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Metal Pedal Cars

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What are the Best Classic Metal Pedal Cars for Kids ages 2 to 5 years old?

metal pedal cars antique

Vintage Metal Pedal Cars for Kids

Are you looking for the best metal pedal cars for sale?
You got it!

Vintage pedal cars are still around and they are absolutely gorgeous!
Their colors are very bright and they look great in a toddler’s bedroom!
One of the coolest gift ideas for kids ages 2 to about 5 years old is a classic metal pedal car, just like the ones we had as kids back in the 70’s!
I LOVED riding mine and I felt so important!
The greatest thing about these gorgeous steel pedal cars is that they will basically last forever!
You can pass them down to all brothers and sisters, and then to your own grandkids!
I am so happy that they are still being sold!

Baghera Monaco Vintage Pedal Car for Kids

I love metal pedal cars ever since I was 2 years old!
I am always trying to find the latest metal pedal cars for kids being sold because I know they are among the best gift ideas for boys and girls ages 2 to 5 years old!

Here are my top favorite ‘retro’ metal pedal cars for children!

They will make you wish you were a little boy or little girl again so you could ‘drive’ them too!
Who is the lucky toddler?

I hope you like them too!

Red Classic Volkswagen Beetle Steel Pedal Car

The Most Beautiful Antique Pedal Car for Sale!

red beetle pedal car

Red Classic Volkswagen Beetle Pedal Car

Red Classic Volkswagen Beetle Pedal Car

Look what I just found!!
It’s a gorgeous beetle pedal car!
I have never seen one before!
This is such a gem!
Great gift idea for a kid or an adult collector!
When my husband sees this he’s going to go crazy!
He loves beetles!
It looks just like the classic 1960 car!
I am truly in AWE!

Avocado Green Color Classic Volkswagen Beetle Classic Pedal Car

green beetle pedal car for sale

Stunning Avocado Green Beetle Classic Pedal Car for Sale

Avocado Green Classic Beetle Pedal Car for Sale

Guys, I’m sorry, but I had to show you this gorgeous avocado green beetle pedal car for sale too!!
Can you believe it?
How absolutely stunning is it?
It looks exactly like the ‘grownup version’!
How beautiful and fun is it?
When your child rides this beauty around the block people are actually going to stop you guys and ask to take pictures!
I bet!

Yellow and Black Classic Volkswagen Beetle Cars for Kids and Collectors!

classic cars for kids

Classic Volkswagen Beetle Cars for Kids

Yellow color Classic Volkswaken beetle pedal car custom handmade top class full option for kid or Decorate

Ok, I confess!
I am officially IN LOVE with these classic beetle metal pedal cars for kids!
I want to become a child again for one day so I can pedal them!
Do you blame me?
Toddlers are definitely ‘driving’ the best looking cars these days, I’m telling you!
I am sure you can’t wait to take pictures of your toddler driving this beauty around the neighborhood!

Retro Style Steel Pedal Car, Red

The Most Unique Antique Metal Pedal Cars for Kids!

Retro Style Pedal Car, Red

Retro Style Steel Pedal Car, Red

Morgan Cycle Retro Style Pedal Car, Red

How gorgeous is this red racer steel pedal car for kids?
Another cute and fun classic metal pedal car!
I know you want to collect them all, don’t you?
Well, if you have multiple kids in your house it is the perfect excuse!

The steering wheel is very realistic and fully functional!
It’s the perfect toy gift idea for any 3 or 4 year old little boy for Christmas!

Jalopy Fire Truck Steel Pedal Car for Boys!

classic fire truck pedal car

Classic Fire Truck Pedal Car

Jalopy Fire Truck Pedal Car

Holy smokes!
I can’t believe these metal pedal cars!
Each one is more beautiful and amazing and shiny than the next!

Almost every little boy dreams of being a firefighter someday!
Make their dreams come true earlier by giving them this gorgeous red fire engine metal pedal car!
Beautiful red color!
Strong metal body!
This gorgeous classic pedal car will fit little boys ages 3 to 6 years old!
I love the color!

Fun Retro Style Yellow Racer Pedal Car!

