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Christmas Gifts Ideas for Him

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12 Cool Christmas Gifts Ideas for Him!

Men sometimes are very difficult to buy gifts for right?
It took me nearly 20 years to get it ‘right’…
I hate buying a gift for my husband that he doesn’t like and has to exchange for something else…
If you are going through the same thing and trying to find the best Christmas gift for your hubby or boyfriend, something that he is really going to enjoy, for real, take a look at these ideas!
I selected 12 fun and cool Christmas gifts ideas for him!
Maybe that perfect gift for your husband this year is right here and your work is done!
I hope I’ve been helpful…
Merry Christmas!

Christmas Gift Idea for Him 1: Nice Leather Wallet!

Coach Men’s Water Buffalo Leather Wallet Black

black leather wallet for men

Nice Black Leather Wallet for Men

Nice Black Leather Wallet for Men

I gave this wallet to my husband over 15 years ago and he still has it!
It is an awesome men’s wallet, very durable and very cool!
Men love to carry nice leather wallets in their pockets and this one is perfect for the job!
It fits 6 credit cards inside, money and his ID.
It’s a simple, but classy gift idea for any husband!
(If you think your husband’s wallet is kind of beat up and old, then this will make a very nice gift for him this year!)

How about a Cool Waterproof Sports Watch?

Best Christmas Gifts for Men 2013!

waterproof mens watch

Cool Casio Waterproof Watch for Men

Casio Men’s G-Shock Solar Power Black With Orange Dial Watch

Second on my Christmas gifts ideas for him is a beautiful waterproof sports watch!
Men love to wear cool watches all the time!
My husband has about three different watches.
He loves his waterproof watch because we live on the Gulf and we go to beach all the time and he loves to wear his cool watch and not have to worry about it getting wet!
This gorgeous Casio sports watch is water-resistant to 660 feet!
Will definitely make an impressive gift for him!

Cool Sports Sunglasses!

Great Christmas Gift Idea for Him!

 Polarized Oval Sunglasses for men

Cool Oakley Polarized Oval Sunglasses for Men

Oakley Polarized Sport Sunglasses for Men

I think almost ALL guys, no matter how old they are, love to wear cool sunglasses!
My husband has more than 10 pairs and he loves wearing them everyday, everywhere!
If your husband also like to look cool and handsome, give them a high-quality pair of beautiful sports sunglasses!
These Oakley polarized men’s sunglasses are a huge hit!
(Yes, my husband also has them and I gotta say he looks hot wearing them!)
They are also available in blue and black or black and yellow.

Nice Men’s Cologne: Great Christmas Gift Idea for Husbands!

nice mens cologne

Nice Perfume for Men

Quasar Men EAU toilette 125ml

I LOVE buying my husband nice and fresh good-quality cologne!
This is one of our favorites!
It is very sexy and very fresh!
A nice cologne for men is not only a good gift idea for him, but also for YOU!
It’s a win-win ladies!

Nice Lambskin Leather Walking Coat

Great Christmas Present for Him!

nice black leather coat for men

Nice Black Leather Coat for Men

BGSD Men’s Classic New Zealand Lambskin Leather Walking Coat

Another very nice Christmas present for men is a beautiful high-quality black leather coat!
Christmas is the perfect time to give your man a nice coat, since it’s probably going to be getting cold where you live!
My husband LOVES wearing beautiful leather coats and jackets!
I think it this one will make a very nice gift idea for your husband!
It’s very classy!

Gorgeous Leather Boots!

Very Cool Christmas Gift Idea for Men!

mens black leather boots

Gorgeous Black Leather Boots for Men

FRYE Men’s Gorgeous Black Leather Boots

I had to show you this pair of gorgeous men’s black leather boots!
I bought them for my husband almost 20 years ago and they still look brand-new!
If your husband also loves to wear nice quality leather boots, then I highly recommend these!
They will make your man look hot!
The quality is amazing!

One of The Best Christmas Gifts Ideas for Him!

Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Workout Bench!

cool workout bench

Cool Workout Bench for Men

Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series 5.1

If your husband also loves to workout at home, then look no further!
This is the perfect Christmas gift idea for him!
I bought one for my husband as well a few years ago and he told me it is the best present I ever gave to him!
He uses it every single day!
It is a very nice workout bench, at a very nice price!
It’s very compact and easy to put away when not using.
My husband likes to do his workout in the living-room while listening to his favorite songs on YouTube.
After he is done he puts it behind our bedroom door.
What guys love about this workout bench too is that it has several different positions.
If your man loves to exercise too, I guarantee he is going to love his gift!

Great Adjustable Dumbbells

Best Christmas Presents for Men who Love to Workout at Home!

best adjustable dumbbells

Best Adjustable Dumbbells Ever

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair)

If your husband already has a nice workout bench, then give him some adjustable dumbbells!
Trust me, they can never have enough!
These are the best of the best!
They are the best adjustable dumbbells for guys who workout at home because they are a super space saver!
No more weights all over the house!
With these guys can do dozens and dozens of different exercises including legs, back, chest, shoulders, arms, standing up or using their bench!
(They are also great for women too, ladies!)

P90X DVD Workout

P90X DVD Workout

P90X Complete DVD Workout Program

P90X DVD Intense Workout Program

And finally, if your husband loves to exercise at home but he already has a cool workout bench and adjustable dumbbells, then give him the famous P90X complete workout program DVD set!
My sister gave one to my husband last year and at first he thought it was going to be crappy and ‘too easy’ but boy was he wrong!
He said he has never exercised so hard in his whole life!
At first he thought it would be a ‘piece of cake’ for him, since he as been working out at home for more than 10 years, but after just a few days into this program he was beat!
He actually had to take it easy for a few days and slowly get back into the program…
It is almost a ‘military style’ workout!
It definitely works, but it is intense!
So if your husband or boyfriend is also a ‘workout freak’, this is his gift!

Nikon COOLPIX Underwater Digital Camera

Awesome Gift Idea for Men!

underwater digital camera

Nikon Cool Underwater Digital Camera

Nikon COOLPIX Waterproof Digital Camera with GPS and Full HD 1080p Video (Orange)

My husband LOVES taking pictures!
(And he is very good too!)
One of his latest gifts was a super cool waterproof underwater digital camera!
(I got this idea after his last trip to Key West… he came back saying he wished he could have taken pictures underwater…)
This Nikon waterproof digital camera is among the best!
Perfect for going kayaking, fishing, scuba diving, spending the day on the beach or the pool!
The price is also really good!
Guys need cameras that are strong and shock-proof too…
This one also shoots great movies and great pictures off-water as well!
If your husband also loves taking pictures, then I believe you have found his Christmas gift!

Another Great Christmas Gift Idea for Husbands and Boyfriends!

A Cool Beer Dispenser!

beer dispenser

Cool Beer Dispenser

KRUPS Cool Beer Dispenser

Let’s face it ladies!
Men love beer!
It’s a fact!
Comes football season and a bottle of cold beer is a men’s best companion… I’m sorry, but you know I’m right right?
If you really want to please your husband and give him a nice Christmas gift he is really going to love, then I strongly suggest a cool beer dispenser, just like this one!
Trust me, he’s gonna love you for it!
It is great for keeping his beer cold and it’s fun to use!

Philips Norelco Nice Electric Shaver

Best Christmas Gift Idea for Him!

coo electric shaver for men

Philips Norelco Best Electric Shaver

Philips Norelco 1150x/40 SensoTouch 2d Electric Shaver,

Electric shavers make awesome gift ideas for husbands, dads, sons, brothers, boyfriends or any other man in the family!
Most guys love to have a clean shave and an electric shaver will be his everyday companion in the bathroom!
This Philips Norelco is one of the best around!
It’s virtually painless and it leaves a man’s face very soft and smooth!
(I love a guy with a clean shaved face!)
I think it really makes a super present for men!