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Fun Kigurumi Costume Pajamas

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15 Fun and Cozy Sleepsuit Costume Fleece Pajamas for Adults, Teens and Kids!

Owl Kigurumi costume pajamas

Fun Kigurumi Costume Pajamas

Kigurumi pajamas are cute, fun and ultra-cool cozy costume fleece pajamas!
They are a mix between a full-body costume and cozy pajamas!
They can be a cute animal or a cute cartoon character!

Owl Kigurumi Pajamas

As you can see in this picture, these are cute owl Kigurumi fleece pajamas!

They are the most fun way to stay warm and cozy in the house during winter time!

Kids love wearing these!
(And many teens too, specially when they have sleepovers! They love wearing their cute Kigurumi pajamas together!)

I fell in love with them immediately and I can’t wait to choose one for myself too! 🙂

But before that I decided to create this page displaying my top favorite ones and maybe help you choose one for you too! 🙂

Fun Dinosaur Kigurumi Pajamas for Everyone!

Fun Dinosaur Kigurumi Pajamas

Fun Dinosaur Kigurumi Pajamas

Fun Dinosaur Kigurumi Pajamas Sleepwear

Who wants to be a warm family of dinosaurs together?
Now you can!
Everyone can be a very cozy dinosaur!
These are super warm and very comfortable dinosaur costume pajamas for sale!

Purple Unicorn Kigurumi Pajamas!

Fun Fleece Costume Pajamas!

PurpleUnicorn Kigurumi

Purple Unicorn Kigurumi

Sazac Unicorn Kigurumi (All Ages Costume)

Have you always wanted to be a purple unicorn?
Now your dreams are coming true!
Just wear this magical purple unicorn Kigurumi fleece pajamas and your transformation will be complete!

Have the most wonderful unicorn dreams! 🙂

Cool Adult Green Dragon Kigurumi Costume Pajamas!

Dragon Kigurumi Pajamas Adult Size

Adult Dragon Kigurumi Costume Pajamas

Cool Dragon Kigurumi – Adult Pajamas Halloween Costumes (One Size Fits All)

I know…
You are more of a green dragon person!
No problem!
There is a fun green dragon costume pajamas for you too!
Do you like it?
(Even though watching TV while wearing this might be a little challenging… 🙂

Awesome Kangaroo Kigurumi (All Ages Costume)

Fun Animal Pajamas for the Whole Family!

Fun Kangaroo Kigurumi (All Ages Costume)

Fun Kangaroo Kigurumi (All Ages Costume)

Fun Kangaroo Kigurumi (All Ages Costume)

I hear you guys want to be a cute Kangaroo family together this winter?
Just wear these adorable Kigurumi kangaroo fleece pj’s and have a blast together!
(How adorable is the Kangaroo pouch with a cute baby Kangaroo inside?)

Very Cute Koala Kigurumi Pajamas!

Koala Kigurumi pajamas

Koala Kigurumi Pajamas

Cute Koala Kigurumi – Adult Costume

Do you also love Koalas?
How cute and fun are these Koala pajamas for teens and adults?
It is a very warm and cozy to wear!
(Everyone will want to cuddle!)

Great fun gift idea for girlfriends and teen daughters! 🙂

Cute Panda Kigurumi Pajamas for Adults and Kids!

cute panda animal pajamas

Cute Panda Kigurumi Costume Pajamas

Cute Panda Kigurumi (All Ages Costume)

How fun and adorable are these Panda animal pajamas for kids and adults?
I love this idea!
Mom and kids dressed up as cute Pandas!
These are really, really soft and just perfect to spend your winter nights at home!
(Will definitely put a smile on your guests faces when they ring the bell and you answer the door in your cute Panda fleece pajamas! 🙂

Fun Giraffe Kigurumi Animal Fleece Pajamas for Kids and Adults!

fun giraffe fleece pajamas

Fun Giraffe Kigurumi Fleece Pajamas

Fun Giraffe Kigurumi (All Ages Costume)

One of my favorite fleece costume pajamas are these adorable giraffe pj’s!
Look how cute and happy this giraffe mom and kids look! 🙂
Great winter gift idea for your giraffe lover teenage girl!
The quality is amazing!
You won’t be disappointed!

Cool Black Cat with Yellow Eyes Animal Costume Pajamas!

cool black cat animal pajamas

Spooky Cat Kigurumi (All Ages Costume)

Very Cool Spooky Cat Kigurumi Fleece Pajamas (All Ages Costume)

Don’t get spooked by these black cats with yellow eyes!
They are very friendly! 🙂

These are fun, soft and so very comfortable fleece black cat pajamas for sale!
Some people love it so much that they spend the whole day in these!

Cute Tiger Fleece Pajamas for Adults and Kids!

Fierce Tiger Kigurumi All Ages Costume Pajamas!

cute yellow tiger fleece pajamas for kids and adults

Fierce Tiger Kigurumi (All Ages Costume)

Fierce Yellow Tiger Kigurumi All Ages Costume Pajamas

Yellow tiger fleece pajamas!
How cool are they?
I want them all!
One for each winter day! 🙂

Beautiful color combination!

Cute Pink Rabbit Kigurumi Pajamas!

cute pink rabbit fleece pajamas

Pink Rabbit Kigurumi Pajamas

Pink Rabbit Kigurumi (All Ages Costume)

How adorable are these pink rabbit costume pajamas for sale?
I think I found the ones for me! 🙂
I love pink and I love cute rabbits!
Look at his cute happy rabbit face and eyes!

These will be fun to wear during winter and also Easter time!

Fun Yellow Lion Kigurumi Cosplay Costume Pajamas for Adults!

fun yellow lion cosplay animal pajamas

Yellow Lion Kigurumi – Japanese Sazac Cosplay Costume Pajamas

Lion Kigurumi – Japanese Sazac Cosplay Costume Pajamas

This is a very roomy, very soft, very cozy adorable yellow lion cosplay fleece pajamas for adults!
Perfect to spend a lazy day off at home just sipping hot tea, watching movies and reading books!
You deserve that! 🙂
Nice winter gift idea for boyfriends and girlfriends!

Leopard Kigurumi Adult Fleece Costume Pajamas!

fun leopard fleece costume pajamas for adults

Fun Leopard Kigurumi – Adult Fleece Pajamas

Leopard Kigurumi – Adult Halloween Costume

Hello leopard lovers looking for a cozy and fun Kigurumi pajamas to wear for a fun sleepover at your friend’s house!
You just found it!
This is a one-size-fits-all fleece leopard pajamas for teens and adults!
Have fun! 🙂

Very Cozy Sheep Kigurumi Fleece Pajamas for Sale!

cozy sheep costume pajamas

Cozy Sheep Kigurumi Pajamas

Very Cozy Sheep Kigurumi Pajamas (All Ages Costume)

Just by looking at the picture you can see how cozy, soft, warm and comfy these adorable sheep costume pajamas are!
I think I want them too! 🙂
They are also super affordable!
You are going to love them too!
It’s almost like wearing a blanket!

Adorable Pink Hippo Kigurumi Pajamas for Teen Girls and Women!

pink hippo adult animal pajamas

Pink Hippo Kigurumi Adult Pajamas

Cute Pink Hippo Kigurumi – Adult Costume

And last, but not least, a cute pink hippo soft fleece Kigurumi costume pajamas for teenage girls and women!
Very unique!
I love this beautiful pink color!

*I hope you had fun here today choosing your favorite animal fleece costume pajamas! 🙂
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