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Gift Ideas for Girlfriends

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links.
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My Top 20 Most Romantic and Creative Gift Ideas for Girlfriends!

Are you looking for the best gift ideas for girlfriends?
Do you want to find something cute and romantic, but also unique?
I can help you!
First of all I am a woman, so I know what many of us like to get!
Second of all I LOVE picking out cool and unique gifts!
Stick around a bit and see if you’ll like my gift ideas for girlfriends!

What is the Best Gift for a Girlfriend?

best gifts for girlfriends

Pink Giant Teddy Bear

Are you looking for some cool and unique girlfriend birthday or Christmas gift ideas?
You are on the right page then!

I absolutely love helping people pick the best gifts for loved ones! πŸ™‚

Here you will find many amazing gifts for girlfriends!

Most of the girlfriend gifts here are very unique and very romantic too!
(What really counts for us is the intention behind the gift! Even if it’s something really small and inexpensive… if it came from your heart, that’s all that matter to us! πŸ™‚

(Please note that these are only ideas…)
Of course you have to consider your girlfriend’s personality, tastes and moods…)

Gigi Love Chubs – 55″ – Pink Life Size I Love You Valentines Day Teddy Bear Hug Toy by Giant Teddy

*By the way, how adorable and super cuddly is this giant pink teddy bear holding a cute heart saying I Love You?

We ladies like to see guys ‘soft’ and romantic side…
We want to know that we are loved and that guys really thought about us when they bought the gift…
(We would hate to find out that he asked his sister, or worse, his mother to buy us a gift!! This is a big no no!!)
If you want to please your girlfriend, YOU buy her a gift!
Trust me, she is going to know it came from you!

Cute Squishable Stuffed Animal! (How about a pink Kitty?)

Fun birthday gift for young girlfriends!

Cute Birthday Gift Idea for Girlfriends

Cute Squishable Stuffed Animal

Squishable/ Pink Kitty Plush – 15″

If your girlfriend is still young or if you know that she loves stuffed animals, (most girls usually do…), give her a cute squishable stuffed animal on her birthday, just like this cute squishable pink kitten I have here…

Every time she misses you, she is gonna squish her favorite squishable and think of you! πŸ™‚

On the other hand when she gets mad at you, she can squish her stuffed animal instead of you…..
Either way you are a winner!

Romantic and Adorable Couple Coffee Mugs: Cute Gift Idea for Your Girlfriend!

cute couple coffee mugs

Adorable Couple Milk and Coffee Mug

Adorable Couple Milk and Coffee Mug Great Gift for Love

How absolutely adorable are these couple hugging coffee mugs??
Yes, they are really hugging!
Beyond adorable and sweet! πŸ™‚

These cute couple coffee mugs will make an adorable gift idea for her!
They are very cute and sweet!
Every time she sees them, she will immediately think about you!

How about a Cute Couple Statue?

Romantic and Unique Gift Idea for Girlfriends!

cute couple statue

Cute Couple Kissing Statue

Heart Statue Man and Woman Love Abstract Bali Art – 16″ Collector’s Quality

How about giving your girlfriend a cute love statue or figurine to remind her all the time of how much you love her?
I think it’s a very cute gift idea!

I love this cute couple kissing in the shape of a heart statue!
It’s very romantic and a wonderful way to let her know how much you love her too!

(Product Dimensions: 6 x 16 inches ; 3 pounds)

Sitting Couple Figurine

sitting couple figurine

Sitting Couple Figurine

Sitting Couple Cast Bronze Sculpture Statue Figurine Figure Metallic

Another very cute and romantic couple in love figurine for your girlfriend!
She’s gonna love it!
She can place them on her favorite shelf and every time she sees it she is going to think about you guys together!

(Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 2 x 9.5 inches ; 1.9 pounds)

How about a Personalized Engraved Ring for Her?

I Love You Romantic Ring for a Girlfriend

Personalized Engraved Ring for Her

Personalized Engraved Ring for Her

Personalized Engraved Ring for Her

This romantic ring says it all!
Everything a girlfriend wants to hear from you!
‘I LOVE You’!
And you can also have your names engraved on the ring!
Definitely one of the most romantic gift ideas for girlfriends!

Beautiful Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

The Most Romantic Girlfriend Birthday Gift Idea Ever!

Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Heart Shaped Natural Diamond Solitaire Twisted Engagement Ring 14K Gold

If you are serious about your girlfriend and feel it’s time to pop the big question, there is no better time than her birthday!
It will be a date she will never forget! πŸ™‚
Choose a beautiful and romantic engagement ring, like the one you see here, and propose to her on her birthday!
(I love this twisted design! It’s so cool!)

Heart Necklace with I Love You in 120 Languages

unique red heart necklace

Unique Red Heart Necklace

Unique Red Heart Necklace

How cute, unique and very romantic is this heart necklace that says ‘I Love You’ in 120 languages?
She will never doubt your love for her ever again!
Very creative!

14k Yellow Gold “I Love You” Heart Locket with Pink Rose

Very Romantic Christmas Gift Idea for Your Girlfriend!

heart locket

Romantic Heart Locket

Beautiful 14k Yellow Gold “I Love You” Heart Locket with Pink Rose Pendant Necklace, 18″

Another extremely romantic birthday or Christmas gift idea for a girlfriend, that she is going to treasure forever, is this beautiful 14K gold heart locket that says ‘I Love You’!

You can have both your pictures side by side inside the heart-shaped locket.
It is very sweet and she is going to treasure it forever!

Choose the best picture of you guys and place them inside!

How about a Cute Pink Heart-Shaped Watch?

