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Cute Toy Chests for Children

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Best Toy Chests and Toy Boxes for Kids!

owl toy box

Cute Owl Toy Box for Kids

Toy chests for children are the most useful and the cutest furniture pieces you can have in a child’s bedroom!
They truly help children learn how to be organized and have fun at the same time!

On this page you will find the most beautiful and most colorful and unique toy chests and toy boxes for children around!
They make great gift ideas!

I prefer the larger toy chests for children, since they can fit a lot of toys and help your child’s bedroom look more organized and cute!

Noah Owl Toy Box

This owl toy chest for kids is one of my favorites!
Perfect for a cute owl nursery!!
It will look gorgeous in your child’s bedroom!

I believe cute, colorful and fun toy organizers for children make wonderful gift ideas anytime!

Mom and dad will appreciate your gift and the kids are gonna love it too!

What a fun way to keep toys away!

Cute Jungle Theme Toy Box!

jungle toy chest for kids

Cute Jungle Theme Toy Box

Cute Jungle Theme Toy Box

Adorable jungle toy chest for children!
Children love animals and that’s why they love animal themed toy chests and toy boxes!
You can see a happy turtle, alligator, bird and a cute monkey all hanging out in the jungle! This is the perfect toy for a green bedroom or if you also have other jungle theme stuff too! Needless to say it’s gonna make a wonderful gift!

Adorable Frog Prince Toy Chest for Girls!

frog prince toy chest

Adorable Frog Prince Pink Toy Chest

Teamson Kids Girls Toy Chest – Magic Garden Room Collection

In my opinion this is one of the most adorable toy chests for girls available! It is the prince frog happily waiting for a true love’s kiss to transform him back to a handsome prince! You can also see cute butterflies, flowers, bees and a dragonfly keeping the frog company! Lovely pink color!
Dimensions: 31.2 x 15.4 x 21.4 inches.

Levels of Discovery Wild West Bench Seat with Storage

toy bench for boys

Levels of Discovery Wild West Bench Seat with Storage

Levels Of Discovery Wild West Bench Seat with Storage Multi-Color

Toy chests for children need to be fun, cute and colorful! This cute toy chest is all that plus more!
Wow! Is is a toy bench, toy box or toy chest for children? It’s all of that! Gorgeous wooden toy chest for boys with a Wild West theme! Perfect for sitting, putting toys inside or just decorating a child’s bedroom! Needless to say it’s going to make an amazing gift idea to any little boys in your family!
What a fun way to teach small kids how to put their favorite toys away after they are done playing!
Dimensions: 31.8 x 14.5 x 26 inches.

Adorable Tweety Toy Chest for Kids!

cute tweety bird toy box for kids

Adorable Tweety Toy Chest

Warner Brothers Tweety Toy Box

What a cute Tweety toy chest for children! It is so happy and fun!! What a wonderful addition to your child’s bedroom it’s gonna be! It is very affordable and will ship for free!

Beautiful Wood Toy Box

wood toy box

Wood Toy Box

Wood Toy Box

The best toy boxes and toy chests for children need to be sturdy and spacious!
This is a gorgeous vintage looking toy box made of baltic birch ply wood.
I love the antique look!
Will look great anywhere!

Cute Disney Toy Chest for Boys!

Disney Cars Toy Box

Cute Disney Cars Toy Box

Cute Disney Cars Toy Box

We can’t talk about Disney chests without also having a cute Disney Cars toy chest! Your little boy will love putting his favorite toys away! (And getting them out…. so he can put them away again!) Happy buyers say it makes a wonderful gift idea for toddler boys! Product Dimensions: 24.6 x 15.4 x 13.5 inches.


Batman toy chest for boys

Warner Brothers Batman Icon Toy Box

Boys love stuff from movies and super-hero stuff! This gorgeous Batman toy chest for boys is large, durable and padded all over it! Perfect to teach the little ones how to put all their toys away when they are done playing!

