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Funniest Secret Santa Gifts

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Top Funniest Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Cheap!

Let’s Have a Funny Secret Santa!

Who wants to have a funny Secret Santa party this year?
It’s awesome!!
Everyone must buy the funniest Secret Santa gift they can find!
I LOVE choosing funny gifts for my family!
Look what I found now!

Funny Secret Santa Gift Idea Farting Alarm Clock

Funny Secret Santa Gift Idea Farting Alarm Clock

I love funny Secret Santas!
They are my favorite kind of Christmas parties!!

I love picking out funny gifts for people!
It is a great kind of Secret Santa to have because you don’t have to spend a lot of money and everybody has a lot of fun!

Here I gathered a few ideas for funny Secret Santa gifts, most of them for under 20 dollars.

Big Mouth Toys Farting Alarm Clock

(This is what I’m talking about! How funny is this ‘farting’ alarm clock folks?)

Have a great funny secret Santa party with your family and friends!
Choose the funniest gift you can find!
Have fun!

Funny Farting Coin Drop Bank

Funniest Secret Santa Gift Ideas!


hilarious coin bank

Hilarious Coin Bank

Fanny Bank Funny Farting Coin Drop Bank

I had to start with this funny ‘piggy bank’….
Slowly insert your pennies and watch what happens!

Inserting a coin has never been more fun!
Do you wanna know something even funnier about this hilarious coin drop bank?
As soon as you insert a coin at the right place, (if you know what I mean…), something will happen!
Every time you insert your coin, it will make a loud fart sound!
This is awesome!
You have to see for yourself!

Wind Up Racing Granny and Grandad

Hilarious Secret Santa Gift Idea for Grandparents!

hilarious secret santa gift idea for grandparents

Hilarious Racing Grandparents Wind up Toy

Racing Granny With Walker & Granddad on Scooter Wind Up Novelty Toys

So you got your grandparents as your secret Santa?
Give them this wind up racing granny and granddad as a funny gift!
The race is on!!
Who wins?
My bets are on the granny!

Hey, the granddad is cheating!

Hilarious Horse Head Mask

horse head mask

Hilarious Horse Head Mask

Hilarious Horse Head Mask

This horse head mask is too much!
How funny is it?
Perfect hilarious Secret Santa gift for a horse lover!
Now he can have a horse head!
(It seems this horse just saw something rather scary…)

Funny Squirrel Mask

Funny Secret Santa Gift!

hilarious squirrel head mask

Funny Squirrel Head Mask

Squirrel Mask

Squirrel lover?
Not a problem!
Give him this hilarious squirrel head mask to wear anytime he feels like a squirrel!

Other Hilarious Animal Head Masks for Sale!

I think these make awesome funny Secret Santa gift ideas for anyone!
Just pick their favorite animal head mask!

Unicorn lovers?

Feeling like a pig?

Big Mama Undies: One of the Funniest Secret Santa Gift Ideas!

funny giant underwear

Giant Underwear

Big Mama Undies

This one is hilarious!
(And pretty self-explanatory… Lol)

Did you get your wife or mother as your secret Santa?
Then give her her favorite underwear!
Big momma giant undies!
Look at the size of those panties!
Is that a great funny gift for mom or grandma or what?

Farting Golf Putter Game

Funny Secret Santa Gift for a Golfer!

funny farting golf game

Funny Farting Golf Putter Game

BigMouth Inc Butt Putt, Farting Golf Putter Game

Got a golfer as your secret Santa?
Then he is really going to enjoy this farting golf putter game!
There are six different fart sounds!
Great way to practice your ‘golf skills’ whenever you are bored!

Funny Farting Alarm Clock

Funny Gift Idea for Anyone!

farting alarm clock

Funny Farting Alarm Clock

BigMouth Inc Farting Alarm Clock

This funny farting alarm clock is also one of my favorite gag gift ideas for anyone, anytime!
Can you think of a better way to wake up in the morning than with a loud fart sound?
(Well, at least it doesn’t stink!)

OMG! It’s louder than I thought!
Check it out!

