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Dinosaur Toys for Boys

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links.
**All links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I get commissions for purchases made through those links on this page at no additional cost to you.

The Coolest Best Dinosaur Toys for Boys!

best dinosaur toys for boys

Cool Dinosaur Toys for Boys

Dinosaur toys make awesome birthday or Christmas toys for boys!

I don’t exactly know why, but little boys absolutely love dinosaur toys!
Give a dinosaur toy to a boy and immediately you will hear him scream “Cool!!!! Roar, roar, roar” and will start interacting with his new friend, the dinosaur…

If you are looking for cool toys for boys, I strongly recommend going with a dinosaur toy, you can’t go wrong!
I wouldn’t recommend it to a toddler, though, because they get scared.
But overall, toy dinosaurs are perfect for any boy from ages 4 to 8 or 9 years old. After that they move on to other toys…
The cool thing about some of these is that most of them are electronic toys too, so they really interact with the kids!
Many electronic dinosaur toys will walk, roar, play fetch, talk, dance and perform a variety of funstunts for the kids!
And they are very big too!

Bottom line:
Boys LOVE dinosaurs!

I found some pretty cool toy dinosaurs for sale and I knew I had to create this special ‘dinosaur’ page to show them off to you!

From amazing and gigantic stuffed dinosaurs, just like this Huge Plush Ride-on Brontosaurus to electronic toy dinosaurs and even dinosaur ride-on toys and cool dinosaur figures, you will find all the top selling ones here that every little boy will love!

Let’s catch some dinosaurs!

*The Brontosaurus were the largest land animals that ever walked the planet!
But don’t worry about this little boy…
He is pretty safe!
How do I know?
Because Brontosaurus are herbivores!
That means they only eat plants!

I hope you have some ‘dinosaur’ fun here today!

Pleo Dinosaur: Sophisticated Robotic Toy Dinosaur!

Awesome Dinosaur Toy!

Robotic Toy Dinosaur

Awesome Robotic Toy Dinosaur

PLEO Robot Dinosaur (Japan import) by Ugobe

This is a very interesting and intriguing dinosaur toy for boys!

He is still a baby dinosaur and he is eager to explore his new surroundings with you!
He is a little stubborn and doesn’t like to do what he is told.
This fun robot dinosaur has his own personality and sometimes can get a little moody…

He has a very sophisticated sensory system that make him ‘see’, and interact with kids without a remote control!
No remote control needed!
He is basically an ‘intelligent’ robot dinosaur!
This is awesome!

Happy buyers say they love how this toy dinosaur seems to ‘be alive’ and how it really interacts with you!
(Small children will definitely believe he is real and their new ‘pet’!)

The Pleo robotic dinosaur is one of the most popular electronic toy dinosaurs for boys!
He interacts, moves his body, changes his personality and ‘knows’ when he is being touched!
Kids absolutely go crazy with him!
He is absolutely adorable and you gotta see what he does!
Check out the video below and see this amazing robotic dinosaur for yourself!

Watch the Pleo Robotic Dinosaur Waking Up!

Zoomer Dino – Bonekruncher Electronic Dinosaur!

Amazing Robotic Dinosaur Toys for Boys!

Zoomer Dino - Bonekruncher Electronic Dinosaur

Zoomer Dino – Bonekruncher Electronic Dinosaur

Zoomer Dino – Bonekruncher – All-Green Interactive Robotic Dinosaur

Another unique and also very cool electronic toy dinosaur for sale!
As you can see his ‘dinosaur legs’ have wheels that your little one will control using the remote!
He also has sensors that tell him where you are!
(And he is FAST!!)
He is definitely one of a kind and very unique!
What can I say?
I’m a fan!!

*Check out the Zoomer Dino in action!

Cruncher Prehistoric Pets Interactive Dinosaur Toy!

Best Dinosaur Toys for Boys!

Cruncher Prehistoric Pets Interactive Dinosaur toy

Cruncher Prehistoric Pets Interactive Dinosaur Toy

Cruncher Prehistoric Pets Interactive Dinosaur

The ‘Cruncher’ is among the best and most popular interactive toy dinosaurs for boys being bought by parents!
He is terrifying!
Boys love him!
He can dance, he can play catch and he makes horrific dinosaur sounds too!
Buyers say he is so cool, that even dad loves to play with him too!

