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Funny Pillows

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I found the coolest, most creative, funniest pillows and cushions for sale!

funniest pillows for sale

Funny Pillows Ice Cream Sandwich

I came across these funny pillows last year while looking for cool and unique gift ideas for my sisters!
I had so much fun choosing and buying them that today I decided to create this page displaying my top favorite ones! 🙂
I bought one slice of pizza shaped pillow for one of my sisters and a donut pillow for another!

DCI Ice Cream Sandwich YummyPillow

This ice-cream sandwich pillow on the picture is also awesome!
Wait until you see the hamburger one!

These hilarious and creative pillows and cushions definitely make great funny gift ideas for anyone, anytime!
They are not only very cool, but usually very affordable!
Perfect to have on your couch and make people smile when they see them! 🙂

Pink Icing Cupcake Pillow!

Cute Pink Icing Cupcake Pillow for Sale

Cute Pink Icing Cupcake Pillow for Sale

Sweet Treats Cute Pink Cupcake Pillow

If you know any girl who loves cupcakes, then this is the perfect pillow for her! 🙂
It is a cute and fun pink cupcake shaped pillow for sale!
Great fun gift idea for girlfriends, moms and daughters!
(I can almost smell the delicious and sweet icing!)

Colorful Candy Cupcake Pillow!

Fun Food and Dessert Pillows for Sale!

Colorful Candy Cupcake Pillow

Colorful Candy Cupcake Pillow

Colorful Candy Cupcake Microbead Pillow

I LOVE this colorful candy cupcake pillow!
It definitely looks good enough to eat!
Delicious! 🙂
Will definitely stand out on your couch or bed!

Awesome Popcorn Scented Pillow for Sale!

popcorn pillow

Popcorn Pillow

Very Cool Scented Popcorn Microbead Pillow

Love popcorn?
Then check this out!
This is a very cool popcorn shaped and popcorn scented pillow for sale!
Perfect to take to the movies with you! 🙂

Classic Candy Smarties Fleece Pillow

 Classic Candy Smarties Fleece Pillow

Classic Candy Smarties Fleece Pillow

Fun Smarties Pillow

Another fun and very colorful candy shape pillow!
It’s one of America’s favorite candy!
Smarties! 🙂
It is also super soft and cuddly!
Perfect for car trips!

Cool Sushi Yummy Pillow

Best Realistic Food Shape Pillows for Sale!

cool sushi pillow for sale

Cool Sushi Yummy Pillow

DCI Sushi Yummy Pillow

Love sushi?
(Who doesn’t? 🙂
Then this is the perfect food shaped pillow for you!
Don’t get too hungry!

Giant Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow!

Giant Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow

Giant Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow

Giant Ice Cream Saucer Microbead Pillow

Are you having fun yet? 🙂
How about an ice-cream sandwich pillow for your couch?
Collect them all!
Have a food and dessert pillow party!

Huge Hamburger Throw Pillow!

Huge Hamburger Throw Pillow

Huge Hamburger Throw Pillow

Huge Hamburger Throw Pillow/ Toy

What a cool and very realistic large hamburger shaped pillow for sale!
(Or is it a cheeseburger?)
It is very soft and lots of fun to have on your sofa!
Everyone will want to hug your giant hamburger pillow! 🙂

Real Looking Donut Microbead Pillow!

Real Looking Donut Microbead Pillow

Real Looking Donut Microbead Pillow

Cool Donut Microbead Pillow

This is the one I bought for one of my sisters last year!
She is crazy about donuts so I decided to give her her very own donut pillow! 🙂
She loved it and she has it on display in her bedroom!
It is very realistic!

Realistic Pizza Slice Pillow!

Cool Pizza Slice Pillow for Sale

Cool Pizza Slice Pillow for Sale

Tasty Treats Pizza Slice Microbead Pillow

I also bought this cool pizza slice shape pillow to my other sister, who loves to eat pizza!
She has it one her couch and it’s absolutely hilarious!
Great gift idea to any pizza lovers! 🙂

Very Cool Retro TV Shape Pillow!

Cool Retro TV Pillow

Cool Retro TV Pillow

DCI Television Retro Pillow

Check this out!
It is a retro television set pillow!
How awesome is it? 🙂
What a fun ‘retro gift idea’ for someone from the 60’s and 70’s!
(I’ve been there…)

Funny Penis Shaped Throw Pillow!

The Most Hilarious Pillows for Sale!

Funny Man's Penis Throw Pillow

Funny Man’s Penis Throw Pillow

Novelty Funny Man’s Penis Throw Pillow! Creative Gift.

I had to throw a penis shaped pillow in the mix!
It’s hilarious!!
What a cool prank gift idea for any woman in the family! 🙂
Just imagine the person’s face unwrapping her new penis pillow! Lol

Funny Boyfriend Arm Shaped Pillow!

Dream Man Holding Arm Love Body Pillow Blue Shirt

One of the funniest and most creative pillows around is the ‘boyfriend pillow’!
It replaces your current boyfriend!
This one will cuddle you all night!
No sports game on TV, or friends over, or beer, or burping, or farting in bed!
Just plain cuddling! 🙂

Very Cool Red Lips Shaped Throw Pillow!

Red Lips Shaped Throw Pillow for Sale

Red Lips Shaped Throw Pillow for Sale

Creative Soft Lips Shape Bed Sofa Car Throw Pillow Cushion- Red

This is one of the coolest and most creative throw pillows around!
It’s a bright red lip shaped throw pillow!
Awesome to have in a white couch!
Will definitely stand out!

The Ostrich Pillow!

Hilarious Ostrich Pillow

Hilarious Ostrich Pillow

The Most Hilarious Ostrich Pillow

And last but not least, the famous ostrich pillow!
The actually wear it on your head!
For when you want to shut the whole world out! 🙂

*I hope you liked my selections of fun and creative pillows for sale from here! 🙂
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