Beautiful and Unique Birthday Gift Idea for Your Girlfriend!

Cute Pink Heart-Shaped Watch

Cute Pink Heart-Shaped Watch

If you are looking for a very romantic and very nice gift for your girlfriend, why not give her a beautiful and romantic pink heart-shaped watch?
I think it’s a wonderful idea!
I guarantee you she is going to love it!!

*I have this cute pink heart-shaped watch myself and it gets me compliments everywhere I go!
All the other ladies want to know where I got this!
It looks lovely on the wrist! πŸ™‚

Romantic Heart Shaped Musical Jewelry Box

Beautiful Gift for Girlfriends!

Beautiful Heart Shape Painted Musical Box

Beautiful Heart Shape Painted Musical Box

Beautiful and Elegant Heart Shape Painted Music Box

What a about giving your girlfriend a cute and romantic floral heart shape jewelry box?
Every time she sees it she will think of you….
Besides being a beautiful gift, jewelry boxes are very useful too!

This is a very beautiful and very romantic heart musical jewelry box that plays ‘My Funny Valentine’!
I love the beautiful painted flowers and swan!
A wonderful gift for her that will last forever!

Crystal Heart Personalized Photo Frame

Crystal Heart Personalized Photo Frame

Crystal Heart Personalized Photo Frame

Small Personalized Heart Shape 3D Engraved Photo Crystal With FREE Led Base

Another super creative and romantic gift idea for girlfriends is this gorgeous crystal heart with a beautiful picture of you together inside!
*Upload a high quality image that is at least 1000 x 1000 pix by pressing the customize button…
It also comes with a LED base!
Very unique gift idea!

The Coolest and Most Creative Gift for Girlfriends: A Giant Stuffed Rose!

Giant Stuffed Rose for Girlfriend

Giant Stuffed Rose

Giant Stuffed Rose Is 6-feet Tall with I Love You Teddy Bear Wrapped Around Stem – Big Valentine Valentines Day or Any Day Love Gift

If you really want to go above and beyond with your gift, I suggest this giant plush rose for her!
It is 6 FEET TALL and it also comes with a cute teddy bear!

It can’t get any more creative than that!
Show her how big your love is!
Literally! πŸ™‚

Giant RED Teddy Bear!

Classic Gift Idea for a Girlfriend!

giant red teddy bear

Huge RED Teddy Bear

46″ – Irresistibly Cute & Cuddly, Giant Teddy Super Soft Red Plush Bear

No matter how old we are, we ladies are always going to appreciate getting a teddy bear from our boyfriends!
Even better if it’s a huge and very cuddly RED teddy bear!!
We can put it on our beds and cuddle with him anytime we want!

A Real Rose Dipped in Gold!

The Most Romantic Gift Idea for a Girlfriend!

the most romantic gift idea for a girlfriend

Beautiful Red Rose Dipped in GOLD

Red 24k Gold Rose w/ Crystal Vase by Living Gold – Real Rose Dipped in Gold

Another romantic (and very durable) gift idea for your girlfriend is this beautiful and very delicate REAL red rose dipped in GOLD!
It will totally amaze her!

It will also last forever!
They are very tiny and delicate.
Perfect to have on a bookshelf or vanity.

(Product Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.5 x 2.8 inches ; 1.6 ounces)

Cute Hearts Chain Bracelet

Cute Jewelry Gift Idea for Your Girlfriend!

Cute Hearts Chain Bracelet

Cute Hearts Chain Bracelet

Girly girls absolute love to wear cute jewelry!

If your girlfriend is also girly and loves to wear bracelets, then how about giving her a beautiful and romantic hearts bracelet?
This is a gorgeous golden hearts chain bracelet for sale!
What a fun jewelry gift idea for her! πŸ™‚

Cute Crystal Bear Holding a Red Heart Figurine

crystal bear holding a heart figurine

Cute Crystal Bear Figurine

Cute Crystal Bear Figurine, a Heart for You

Another cute and very sweet and romantic girlfriend gift idea is this cute crystal bear holding a red heart!
How adorable is it?
She is going to think about you all the time!

(Product Dimensions: 1 x 1.6 x 0.9 inches)

How about a Giant Inflatable Red Heart?

4 Foot Valentine’s Inflatable Sweet Heart Yard Decoration

giant inflatable red heart

Giant Inflatable Red Heart

4 Foot Valentine’s Inflatable Sweet Heart Yard Decoration

How’s that for a very unique and fun Valentine’s Day gift idea for your girlfriend?
Try to put it up when she’s not home!
She is gonna freak out when she sees this in her front yard!
(Hopefully in a good way…)

Precious Moments Just The Two of Us Cute Couple Figurine

cute couple figurine

Cutest Couple on the Couch Figurine

Precious Moments Just The Two of Us Figurine

How adorable is this Precious Moments cute couple on the couch figurine?
Look how she has her legs over his lap!
Too adorable and definitely a very romantic gift idea!

(Product Dimensions: 5.3 x 4.1 x 4.6 inches ; 1.3 pounds)

Cute Couple Kissing Bronze Figurine

Cute Couple Kissing Bronze Figurine

Cute Couple Kissing Bronze Figurine

Passionate Kiss Bronze Sculpture

Another beautiful, unique and very romantic couple figurine for your girlfriend!
It’s a bronze couple kissing figurine!
Beautiful finish!
It is very tiny and perfect for her to place on her desk and think about you all day long! πŸ™‚

*If you still want to keep browsing through romantic gift ideas for girlfriends, how about giving her a cool heart-shaped gift?

Best HEART SHAPED Gift Ideas for Her!
(Here you will find even more cool and unique heart shaped stuff for her!)