Everyone is having fun with the Cruncher!

Fisher-price Imaginext Spike HUGE Ultra Electronic Dinosaur Toy for Little Boys!

Huge Electronic Dinosaur Toy

Big Electronic Dinosaur Toy

Fisher-Price Imaginext Spike the Ultra Dinosaur

Meet Spike!
He is a very cool electronic dinosaur toy for little boys!

Just imagine your little boy’s face playing with his new electronic dinosaur!
That’s priceless!

This is a huge animated dinosaur, almost the size of this 3 year old.
This fun dinosaur will walk forward, turn left and right, open his mouth, blink his eyes, stand up on his hind legs, and do more fun things!
Needless to say this dinosaur toy is a big hit among little boys!
(You see how excited this little boy is!)
It is a very cool toy!

All kids have to do is press a button to bring Spike to life!
He can walk, roar, laugh, sniff and even yawn when it’s almost time for his ‘dinosaur’ nap…
Happy buyers said he is the perfect toy dinosaur gift for little boys ages 3 to 6 years old!

Imaginext Spike JR Ultra Dinosaur Video

Incredibly Lifelike Giant Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur

inflatable dinosaur

Inflatable T-REX Dinosaur

Jet Creations Inflatable T-Rex Action Figure

How about getting a gigantic inflated dinosaur to create the most awesome ‘pre-historic’ dinosaur bedroom for your little boy?
He is also great for throwing the most fun ‘dinosaur theme’ birthday party, of course!

Giant Plush T-Rex Dinosaur

giant plush dinosaur

Hansa Upright T-Rex – 42 Inches Tall

Hansa Upright T-Rex – 42 Inches Tall

How about having a giant plush T-Rex dinosaur in your bedroom?
Do you think you will be able to sleep at night?
What if he gets hungry in the middle of the night?
Oh boy….

Gigantic Life Like Pterodactyl Animal

Another Cool GIANT Dinosaur!

life size dinousaur toys

True-to-life Pterodactyl

True-to-life Pterodactyl

What a cool Pterodactyl dinosaur brontosaurus for sale!
He is huge!
No… he is gigantic!
He is humongous!
Be careful!
He is flying away!
Grab him before he is gone!

Playskool Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur: Best Ride-on Toy Dinosaur for Toddler Boys!

Playskool Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur

Playskool Kota My Triceratops Ride on Dinosaur

Playskool Kota My Triceratops Ride on Dinosaur

This ride-on dinosaur is also one of the top dinosaur toys sellers!
Extremely popular, with over 80 customer reviews, it is a fun dinosaur toy for kids ages 2 and 3 to 5 years old.

This animatronic, life-size fun and cute baby dinosaur stands over 3 feet tall and comes to “life” with realistic sounds and motion!
It will respond to your voice and touch with roaring and laughing sounds, and move his tail, eyes, head and mouth!
It also plays 4 adventure tunes!
He will sniff your hands and laugh when you feed him!
Makes a great birthday gift to a 3 year old little boy!

Every little boy (and some brave little girls too!) loves Kota!
Kota is a very cute ride-on Triceratops dinosaur toy!
Children go absolutely crazy when he makes his realistic dinosaur sounds and he also moves his head, tail, eyes and mouth!
Check him out below!

KOTA THE TRICERATOPS Ride on Dinosaur Great Video


Awesome Plush Triceratops Dinosaur!

Realistic Plush Dinosaur Toys!

plush triceratops dinosaur

Plush Triceratops Dinosaur

Hansa Plush Triceratops

Look what I found now!
A super realistic plush Triceratops dinosaur!
isn’t he cool?

Cute Wooden Dinosaur Push Toy for Toddlers

Cute Wooden Dinosaur Push Toy for Toddlers

Wooden Dinosaur Push Toy

Fun Dinosaur Wooden Push Toy Cart

This is one of the cutest wooden red dinosaur push toy cart for toddlers being sold!
I love his fun colors and his happy dinosaur face!
He seems to be super friendly and ready to take your little boy in a fun ‘pushing cool toys adventure’!
Just add his favorite toys inside!

