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Fun Cool and Unique Coffee Mugs

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I found the Coolest and Most Unique Coffee Mugs for Sale!

unique coffee mugs

The Most Fun and Unique Coffee Mugs

How would you like to sip your coffee from a crazy, fun and very unique coffee mug? 🙂

I found some pretty wacky, cool and FUN coffee mugs for sale online and I decided to create this page today just to show you my favorites!

These crazy coffee mugs make awesome fun gift ideas to anyone, anytime! 🙂

Fun Toilet Mug

*This toilet shaped coffee mug is one of the most sold crazy coffee mugs around!
After all, who doesn’t want to drink their coffee out of a cool toilet, right???

They are not only fun, but cheap!
(I am even thinking of starting my own collection of unique coffee mugs now!)

Just imagine serving coffee to your guests using one of these!

Hilarious Poop Shape Coffee Mug for Sale!

Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug, Brown

funny coffee mugs

Funny Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug, Brown

Big Mouth Toys Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug, Brown


That’s what I’m talking about fellow coffee drinkers!

The next best thing after drinking your coffee from a toilet, is to drink from a funny poop shaped coffee mug!
Very brown!
Just the right color!

Who wants some coffee? 🙂

Cool Recycling Bin Coffee Mug!

Fun Coffee Mugs for Sale!

coolest coffee mugs ever

Cool Recycling Bin Mug

Big Mouth Toys The Recycling Bin Mug

Is that a garbage can coffee mug?


It’s actually a cool blue recycle bin shaped mug!
That’s a relief…
I think…

Fun Thumb Wresting Coffee Mug!

cool thumb wrestling coffee mug

Cool Thumb Wrestling Coffee Mug

Big Mouth Toys Thumb Wrestling Mug

Thumb wrestling anyone? 🙂

This fun coffee mug is always ready!
It can actually ‘thumb wrestle’ with you while carrying your hot coffee!
Amazing isn’t it?

Retro Ray Gun Rocket Mug

unique coffee mugs for sale

Retro Ray Gun Rocket Mug

Big Mouth Toys The Retro Ray Gun Rocket Mug

Is it a ray gun or is it a rocket?

It’s both!
(I think…)

Who’s ready for launch?

Star Wars Darth Vader Ceramic Mug

Star Wars Darth Vader Ceramic Mug

Star Wars Darth Vader Ceramic Mug

Star Wars Darth Vader Ceramic Mug

Star Wars fan?

Then this is the right coffee mug for you!
Your very own Darth Vader mug!
First time I see one!

Star Wars Character Robot Coffee Mug!

Star Wars Character Mugs

Star Wars Character Mugs

Star Wars Character Robot Collecctible Cup 12oz Drink Mug Movie Lovers Gift

This is awesome!

Can you think of a better Christmas gift idea for a Star Wars fan than these? 🙂

I Flunked Anger Management Ceramic Mug

Crazy and Unique Coffee Mugs!

Anger Management Ceramic Mug

Anger Management Ceramic Mug

Big Mouth Toys Anger Management Ceramic Mug

If you know anyone dealing with some anger issues, I think this is the best crazy coffee mug for him!
He won’t have to destroy it in anger!
It’s already destroyed! 🙂

The Donut Coffee Mug

donut shape coffee mug

The Donut Mug

Big Mouth Toys The Donut Mug

Love coffee and donuts?

Then this is the perfect coffee mug for you!
It’s a sprinkled donut shaped coffee mug!
How creative is that?
Awesome gift idea for any donut lovers in the family! 🙂

Very Unique Ceramic 3D Coffee Mug with Musical Note Handle

The Coolest Coffee Mugs Ever!

Cool Musical Note Coffee Mug

Cool Musical Note Coffee Mug

Lovely Fashion Unique Cool Coffee Milk Ceramic Tea Mug Cup With Guitar Musical Note

Hello music lovers!
This is your coffee mug!
It is a very unique, cool and fun musical note mug!
Definitely one of the most creative and unique mugs out there! 🙂

(I bought one for my husband and it is his favorite mug! He also loves it so much that he keeps it on our dining table all the time so everyone can see!)

Cute White Cat Shape Ceramic Coffee Mug!

cute white cat coffee mug

Cute Little White Cat Coffee Mug

Moyishi Lovely Cute Little White Cat Coffee Milk Ceramic Mug Cup Christmas Birthday Best Gift

Time for all the cat lovers out there!

Isn’t this the cutest white cat shaped coffee mug you’ve ever seen? 🙂

Amazing Hand-Painted Elephant Ceramic Coffee Cup!

elephant coffee mug

Elephant Coffee Mug

Very Cool Elephant Mug

Talk about creative coffee mugs!
Have you ever seen a 3D elephant coffee mug before?
Me neither!
How’s that for a cool elephant gift idea for an elephant coffee lover?
(I can almost hear him trumpet!)

Very Cool Chimpanzee Coffee Mug!

Fun 3D Animal Design Coffee Mugs!

fun 3D animal coffee mugs

Fun Chimpanzee Coffee Mug

Hand-Painted 3D Ceramic Cups, Chimpanzee Style

Wow again!!
Another fun and very unique 3D animal design coffee mug for sale!
It’s a cute chimpanzee mug!

How perfect is that for any animal lover?
I want to collect them all!
You can have your own ‘coffee mug zoo’!!

Pac-Man Heat Change Mug

Pac-Man Heat Change Mug

Pac-Man Heat Change Mug

Pac-Man Heat Change Mug

Pac Man lover?
Then this is the perfect creative coffee mug for you!
You only see Pac Man when you fill it up with coffee!
Keep that mug full! 🙂

Coolest Skull Coffee Mug

realistic Skull Coffee Mug

Realistic Skull Coffee Mug

Coolest and Realistic Fantasy Skull Coffee Mug

Skeletons and skulls fan?

This is a very cool skull shape coffee mug!
Perfect fun gift for a young guy! 🙂

Fun Halloween Mummy Coffee Mug!

mummy coffee mug

Halloween Mummy Coffe Mug

Fun Halloween Mummy Mug

I love the saying ‘Mummy Needs Coffee’!
What a fun Halloween coffee mug!
It’s also dishwasher and microwave safe!

Retro Rubik’s Cube Coffee Mug!

fun rubiks cube shape mug

Retro Rubik’s Cube Mug

Retro Rubik’s Cube Mug by Allures and Illusions (1)

This is one of my favorite unique coffee mugs from this page!
It’s a cool and colorful Rubik’s Cube shaped coffee mug!
How awesome is it?
Very cheap too!
Great gift idea!

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