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Gift for 8 Year Old Girls

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Awesome Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Girls!

gifts for 8 year old girls

I can’t believe I’M 8 today Cute 8th Birthday Ringer T-Shirt

I can’t believe I’M 8 today Cute 8th Birthday Ringer T-Shirt

I hear you need to find a pretty awesome gift for an 8 year old girl!
You are most definitely on the right webpage!
Here you will find several super cool and FUN gifts for 8 year old girls!
I’m sure there will be something here for YOUR girl!
This is a beautiful and fun gift list full of the coolest gifts for girls this age.
I love researching about toys and gifts for kids, so I had a lot of fun building this gift list for 8 year old girls!
(I am the mother of a girl too… even though today she is a little bit older than 8…)

Girls gifts are fun, cute, colorful and sweet!
That’s one of the reasons I love choosing them too!
Of course you will need to consider your girl’s personality and taste.
I’m sure you are going to find something very special here!
Here are the best gifts for 8 year old girls in my opinion! 🙂

Fun OUTDOOR Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls!

How about a PINK Scooter?

pink scooter

Cute PINK Scooter for Girls

Razor Pocket Mod Bella 24V Electric Girl Scooter – Pink

I decided to start displaying my gift ideas for 8 year old girls with the outdoor gifts first!
Well, it’s summer time now and children should be spending as much time outdoors as possible!
Moving their bodies and breathing some fresh air!

One of the best outdoor gift ideas for 8 year old girls besides a cute bicycle, is a fun power scooter!
Kids love getting together with the other neighborhood kids and going around the block with their power scooters!
(Just make sure you get a matching helmet!)

This pink electric scooter is perfect for your active 8 year old girl who enjoys spending time outdoors!
It can go up 10 miles on a single charge!
It is also pretty fast, reaching speeds of 15 mph!
(Don’t forget to get her a pink helmet too!)
She will be able to enjoy her scooter for a long time too, since it supports weights of up to 170lbs!

How about a Cute Beach Cruiser Bike, Pink, 20-Inch?

Cool Gift for an 8 Year Old Girl!

pink beach cruiser bike

Pink Beach Cruiser Bike for Girls

Micargi Jetta Beach Cruiser Bike, Pink, 20-Inch

Girls also love to ride their bicycles around the neighborhood!

Second on my list is a gorgeous pink beach cruiser bike for girls!
The 20 inch size is just perfect for 8 year olds!
Great way to enjoy a beautiful day outside with the family!

PINK Roller Skates!

What a fun outdoor gift idea for girls!

Pink Roller Skates

Pink Roller Skates

PINK Roller Skates

Check out this awesome pair of pink roller skates for girls!
How cool!
I wish I had these when I was a young girl!
They can also go pretty fast, since they were build for speed!
(Also don’t forget a cool helmet and some knee pads as well!)

How cute and fun are these?
Now she will have another reason to spend more time outdoors and exercise!
Even better if mom and dad can join her too!

When I was a little girl I used to roller skate all the time with my friends!
We even played ‘tag’ with our skates on!
We had a blast!
If your girl also likes to spend time outdoors, then these might be the perfect gift for her! 🙂

What a FUN Electronic Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Girls who Love to Sing!!

PINK Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine!

hello kitty karaoke machine

Pink Karaoke Machine for Girls

Hello Kitty CD Karaoke System with Screen, Pink/White

Does your 8 year old girl like to sing?
Does she dream of becoming a huge star someday?
Then give her this super cute and girly pink Hello Kitty karaoke machine so she can practice for her audition on the Voice or the American Idol when she gets older!

I bet she is going to love it!!
Her very own karaoke machine!
Who knows?
You might have a future pop star in your home!

Isn’t it adorable?
The lyrics will show on the small tv screen!
It’s show time!

A PINK Disney TV!

What an amazing Cool Gift for 8 Year Old Girls!

fun gift idea for 8 year old girl

Pink Television for Girls

Cute Disney 13-Inch TV Tuner/Receiver – Pink

Can you believe this?
It’s a pink color real TV for girls!
How cool is that?
This is the ultimate cool electronic gift idea for girls around!
Have you ever seen one like this?
She is going to love having her very own PINK TV in her bedroom!

Pink Nintendo 3DS

Cool Electronic Gift Idea for Girls!

pink Nintendo 3ds

Pink Nintendo 3DS for Girls

Nintendo 3DS Pearl Pink

Well, I’m pretty sure your 8 year old girl also loves to play video-games!
This cute metallic pink new Nintendo 3ds will make a great gift idea for her!
It’s small, fun, it’s 3D and she can take it with her everywhere!
Awesome for long and boring car trips or for when you are stuck in the airport too!
I just got one for my own daughter and I also love playing it!
It’s so much fun!

Disney Princess Digital Camcorder – Pink

Cool Electronic Gift Idea!

disney princess camera

Cute Disney Princess Camera

Disney Princess Digital Camcorder – Pink

Does your girl love to take pictures and shoot short movies?
Then she’s gonna love getting this cute and fun Disney Princess camera!

Great electronic gift idea for girls!
Their own pink camcorder!
I’m sure your 8 year old girl is gonna love shooting films with her friends!
My daughter loved creating cute short ‘movies’ in her bedroom using her cute stuffed animals and Littlest Pet Shop figures!
She spent hours every afternoon recording!

