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Giraffe Gifts

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Best Giraffe Gift Ideas for Giraffe Lovers!

Giraffe Floor Lamp

Amazing Giraffe Floor Lamp

I woke up in a ‘giraffe mood’ today!

Who shares my passion for giraffes?
Then you are definitely on the right (and very tall) giraffe page!

I gathered here a few of the most fun and unique giraffe gifts for giraffe lovers of all ages!
I love everything giraffe themed!
I love giraffe decor, giraffe bedding, giraffe statues, giraffe furniture, toys and whatever else giraffe I an find!

Are you ready?
Let’s go!

How awesome is this tall giraffe floor lamp as a cool giraffe gift idea?
I think it’s one of the best gifts ever!
It has a pedal switch and it takes a regular 60 watt light bulb!
Easy enough, right?
I love it!

Now comes the question: where are you going to put it?
Living-room or bedroom?
(I would have it in my living-room, ’cause I would want everyone to see it!)

(Dimensions: -62” H x 20” W x 20”)

*If you or someone you know love giraffes, they are going to love these cool giraffe gifts!
I found the coolest giraffe statues, giraffe figurines, giraffe home decor pieces and general giraffe stuff for you!
You can have giraffes all over your house if you want! πŸ™‚
I have always loved giraffes!
They are magnificent animals!
Make the giraffe lover in your family very happy by choosing a cool giraffe gift for him!

Amazing Tall Giraffe Floor Lamp

Very Pretty Decorative Giraffe Table Lamp

Beautiful Giraffe Gift Ideas!

Pretty Decorative Giraffe Table Lamp

Pretty Decorative Giraffe Table Lamp

Pretty Decorative Giraffe Table Lamp

Since we are talking about giraffe lamps, look what I found now!
A gorgeous and very unique giraffe shaped table lamp for sale!
I love her orange glow!
She is also very large!
Perfect to have on your end table, right in your living-room!
Another beautiful giraffe gift idea!

(Size: 19″ High)

Beautiful Giraffes Flower Vase!

Very Unique Giraffe Gift!

giraffes vase

Giraffes of the Savanna Sculptural Vase

Very Cool Giraffes of the Savanna Sculptural Vase

Have you ever seen a giraffes flower vase before?

Me neither!
How cool and unique is that for a giraffe gift?
Definitely one of the most unique giraffe gifts ever!
It’s also fairly large!

I love the shiny antique bronze finish!
Very beautiful!

Large Giraffe Print Wing Chair

The Most Unique Giraffe Gifts!

beautiful giraffe chair

Beautiful Giraffe Chair

Beautiful Giraffe Print Wing Chair, Ebony Finish

Ok folks, this is the ultimate giraffe gift!
How amazing and unbelievable is this cool giraffe chair?
If that doesn’t spell ‘I Love Giraffes!’ loud and clear nothing else will! Lol
I would definitely have it in my living-room on a nice and bright corner!

Cute Giraffe Garden Sculpture

giraffe garden statue

Cute Giraffe Garden Sculpture

43.5″ Home Garden Giraffe Wildlife Statue Sculpture Figurine

How’s that for a fun giraffe gift idea for the garden?
Isn’t she adorable?
Perfect to have among your beautiful and colorful flowers!
Your guests will be like: “Oh! There’s a cute giraffe peeking out!”
She is also fairly tall, at over 3 feet!

Show the whole neighborhood that you are a proud giraffe lover! πŸ™‚
I bet all the kids are gonna love coming to your garden and check this cute baby giraffe sculpture!

(Dimensions: 8″Wx15″Dx43Β½”H. 16 lbs.)

Very Cool Giraffe Pitcher

Cool Giraffe Gift Idea for the Kitchen!

 Giraffe Pitcher

Fun Giraffe Pitcher

Very Cool Giraffe Pitcher

How about serving your guests with a cool giraffe pitcher?
How’s that for a super fun giraffe gift?

This is the most unique giraffe gift I have ever seen!
It is the very first time I see a giraffe pitcher!
The giraffe neck forms the long spout, the other the handle.

(Product Dimensions: 14.2 x 4 x 14 inches ; 2.8 pounds.)