Retro Style Racer Pedal Car, Yellow

Retro Style Racer Pedal Car, Yellow

Morgan Cycle Retro Style Racer Pedal Car, Yellow

How fun and beautiful is this bright yellow racer metal pedal cars for kids?
It can’t get any more ‘retro’ than this!
The pedals are adjustable and the tires are made from rubber.
What a fun Christmas gift idea for your little boy!

Morgan Cycle Pink Retro Pedal Car

Beautiful Antique Metal Pedal Car for Girls!

Morgan Cycle Pink Retro Pedal Car

Morgan Cycle Pink Retro Pedal Car

Morgan Cycle Pink Retro Pedal Car

This is my favorite classic metal pedal car for girls!
It is very similar to the one I used to have when I was 3 years old!
It is very spacious inside and it will fit most kids ages 2 to about 6 years old!
(The pedals are adjustable!)
It is a gorgeous car and I love the shiny pink color and beautiful steering wheel!
Just like the real old cars from the 50’s!

The Cutest Yellow Metal Pedal Car for Children ages 2 to 6 years old!

Sporty Bright Yellow Metal Pedal Car with Vintage Style Headlights!

classic pedal cars for kids

Classic Pedal Car Yellow

Great Gizmos Classic Pedal-Car HARRY

How cool is this vintage style bright yellow metal pedal car for kids?
This is by far one of the cutest and most adorable steel pedal cars for kids!
He has a cute ‘sad car face’, just like the old classic TV character!

Fun, simple and very durable pedal car to last for generations!
Heavy steel body!
I also love the red wheels!

He looks just like the ‘grown-up’ version, down to the last detail, except way cuter!
I LOVE this cute car!
Will fit children ages 3 to 5 years old.
Have fun!

Pink Roadster Cute Pedal Car for Little Girls!

Pink Roadster Pedal Car

Pink Roadster Pedal Car

Dexton Deluxe Pink Roadster Pedal Car

Of course I would never forget to include a cute pink pedal car for little girls here!
This pink roadster is absolutely gorgeous!
It’s a very sturdy car, very roomy and the perfect car gift idea for your adventurous 3 year old little girl!
It also has working headlights and an adjustable windshield!
Too adorable!

Blue Roadster Pedal Car Blue

Blue Roadster Classic Pedal Car Blue

Blue Roadster Classic Pedal Car Blue

Deluxe Blue Roadster Classic Pedal Car Blue

Beautiful and sturdy classic blue pedal car for kids!
I love the cute black seat and the chrome steering wheel!
It fits children up to 66 lbs.
Great birthday or Christmas gift idea for the active toddler boy in your family!

Classic Red Fire Truck Metal Pedal Car for Boys!

Classic  Fire Truck Pedal Car

Classic Fire Truck Pedal Car for Boys

Dexton Deluxe Fire Truck Pedal Car

This gorgeous red fire truck antique pedal car is a huge hit among toddlers and small kids!
It has a gorgeous glossy red color and it is also very strong!
This fun pedal fire truck is perfect to develop your active toddler’s imagination and have him play ‘rescuing’ his lost toys and stuffed animals from all the perils of life!

Classic Jalopy Pedal Pick Up Truck, Green

Best Steel Pedal Cars for Kids!

Classic Jalopy Pedal Pick Up Truck, Green

Classic Jalopy Pedal Pick Up Truck, Green

1929 Jalopy Pick up Truck Pedal Car Green

This is the most gorgeous heavy gauge steel green pedal truck for kids!
I love it!
It has three adjustable pedal positions, gorgeous rubber wheels and wooden side rails!
Just like the real 1930 Jalopy truck!
Very cool!

Gorgeous Police Pedal Car

Beautiful Police Pedal Car for Kids

Stylish Police Pedal Car

InStep Police Pedal Car for Kids

This gorgeous police pedal car is the most popular pedal car for kids being sold!
Toddlers and small children absolutely love pretending they are ‘policemen’!
This stylish police pedal car is also very affordable and it fits children up to 5 years old!
Happy buyers say they love this pedal car because it’s very durable and very pretty!
Your little boy is going to be the cutest ‘cop’ on the block!

*I hope you enjoyed my selections of vintage pedal cars for kids here!
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