Funny Toilet Mug

toilet mug

Toilet Mug

Funny Toilet Mug

If you are looking for a funny gag gift idea for Christmas, you can’t go wrong with the toilet mug!
It’s a classic!
It will really help someone cut down on their caffeine!

Imagine everyone drinking their coffee from their toilet mugs together?
Why should dogs be the only ones who get to drink out of a toilet?
(Don’t forget to flush!)

Screaming Chicken: The Most Hilarious Toy Ever!

18″ Squawkin Rubber Chicken Novelty GAG Joke Toy

hilarious screaming chicken toy

Screaming Chicken Funny Toy

Squawkin’ Chicken

How about a screaming rubber chicken?

This yellow rubber screaming chicken is the funniest toy I have ever seen!
When you squeeze his body he will make the loudest “SQUAWK” noise!
You have to see for yourself!

I LOVE this funny toy chicken that screams so much that I bought several (since they are so cheap!) and gave one to each member of my family!
I gave one to my sister last year as a joke birthday gift and she loved it!

Also works perfectly for when you are stressed out!
Just squeeze this crazy chicken and let him do all the screaming for you!

Perfect funny secret Santa gift for kids and adults!
They are hilarious! 🙂
I guarantee no one will be able to sop laughing!

Check him out!

Polly the Insulting Parrot

Great Funny Secret Santa Gift Idea for Adults!

Polly the insulting parrot

Polly the Insulting Parrot

Polly the Insulting Parrot – Funny talking animal animatronic

Another funny classic funny gag gift idea for adults is the insulting parrot!
He is really rude and he is not afraid to speak his mind!

Check him out:

Funny Secret Santa Gifts for Old People

Funny Old Geezer Liquor Dispenser

funny liquor dispenser

Funny Liquor Dispenser

Old Geezer Funny Liquor Dispenser

Looking for a funny gag gift idea for your father or grandfather for your funny Secret Santa party?
Then this hilarious ‘old geezer’ liquor dispenser will be perfect!
I guess it’s pretty self-explanatory too…
And guess what also happens when you start using this funny gift at your party?
The more you use it, the funnier it’s gonna get! Lol

How about a Mathematics Blackboard Pop Quiz Clock?

Funny Secret Santa Gift Idea for the Math Wiz in your Family!

funny secret santa gifts for geeks

Funny Math Quiz Clock for Geeks

Funny Math Quiz Clock for Geeks

Are you looking for some funny Secret Santa gifts for geeks?
How about this cool and hilarious Math pop quiz wall clock?
By the time he is able to solve all the Math equations when people ask him what time it is a lot of time will have already passe and he’s going to keep solving all the problems!
Too funny!

The Backward Clock

Funniest Secret Santa Gifts for Cheap!

Funny Backward Clock

Funny Backward Clock

Funny Backward Clock 10

Like Cher used to sing:
“If I could turn back time…”

Now you can!
Now we can all be young again!
Never get older another day!
With this cool ‘backward clock’ now you can reverse your aging until you are a tiny baby again! 🙂

Funny Who Farted Slippers

Funny Secret Santa Gifts for Gassy People!

funny Who Farted Slippers

Funny Who Farted Slippers

Hilarious Who Farted Slippers

Got gas?
Then wear the ‘Who Farted?’ red slippers!
These hilarious fart slippers will allow you to fart all the time, literally!
Every time you walk they will make fart sounds!
(Then guess what YOU will be able to do for real without anyone noticing?)

Giant Nose Gel Dispenser

Giant Nose Gel Dispenser

Giant Nose Gel Dispenser

Funny Giant Nose Gel Dispenser

Very funny thing to give someone as a funny Secret Santa!
Everyone should have this gigantic nose inside their bathrooms!
(Even better if you place some green and slimy soap inside! 🙂

Control Your Man Remote Controller

Hilarious Secret Santa Gift Idea for Women!

Hilarious Gift Idea for Women Control Your Man Remote Control

Hilarious Gift Idea for Men Control Your Man Remote Control

Hilarious Gift for Men Control Your Man Remote Controller

How about a magical remote control that would enable a girl to control her man??

What a dream it would be………

The Control Your Man Remote Controller allows you to silently get your own back on your partner…
Simply point your remote control at the subject, push any button and hope for the best!

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