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Hippo Toys

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The Most Fun HIPPO Toys for Kids!

cute hippo toys for kids

Cute Hippo Toys for Kids Piano Pal Hippo

Kids are usually fascinated by hippos because they are very big, fat and usually stay under water when we visit them at the zoo… πŸ™‚

Naturally, hippo toys are very popular among kids and another great gift idea!

You didn’t know they made toy hippos for children?

Well, I didn’t know also, until recently!
I found the cutest hippo toys around and had to show them to you!
They are so very colorful, fat and cute!
(Yup, hippos are allowed to be fat and CUTE!)
I am amazed at all the variety out there!
I chose the cutest and most colorful hippo toys I could find!
Are you all ready to go meet them?

Cute Hippo Toys for Kids: Piano Pal Hippo

*This cool purple hippo toy is also a piano!
He is probably the most fun hippo toy here!

Hansa Large Ride-on Plush Hippo

giant ride on plush hippo

Hansa Ride-on Plush Hippo

Hansa Realistic Giant Ride-on Plush Hippo

I bet you didn’t know this!!

Did you know that the name hippopotamus means ‘river horse’?
I had no idea!
Now you can say you have met a ‘river horse’!!
Pretty cool huh?

How about riding your very own gigantic plush hippo at home?
Now you can!
This is one of the largest ride-on hippo stuffed animals around!
That’s right!
He can take up to 150 lbs!
Great for taking amazing pictures in your backyard!
(Everyone will think you are actually riding a real hippo!)

Pink Plush Hippo!

pink plush hippo

Pink Plush Hippo

Zoobies Plush Toy, Hada The Pink Hippo

Is he a plush pink hippo, a hippo pillow or a hippo blanket?

This is a hippo plush toy, hippo pillow and hippo blanket all in one!
Talk about hippo frenzy…
If your child is a hippo fan, you gotta give her this cute pink hippo!

Oh, and by the way…. he is the perfect ‘hippo companion’ for any road trip! πŸ™‚

Adorable Purple Hippo Plush Rocker for Toddler Girls!

The Most Fun Hippo Toys for Kids!

cute plush hippo rocker for toddlers

Henrietta The Rocking Hippo Ride On

Happy Trails Henrietta The Rocking Hippo Ride On

I love this cute purple plush hippo rocker!
It is my favorite color ever!
He is very soft and huggable!
It’s small enough for 1 and 2 year olds!
(Perfect for a cute purple or lavender nursery!)
Awesome ‘hippo gift idea’ for your toddler girl! πŸ™‚

Cutest Riding Toy Hippo for Toddlers!

riding hippo toy for toddlers

Playskool Rock, Ride n Stride Toy Hippo

Playskool Rock, Ride n Stride Hippo Toy for Toddlers

Who wants to ride this cute orange toy hippo today?
He is awesome!!
What a fun 1st birthday gift idea he will make!!
Wait a second… he is also a walker for babies! πŸ™‚
AND a rocker!
How fun!!

Very Unique Pink Hippopotamus Piggy Bank for Kids!

Unique Pink Hippopotamus Piggy Bank

Unique Hippopotamus Piggy Bank

Unique Pink Hippopotamus Piggy Bank for Kids

What a very cool and unique pink hippo piggy bank!

He is absolutely beautiful!
Your child will love finding coins and learning about saving money with this cute and colorful hippo piggy bank!
He will look amazing in your child’s bedroom!

Fun Hungry Hungry Hippos Game for Kids!

Hungry Hungry Hippos Game

Fun Hungry Hungry Hippos Game

Fun Hungry Hungry Hippos Game

This is a fun and very colorful toy hippo game where you have to eat as many marbles as you can!
Who is the hungriest hippo of all?
Yours!!! πŸ™‚

Amazing 3D Hippo Puzzle!

3d hippo puzzle

3D Puzzle Hippopotamus

3D Puzzle Hippopotamus by Deadly 60

Have you ever seen a 3D hippo puzzle before??
Me neither!
Your kids are gonna love making this hippo ‘come alive’ by putting the pieces together!

Adorable Hippo Shaped Bus Toy!

Fun Hippobus Beetlebug Transport

cute hippo shaped bus

Cute Yellow Hippo Shaped Bus Toy

Fisher-Price Jungle Junction Hippobus Beetlebug Transport

Check this out!
A cute and fun happy yellow hippo shaped bus taking the most adorable and colorful beetle bugs to school!
One of the most fun hippo toy ideas for toddlers and small children! πŸ™‚

Cute Inflatable Hippo Play Pool for Kids!

hippo kiddie pool

Fun Inflatable Hippo Play Pool

NEW Kid’s Home & Garden Outdoor Inflatable Hippo Play Pool w Safety Valves

A hippo kiddie pool!
How fun and refreshing! πŸ™‚

Cute Hippo Baby Spring Float!

cute hippo spring float for babies

Hippo Animal Friends Baby Spring Float

Hippo Animal Friends Baby Spring Float

Can you think of a more fun way to learn how to float in the water than with a cute hippo? πŸ™‚
That baby girl in the picture is definitely having a blast!

Stuffies Gracie the Hippo

Cute Hippo Stuffed Animal with Secret Pockets!

Stuffies Gracie the Hippo stuffed animal

Stuffies Gracie the Hippo

Stuffies Gracie the Hippo Plush Animal Toy

This cute, fun, soft and adorable plush hippo stuffie has 7 secret pockets to keep your secret stuff hidden and also a secret free surprise inside him! πŸ™‚
No… I cannot tell you what it is….
It’s a surprise!

Fun NEON HIPPO Large Pillow Pet!

 My Pillow Pet NEON HIPPO Large 18 inches

Fun My Pillow Pet NEON HIPPO Large 18 inches

Genuine My Pillow Pet NEON HIPPO Large 18″

Check ‘hippo out’!
It’s a fun, bright and colorful NEON hippo pillow pet!
He can’t wait to travel everywhere with you! πŸ™‚

*Who wants to meet a cute baby hippo?

*I hope you had fun here today, choosing a cute hippo toy for your child! πŸ™‚
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