Cute Turtle Mower Push Toy!

Cute Turtle Mower Push Toy

Cute Turtle Mower Toy

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Tootle Turtle Mower

Is it a mower?
Is is a turtle?
Is it a walker?
Is it a fun push toy?
YES to all the questions!
It is a fun sturdy plastic turtle mower walking toy for 1, 2 and 3 year old kids to pretend they are mowing the lawn just like daddy! 🙂

Step2 Whisper Ride II, Push Blue Car for Toddlers!

cute push blue car for toddlers

Cute Push Blue Car for Toddlers

Step2 Whisper Ride II, Blue Car

Ok now…
This cute blue car is one of the best push car toys for toddlers and parents!
That’s right!
Mom and dad can also use this adorable and fun blue car to actually push their toddlers around the block, the zoo, the park or around the house!
Toddlers also love to push their favorite stuffed animals and dolls and maybe even their baby brother or sister!
Everybody wins!
Everybody has fun! 🙂
I love it!

*I hope you were able to choose a fun push or pull (or both!) toy for toddler here today! 🙂
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