If Batman is your boy’s favorite super-hero, I’m sure he will be thrilled to be getting this fun Batman toy box! He will be assured that all his favorite toys will be perfectly safe after he is done playing!

Dimensions: 30.5 x 18.5 x 28 inches.

Warner Brothers Ultimate Toy Box, Batman

Very Cool Soccer Ball Toy Box for Boys!

soccer ball toy box for boys

Cool Soccer Ball Toy Box for Boys

Ball Bounce Sport Soccer Ball Toy Box

Of course I could never forget to show off this gorgeous soccer ball toy chest for boys!!
Have you ever seen a more creative toy organizer for boys?
You can use it not only for toys, but also for laundry, blankets or anything else!
If you have two boys you can give one to each!
The football one in one bedroom and this soccer ball in another!
They are too awesome!!
Will look amazing in your son’s bedroom!

Cool Sports Theme Toy Box Bench

 Sports Toy Box Bench

Cool Sports Toy Box Bench

Levels of Discovery All Star Sports Toy Box Bench

What a fun and colorful sports toy chest for boys! It is also a cool bench and it is the perfect toy chest for boys! It is full of cool sports designs including a baseball, basketball, soccer ball and more! It is a great addition to any little boy’s bedroom! They are going to have a blast putting all their toys away after they are done playing! Dimensions: 32″ l x 13″ w x 28″ h; 16″ box height.

Fun Garfield Toy Box!

Garfield toy box for boys

Fun Garfield Toy Box

Paws Garfield Deluxe Toy Box

What a cool and unique Garfield toy box for boys!
It was made with polyester fabric around the hard wood frame, so it will not hurt your child’s fingers!
Very colorful and fun!
Awesome gift for a new baby boy in the family!

Cute Truck Toy Box for Toddler Boys!

truck toy box

Cute Truck Toy Box for Toddler Boys

Room Magic Toy Box, Boys Like Trucks

Boys definitely like trucks and this truck themed toy box for boys is just perfect for any little boy’s bedroom! Will look very cute! So, what are you going to put inside? Toys? Stuffed animals? Toy trucks?

Cutest Toy Chests for Girls!

Lalaloopsy toy chest for girls

Cute Lalaloopsy Pink Toy Chest for Girls

Toy chests for girls need to be extremely cute and girly of course!

This Lalaloopsy toy box is one of the most beautiful toy chests for girls around!
It’s cute, it’s pink, it’s soft and it looks adorable!

Cute Lalaloopsy Deluxe Toy Box for Girls

Your little girl will be so excited and actually looking forward to putting all her toys away inside her beautiful toy chest!

Cute toy chests make awesome gift ideas for toddlers and baby showers!
(Even adults would love to have a cute toy chest in their bedroom too…)

I hope you enjoy my selections and find the cutest toy box for your little girl here!

Adorable Butterfly Toy Box Bench for Little Girls!

butterfly Toy Box Bench

Cute Butterfly Toy Box Bench

Levels of Discovery Sugar Plum Toy Box Bench

Girls love pink colors and butterflies! Add that together and you have this beautiful butterfly pink toy chest for girls! Even better than that is the fact that this gorgeous toy chest is also a bench! Will look amazing in your daughter’s pink bedroom! It also makes a wonderful gift to a new baby girl in the family! Enjoy! Dimensions: 35 x 19 x 10 inches ; 39 pounds

Gorgeous Care Bears and Colorful Rainbows Pink Toy Chest!

Care Bears Rainbows Toy Chest

Care Bears Rainbows Toy Chest

American Greetings Deluxe Toy Box, Care Bears Rainbows

Large and soft pink Care Bears and rainbow toy chest for girls!
It is one of the most beautiful and unique toy boxes for toddler girls ever!!
It is so ‘happy’!!
It’s made of soft polyester fabric and it’s very durable!
It won’t hurt your little girl’s hands!
Needless to say it will make a beautiful birthday gift or new baby girl gift!

