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Classic Retro Toys for Toddlers

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How about giving your child a vintage toy for Christmas?

best vintage toys for toddlers

Classic Retro Toys

How cool would it be to see your kids playing with the very same toys you played with when you were a toddler?
I think it’s a great idea!
Imagine watching your little ones pulling that classic chatter phone the same way you used to?
Or banging loud notes on a classic xylophone?

I believe we had some of the best toys ever made!

Why not give your child a classic retro toy?

On this page you are going to find the most classic retro toys for toddlers!

Fisher Price Classic Record Player

I’m sure you feel the same way here…..
We all have great childhood memories playing with our toys, don’t we?

I had a chatter telephone, a xylophone, a rock-a-stack toy, and a few other classic toys and I had a blast!

Our very first toys are very special.
Their memories will be with us for the rest of our lives!

I had this ‘record player’ on the picture when I was very little and it was one of my favorite toys!
I spent hours and hours listening the fun songs and singing and dancing along!

Classic Retro Toys are Still the Best Toys!

best vintage toys of all times

Best Vintage Toys

We had fun!
So many memories…

Nowadays kids only play with video-games…

We played with our bodies and our imagination!
We were super-heroes, princesses, kings, warriors, good guys, bad guys, we ran, we jumped, we sang, we chased, we hid, we discovered!

I have so many great memories playing with my ‘vintage’ toys that just by talking about them it brings tears to my eyes!
Let’s take a look at a few of the best that almost all of us had at some point…

Best Vintage Toys of All Times

*I had several of these fun and colorful tin spin tops!
I had a blast competing with my sisters to see who could make them spin for the longest time! 🙂

Fisher Price Classic Chatter Phone

Best Classic Toys of All Times!

best classic toys of all times

Classic Chatter Phone

Every toddler loves to pull things along……
They will love this classic chatter phone!
Just like we did!

Of course I had one too!!
I remember clearly pulling my cute ‘phone’ all over the house!
(It did make a very annoying noise, do you remember that?)

Fisher Price Classic Chatter Phone

The Chatter Telephone is still a super fun pull-along toy for toddlers!
His eyes roll up and down, his mouth chatters and the dial rings!
One of the best classic toys for toddlers ever created!

*And here it is!
One of my favorite toys as a toddler!!
I loved the way its eyes moved!!

Classic Xylophone Toy!

Classic  Xylophone Toy

Classic Xylophone Toy

First Note Xylophone Wood 15 Note Children, Kids, Game

Did you have one of these?
That’s when my passion for music started!
After I got my first wood xylophone my world was never the same again!
I discovered my passion for music!
I would play my xylophone for hours and hours on end!
(Ask my parents……… I’m sure they remember……… Lol)

Give your child a classic wood xylophone and let him discover the beauty of making music!

Classic Red Wagon

Awesome Retro Toys!

Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon

Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon

Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon

Every little kid loves this toy!
It can be used for riding (they love that…) or for carrying their favorite toys around the house or backyard!
It is also very good for them to develop their leg muscles and for coordination!

Who didn’t have one of these?
I loved placing all my dolls and small toys inside and making them ‘travel’ to another place!
I’m sure your child is going to love it too!
One of the best classic toys for toddlers!

Fisher Price Classic Two Tune Television

classic toys

Classic Musical TV

Fisher Price Classic Two Tune Television

Who had this fun musical TV?

This kiddie TV is a lot of fun!
It plays music as the images move!
My little sister had this one and she loved it!

One of the most fun classic toys from the past!

Classic Corn Popper Push Toy!

classic push toy for toddlers

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper

This one is a classic!
All toddlers love this toy!
It is so much fun to push this toy and watch the colorful balls move inside!

Perfect fun way to encourage toddlers to walk!
As they push this fun and colorful toy, they hear sounds, they see lights and the colorful balls pop inside!
The more they do it, the more they wanna keep doing over and over again!!

*This toddler boy is playing with his new corn popper!

The Farmer Says

One of The Best Educational Classic Toy for Toddlers!

The Farmer Says educational classic toy

The Farmer Says Educational Toy

The Farmer Says Classic Educational Toy for Toddlers

This classic toy will help your children learn numbers, colors and animals names and sounds!
Very entertaining!

This is one of the most bought classic educational toys for toddlers around!
They love to hear the animal sounds every time they pull the lever!
(Get ready to hear fun animal sounds too all day long!)

*This boy offers a very nice review of this classic toy!

Fisher Price Classic Teaching Clock

Fisher Price Classic Teaching Clock

Fisher Price Classic Teaching Clock

Fisher Price Classic Teaching Clock

Of course I remember my teaching clock!!
I had this one too!!
It is perfect for teaching your little ones how to tell the time!!
So cute!!

(Yes, it took me a long time to learn how to tell time… it was a little frustrating…)
But I still had a blast with my clock!

Schylling Jack-In-The-Box Classic Toy for Toddlers!

Classic Jack in The Box Toy

Classic Jack in The Box Toy

Schylling Jack-In-The-Box

Did you have a Jack-in the-Box toy?

Have you ever watched a little child play with a Jack-in-the-Box toy for the first time?
Their expression is priceless!
(Even though a few children might get scared and cry…Lol)

This fun and colorful jack in the box features an adorable and very colorful clown that pops up as you play, pop goes the weasel!
Made of metal, just like ours from the past!

Classic Stacking Toys!

classic stacking toys for toddlers

Classic Stacking Toys

Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker

One of the best toys from the past ever!
Toddlers LOVE stacking toys!
It is fun and perfect for them to learn about different colors and shapes!
Not to mention improve their coordination skills too! 🙂
This one is made from solid wood and it has 25 pieces!
(Ok, I confess! I’m dying to play with this cool toy too!)

Fun Hand Puppets!

sesame street hand puppets

Fun Hand Puppets

Gund Elmo Hand Puppet

Hand puppets are a lot of fun!
Little kids absolutely love them!
I had a lot of hand puppets as a child and I loved to make different voices as I played with the characters!
Great for story telling too!

Great for aspiring puppeteers.

These are the most fun Sesame Street characters hand puppets around!
Collect them all! 🙂

The Original 46″ Bozo 3-D Bop Bag

Fun Toys from the Past!

The Original 46" Bozo 3-D Bop Bag

The Original 46″ Bozo 3-D Bop Bag

The Original 46″ Bozo 3-D Bop Bag

Who had this Bozo toy?
I did!
It was so much fun!
Kids love to try and knock him down!
But he keeps getting back up!!

I had a blast ‘punching’ him!
(Sometimes I would get mad when he popped right back up! 🙂

Cute and Colorful Poppin’ Pals Toy!

 Poppin' Pals Toy

Fun Poppin’ Pals Toy

Playskool Busy Poppin’ Pals Toy

I love these little guys…
This is a precious toy for your toddler!
Your child will have hours and hours of fun making these cute fellows appear!

Wooden Building Blocks for Toddlers!

Best Construction Set Toys!

classic wood building blocks

Wooden Building Blocks

Wooden Building Blocks Construction Set

I saved the best for last!
This was my absolute favorite toy as a toddler!
I loved “building” houses and castles with my construction set!
It is an excellent toy to develop your toddler’s imagination and creativity!

I remember having ‘building contests’ with my sister and cousins when we were little!
We would build something amazing and then ask our parents and grandparents to ‘vote’ for their favorites..
Someone always ended up crying when they lost…

*And now for the older kids:

Best 70’s and 80’s Toys!