How adorable is he going to look in your little boy’s ‘dinosaur theme’ bedroom? 🙂

Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Stride-to-Ride Dino

Fun and Cute Dinosaur Ride-on Walker for Babies!

cute riding dino toy for babies

Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Stride-to-Ride Cute Dino

Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Stride-to-Ride Dino

Look who came to help your baby boy take his very first steps!
It’s the cute bright green Stride to Ride Dino!
He is a very happy dino fellow who loves to help babies walk!

This is such a cute and fun dinosaur ride-on toy!
Great birthday gift idea for a baby learning how to walk!
As baby boy walks along with baby dino, he will play music and fun sound effects!
How delightful!

He will also dance and move his head to the fun music and sound effects that he makes!
Your baby will get so excited that he won’t even notice that he is actually walking!!
Mom and dad will be recording everything on their video-cameras of course!
Let the fun memories begin!

Cute and Fun Dinosaur Plush Rocker

Cute and Fun Dinosaur Plush Rocker

Cute and Fun Dinosaur Plush Rocker

Rockabye Fossil Dinosaur Rocker, One Size

And of course I couldn’t forget to show you a cute and fun dinosaur plush rocker for toddlers!

Dinosaur rockers make amazing gift ideas for little boys!
This blue dinosaur plush rocker is very cute!
He also plays music!
You can never go wrong with one of these for a toddler!
They love rocking toys!

How about a Cute Set of Dinosaur Chairs?

Dinosaur Chairs

Adorable Dinosaur Chairs

Dinosaur Kingdom Thematic Kids Wooden 2 Chairs Set


What a cute set of two dinosaur themed chairs for kids!
Perfect for them to play with their dinosaur figures or stuffed toys!

You can also place it outdoors so the kids can get some sun and fresh air while they play!
Very creative ‘dinosaur gift idea’!

Cute Green Dinosaur Toy!

cute toy dinosaur

Cute Toy Dinosaur

Cute Toy Dinosaur

This is a super cute toy dinosaur for sale!
I love his light green color!
His name is Tiny and he is ready to go home with you and play!

He is a cute fellow that moves and interacts with your boy!
Super fun dinosaur toy and very affordable!

Orange Toy Dinosaur

Learning Curve Dinosaur Train: Interactive Toy Dinosaurs!

interactive toy dinosaurs

Tyrannosaurus Ultimate T-Rex Interactive Toy Dinosaur

Dinosaur Train – InterAction Roar ‘N React Boris Tyrannosaurus Ultimate T-Rex

His name is Boris!
He is very orange!
He loves to have ‘roaring’ contests with kids!
How cool is that?
No wonder he is so popular!

Blue Toy Dinosaur

fun toy dino

Fun Toy Dino

Dinosaur Train – InterAction Tank

Get this blue fellow to interact with the orange dinosaur above and they will have their own roaring contest!

This is fun!

See which one roars the loudest!
Tank makes chomping sounds with his mouth and stomping sounds as he walks!
Best news of all: he is very cheap! 🙂

Dinosaur Train – InterAction Buddy

Cool Interactive Toy Dinosaurs!

Cutest Toy Dinosaurs for Boys

Cutest Toy Dinosaurs for Boys

Cutest Toy Dinosaurs for Boys

This bright orange interactive dinosaur is a big hit among little boys ages 3 to 6 years old!
He makes chomping sounds with his mouth and stomping sounds as he walks!
He also sneezes!
He also talks and moves!
(He’s got great dinosaur teeth!)

Toy Story 3 Rex the Dinosaur

Popular (and very funny) Dinosaur Toy!

Toy Story 3 Rex the Dinosaur

Toy Story 3 Rex the Dinosaur

Toy Story 3 Rex the Dinosaur

This is one of the most popular and loved dinosaur toys for boys!

He is a funny green fellow, isn’t he?
It is the beloved Rex the Dinosaur from Toy Story 3!
He is very cool, a lot of fun, very green and he can’t wait to be your best friend in the whole wide world!
He will definitely be your little boy’s best friend!

*I hope you enjoyed my selections of dinosaur toys from this page!
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