Fun and Colorful Care Bears Deluxe Toy Box

Care Bears Deluxe Toy Box

Colorful Care Bears Deluxe Toy Box

American Greetings Care Bears Deluxe Toy Box

I had to show you this other cute and colorful Care Bears toy chest!!
Isn’t it super adorable??
The only bad news about it is that (for now) there is only one left!!
Who is your favorite Care Bear?

GuideCraft Hand Painted Butterfly Collection Toy Box

GuideCraft Butterfly Collection Toy Box

GuideCraft Butterfly Collection Toy Box PINK

GuideCraft Butterfly Collection Toy Box

Another very cute pink butterfly toy chest for girls! You can see a happy and large colorful butterfly happily chatting with the cute daisies! All is well and happy in her world! This cute toy box for girls was carefully hand-painted and will complement your child’s bedroom decor! Dimensions: 28.5″ h x 17″ w x 32.5″ l weight: 46lb.

Unique Smurfs in Love Toy Box!

Smurfs toy box for kids

Unique Smurfs Toy Box for Sale

Smurfs in Love Toy Box

Look who is here!
The Smurfs!!
What a cute and adorable Smurfs in Love toy box for girls!!
I want one!
One of the cutest toy chests ever!
It’s so colorful too!
Perfect for a bedroom in light blue or light green!
(Or pink!)


wooden toy boxes

ABC Wood Toy Box for Kids

Amber Finish ABC Wood Toy Box

This beautiful alphabet wooden toy chest for children is very practical and educational! Besides teaching kids to put their toys away when done playing, parents can also teach them the ABCs!

Made with a beautiful oak finish, this wooden toy chest will last for many, many years!

Wooden toy chests can be used for storing small toys, balls, dolls, comic books, blankets, towels, gadgets, stuffed animals or anything else you want!

Beautiful and Simple Honey Oak Wooden Toy Storage Bench!

Honey Oak Storage Toy Box Bench

Honey Oak Toy Box Bench

Useful Bench Toy Box- Honey Oak

This beautiful and very useful wooden toy chest is also a bench! It was made of solid wood and it’s very high-quality! Wooden bench toy boxes are perfect for children’s bedrooms! They can store their toys inside and also sit down to play! Great gift idea! Great for children ages 2 and up! Product Dimensions: 16 x 31 x 30 inches.

Beautiful Personalized Wood Toy Box

personalized wood toy box for children

KidKraft Personalized Limited Edition Toy Box-Honey

KidKraft Personalized Limited Edition Toy Box-Honey With Brown Library Font,Emily

Personalized wooden toy chests are very popular choices for parents! They love to decorate their new child’s bedroom with a beautiful and classy personalized wooden toy chest! They make great gift ideas for a new baby in the family! This gorgeous wooden toy box is also a bench! Will ship for free! Enjoy! Product Dimensions: 33 x 18.5 x 28.9 inches.

Gorgeous Fire Truck Wood Toy Chest for Boys!

Fire Engine Toy Chest

Fire Engine Toy Chest for Boys

Teamson Kids Fire Engine Toy Chest

Gorgeous and very colorful fire truck wooden toy chest for children!
Hand-painted colorful wooden toy chests are my favorites!
They look lovely in any children’s bedroom!
This cute wood toy chest will look very cute in your little boy’s bedroom for sure!
It’s also made using eco-friendly wood, so it’s also completely safe!
A happy grandpa said it is very sturdy and easy to assemble!
His grandson LOVED it!!

Colorful Safari Solid Wood Toy Box

safari toy box for toddlers

Colorful Safari Solid Wood Toy Box

Colorful Safari Wood Toy Box

This is one of the cutest and most colorful hand-painted wooden toy box for kids!! It is so happy!! It will make any child’s bedroom come to life! You can see a happy and playful panda, cheerful monkey, cute giraffe, funny hippo, smiley zebra, fun elephant and a friendly lion, all together celebrating a beautiful day in the jungle! Product Dimensions: 15.5 x 28 x 30.6 inches ; 40 pounds.

*I hope you were able to find a cool, colorful and fun toy chest for your little one here today!
Have a great day!

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