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Best Wooden Toys for Toddlers

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Are you looking for the best and the cutest wood toys for toddlers being sold?

Toddlers love wooden toys!

cute wooden toys for toddlers

Cute Wooden Toys for Toddlers

Cute wooden toys are perfect toys for toddlers because they are very simple and yet very durable!
They are easy to play with and easy to put away, they usually last for a very long time, sometimes passing down from generation to generation and kids just love them! πŸ™‚

Wood toys were among the first kind of toys ever made!

Back in the day every child had a few toys made from wood…
Many families had their own wooden toy factory in their garage and were able to make a decent living by selling their wonderful toys to the townspeople!

Plan Toys Pony Ride-On

*This cute and adorable wooden ride-on pony toy for toddlers is made from sustainable rubber wood and the fun colors on it are made from vegetable dye.
Fun and safe!

I gathered here on this page a few of the best and most sold classic wood toys for toddlers on the market!

Cute Wood Riding Toys!

Fun Wooden Bus Ride On Toy for Toddlers!

Cute Wood Riding Toys for Toddlers

Cute Wood Riding Toys for Toddlers

Plan Toys Electro Bus Ride On

As you probably guessed, wood riding toys are definitely a huge hit among 1, 2 and 3 year old children! πŸ™‚
They are very durable, extremely easy to use and they are FUN!
This cute, fun and adorable rubber wood bus is the perfect first ride-on toy for your 1 year old child!
(It will definitely make they exercise those little legs around the house!)

Classic Stacking Wooden Toys for Toddlers!

classic wooden stacking toy

Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker

Cute and Colorful Geometric Stacker

Is it safe to assume that almost all of us played with some king of stacking toys when we were kids? πŸ™‚
I surely did!

Wooden toys are very durable and will last years and years even in the toughest toddlers hands…
(If you know what I mean……..)

Toddlers love to smash, drop and throw things all over the place, so with a wooden toy they can do just that!

*The recommended age group to play with this wood stacking toy is 2 years old and up because the wood poles will be sticking out before they start stacking them with the colorful geometric figures.

Cute Wooden Wagon for Toddler Boys!

best HABA wood walkers for toddlers

Cute Wooden Wagons and Walkers for Toddlers

HABA Limited Edition Walker Wagon Fire Brigade Toy

Wood walkers and wagons are also excellent wooden toy ideas for toddlers just learning how to walk and balance themselves upright!
It is a fun way for them to do it while having a blast pushing their cute wagons around the house full of toys inside! πŸ™‚

This is a fun, great quality HABA walker for toddler boys ages 1, 2 and 3 years old!
It’s cute, it’s colorful and it’s very entertaining for them!
Highly recommended by happy parents!

Cute Toy Wood Stroller for Toddler Girls!

cutest wooden toy stroller for toddler girls

HABA Limited Edition German Doll Pram Stroller

HABA Limited Edition German Doll Pram/Stroller

Toddler girls absolutely LOVE pushing their cute dolls in strollers too, just like mommy!
(Specially if they have a baby brother or baby sister! πŸ™‚

This is one of the most adorable toy wooden strollers for little girls ages 1 to 5 years old!
They are going to spend hours taking care of their ‘babies’ and taking them for a walk!

How about a Beautiful Wood Racing Car?

red wood racing car for kids

Beautiful Wood Racing Car

Plan Toys Racing Car

This cute wooden racing car is a classic!!
All little boys (and girls too!) will enjoy getting one of these anytime!
So much fun!!
Perfect ‘first car’ for a 3 and 4 year old adventurous boy or girl! πŸ™‚

(Back in the day dads and grandfathers used to make these in their garages for their sons! They even had ‘competitions’ among themselves to see who built the best wooden car…)

Cute Wood Rocking Horse for Girls!

cute wood rocking horse for girls

Levels Of Discovery Rock-A-My-Baby Rocking Horse Pink/Cream

Cutest Musical Wood Rocking Horse for Toddler Girls Pink/Cream

Wood rocking horse toys are also among the number one, most bought, BEST wooden toys for toddlers of all times!
Is there anything more fun for a toddler than rocking back and forth on a cute horse? πŸ™‚
This is the most adorable pink wooden rocking horse for toddler girls being sold!
As you can see it has a fun chair on the horse’s back to keep your precious one safe while she has a blast!
Guess what else is great about this cute wood rocking horse?
It plays “Rock a Bye Baby”!

It is a Wood Kangaroo Rocker!

Gorgeous Wooden Rocking Kangaroo

Gorgeous Wooden Rocking Kangaroo

Offi Riga Roo Molded Ply Rocking Kangaroo

Check this out!
A gorgeous wooden rocking kangaroo for toddlers!
Have you ever seen one like this?
The most interesting thing about it is that it was made from one single molded piece of wood!

Beautiful Pine Wood Rocking Horse Toy!

Beautiful Pine Wood Rocking Horse

Beautiful Pine Wood Rocking Horse

Gorgeous Wood Rocking Horse – Made in USA

Wooden rocking horses make wonderful gift ideas for any toddler!
They are fun, very durable and look great in a child’s bedroom! πŸ™‚

Look at this cute wooden horse rocking toy!!
It was all hand-crafted and hand-rubbed!
Simply beautiful!

Toddlers love these kinds of toys!!
Fun, fun, fun!!
And will look so cute in their bedroom!

Large Hardwood Building Blocks!

Best Wood Toys for Toddlers!

Hardwood Building Blocks for Toddlers

Large Hardwood Building Blocks

Large Classic Hardwood Building Blocks for Toddlers, 154-Piece Set

We cannot talk about the best wooden toy ideas for toddlers without including classic wood building blocks in the mix!
We all played with them!
It was my favorite past time when I was a little girl! πŸ™‚

Toddlers will always love playing with wooden blocks!
They are fun and very intriguing for small kids!

Wood blocks are a great way for toddlers to develop motor skills, hand coordination and imagination!
Great gift idea anytime!

These come in large and different shapes and different quantities!
(The more the better!)
Great way to teach the little ones how to share their toys and play together!

Cute Wood Parking Garage Set

Fun Wooden Toy for Toddler Boys and Girls!

Wood Parking Garage Set for Toddlers

Wood Parking Garage Set for Toddlers

Plan Toys City Series Parking Garage

I also loved ramp toys and garage toys when I was a kid!
It is so much fun to watch the cute cars go down the ramp! πŸ™‚

This is a very cute, fun, colorful and most important, durable wood toy parking garage set for toddlers!
The recommended age is about 3 years old but many parents buy this toy for their 2 year old kids as well…
Perfect for siblings to play together!

Classic Embossed Letters Wooden Alphabet Blocks!

Classic Embossed Letters Wooden Alphabet Blocks

Classic Embossed Letters Wooden Alphabet Blocks

Classic Embossed Letter Wood Alphabet Blocks ABC

In my opinion every toddler should get these wooden alphabet letters to play with!
It is the most educational wood toy for toddlers!
It is the best way to teach them all the letters of the alphabet while having fun with mom and dad! πŸ™‚
(Also perfect to teach them how to spell their own name!)

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