Fun Giraffe Tea Kettle

giraffe tea kettle

Cute Giraffe Tea Kettle

Animal Kettle 2.4 Quart Whistling Enamel on Steel Giraffe Tea Kettle

It’s tea time!
Tea time the giraffe way!
Tea time using a giraffe tea kettle!
How creative!

Since I just showed you the cool giraffe pitcher, I had to show you this fun giraffe tea kettle!
Can you think of a more fun way to serve tea?
I love her cool colors!
She seems very pleased to serve you as well!

African Giraffe Trophy Wall Sculpture

Cool Giraffe Gifts for the Home!

African Giraffe Trophy Wall Sculpture

Awesome African Giraffe Trophy Wall Sculpture

African Giraffe Trophy Wall Sculpture

This giraffe wall sculpture is beyond cool!
Definitely a great giraffe gift idea!
Perfect to have near your giraffe lamp and giraffe chair!

(Dimensions: 7.5″ W x 16.5″ D x 23.5″ H.)

Decorative Giraffe Table Fan

giraffe table fan

Cool Giraffe Table Fan

Decorative Table Fan – Giraffe Design – Handcrafted Steel

Look what I found now fellow giraffe lovers!
A very cool metal giraffe fan!
Besides being very cool, hopefully it will cool you off as well!
This is great!

(Size: 20″ Tall x 12″ Wide)

Cute Plush Giraffe for Kids!

Cute Plush Giraffe for Kids

Cute Plush Giraffe for Kids

Melissa & Doug Cute Giraffe Plush for Kids

If you are looking for a fun giraffe gift idea for kids, then you are really going to fall in love with this cute and adorable huggable plush giraffe!
All kids love her so much and so do I!

Cute Giraffe Bookends!

cute Giraffe Bookends

Cute Giraffe Bookends

Cute Giraffe Bookends, 9.75 in.

Can you think of a more fun way to keep your books nice and straight than with these adorable giraffe bookends?
What a cute giraffe gift idea!

Metal Giraffe Statue

Metal Giraffe

Unique Metal Giraffe Sculpture

Metal Giraffe Can Be Used In House And Office

Another great giraffe gift idea in my opinion is this beautiful and very unique large metal giraffe sculpture!
You can have her indoors or in your garden!
She will definitely stand out and have everyone admiring her!

(*Size: 91 Inches High, 42 Inches Wide.)

Funny Drinking Giraffe Wine Bottle Holder!

Best Giraffe Gifts!

funny giraffe gifts

Funny Drinking Giraffe Wine Bottle Holder

Funny Drinking Giraffe Wine Bottle Holder

This is the most hilarious giraffe gift idea around!
A drunk giraffe wine bottle holder!
(How do I know she is drunk? Look at her! She keeps drinking wine indefinitely! πŸ™‚

Perfect ‘giraffe way’ to serve your wine!
(If there’s any left that is…)

Very Cool 3D Giraffe Novelty Mug!

cool giraffe mug

Cool 3D Giraffe Mug

Cool Lifelike Cartoon Hand-painted Ceramic Cups Novelty Mug (Giraffe Style)

Another great, fun and affordable giraffe theme gift idea for anyone is this ultra-cool 3D giraffe mug!
Very creative! πŸ™‚

Cute Standing Giraffe Shaped Box!

giraffe shaped box

Very Cute Standing Giraffe Box

Indoor Outdoor Cute Standing Giraffe Box

Another cute and very unique giraffe gift idea is this adorable and very ‘happy’ giraffe shaped box!
What a great giraffe gift for grandma!
I love her cute and very expressive giraffe eyes!
She can’t wait to hold your beautiful flowers, books or magazines! πŸ™‚
(Or toys for the kids!)

Adorable Giraffe Plush Rocker

Cutest Giraffe Gifts for Kids!

Giraffe Rocker

Adorable Giraffe Plush Rocker

Charm Company Jacky Giraffe Rocker

How cute and adorable is this giraffe plush rocker for kids?
She is absolutely perfect to complement a giraffe nursery room or giraffe bedroom!
(Not to mention fun and soft to ride!)
I think she’s so pretty that I could also have her in my living-room on display!

(Product Dimensions: 31 x 10 x 30 inches ; 30 pounds.)

*And here you will find more cute and fun toy giraffes for kids! πŸ™‚

Best Toy Giraffes for Kids!