It is very easy to use and very affordable too!
Great electronic gift idea for your 8 year old girl!

Pink Barbie Mp3 Player for Girls!

Barbie Girls 1GB MP3 Player – Pink – Store 240 Songs

barbie mp3 player

Pink Barbie Girl MP3 Player

Barbie Girls 1GB MP3 Player – Pink – Store 240 Songs!

And now I present to you one of my favorites gift for 8 year old girls on the market!
How cute, fun and very unique is this Barbie girl shaped pink MP3 player for sale?
I want one for myself too!
Isn’t it adorable?
It stores 240 songs and happy moms and dads who bought this for their 8 year old girls said it is the perfect first mp3 player for them!

Bubble Gum Pink Guitar for Girls

What a cool musical gift idea for girls!

pink guitar for girls

Pink Acoustic Guitar

Daisy Rock Debutante Junior Miss Acoustic Bubble Gum Pink Guitar Starter Pack

Are you planning on having your 8 year old girl start on guitar lessons?
That is awesome!
Music is definitely one of the best gifts you can ever give her!
How about giving her a cute pink acoustic guitar to get her even more motivated on playing?
This is an awesome starter pack that includes the tuner, picks and the guitar strap!

Musical gifts are the best!
Who knows?
She might be the next Hannah Montana some day…
Rock on!

How about a Pink Drum Set for your 8 Year Old Girl Musician?

5-Piece Complete Drum Set for Girls!

fun gift ideas for 8 year old girls

5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Kit for Girls

5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Kit with Cymbals, Hardware, Sticks, & Throne – Pink

This 5-piece pink drum set for kids is perfect for girls who love to play music and want to be musicians too!
One of the best musical gift ideas for 8 and 9 year old girls!
I think it’s a wonderful idea to get kids interested in playing music instead of being on the couch the whole day watching TV and just playing video-games…

Pullip Fashion Doll

Cute Gift Idea for 8 Year Old Girls!

pullip fashion doll

Cute Pullip Fashion Doll for Girls

Pullip Dolls Dal Heart Macaron x Mitsukazu x Angelic Pretty 10″ Fashion Doll Accessory

Does your 8 year old girl like to collect cute dolls?
If so, she is going to go crazy with this gorgeous Pullip fashion doll!

Cute dolls still make awesome gift ideas for 8 year old girls!

Look at her gorgeous hair!
It’s to die for!
She also has the most beautiful blue eyes!
It is a dream come true doll!

*I understand that not all 8 year old girls like dolls…
Some of them might think dolls are for the ‘little kids”…

Crayola Jewelry Boutique Starter Kit

Great Gift Idea for 8 Year Old Girls!

affordable gift ideas for girls 8 years old

Fun Jewelry Boutique for Girls Neon

Crayola Jewelry Boutique Neon

This jewelry kit is one of the most fun gift ideas for girls around!
Girls love to make their own jewelry!
With this kit they will be able to make gorgeous and colorful bracelets, necklaces and lots of fun stuff!
Perfect for throwing a fun party too!
The girls can compete among themselves to see who will come up with the best designs!

Pink Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box for Girls

Beautiful Gift Idea for a 8 Year Old Girl

Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box for Girls

Cute Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box for Girls

Beautiful Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box for Girls

After she’s done making all her beautiful bracelets and necklaces, she’s going to need a place to put them too!
This is a very cute pink ballerina jewelry box for girls!
It has a cute ballerina who will start rotating when the music starts playing!
I love the fun ballerina shoes design!

Crayola 200-Piece Masterworks Art Case

For your future artist!

crayola art kit

Crayola Coloring Kit

Crayola 200-Piece Masterworks Art Case

If your 8 year old girl loves to draw, paint and color, then she is going to LOVE this amazing 200-piece Crayola art kit!
It includes everything needed for the most beautiful drawings and artistic creations!
She will get: 72 crayons, 25 short colored pencils, 24 skinny markers, 16 oil pastels, 50 supertips, a container of school glue, a pair of neon green safety scissors, 1 tube of glitter glue, an 8-count watercolor tray, 1 paint brush, and 1 sharpener!
I bet you can’t wait to see what she will come up with!

Cute Backpacks!

Great Back to School Gift Idea for 8 Year Old Girls!

Cute Quilted Backpack for Girls

Cute Quilted Backpack for Girls

Stephen Joseph Little Girls’ Quilted Backpack for Girls

Girls love carrying cute and colorful backpacks to school!
I remember when my daughter was 8 she had a collection of cute backpacks and each week she would switch them around!

Cute backpacks are great gifts for 8 year old girls!

With more than 15 different designs and colors to choose from!
This backpack is so cute I want one for myself! 🙂

How about a Cute Fairy Lamp?

Cute Fairy Table Lamp for Girls

Orchid Fairy Table Lamp

Orchid Fairy Table Lamp, 17.38″

How about a pretty fairy lamp as a gift for the 8 year old in your family?
I love it!
I want one for myself now!
Little girls love to have cute lamps and lights in their bedrooms….
Choose a fun and colorful lamp for her!