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Mom Gift Ideas

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Best Gifts for Moms on Mother’s Day, Mom’s Birthday or Christmas!

mom gift ideas

I LOVE My Mom Round Pillow

I LOVE My Mom Round Pillow
by HappyGabby

You have landed on one of my favorite gift ideas page!
Moms gifts!
I love buying gifts for my mom on all occasions!
I have sent her so many gifts over the past years that she has recently told me to stop sending her so much stuff because she has no more room in the house! Lol
(Of course I didn’t listen to her…)

I am a mom too and I also know that our children could give us a rock that they found on the street as a gift and we would still love it…
But if you are like me and are looking for something cool and meaningful to buy for your mom for Mother’s Day (that’s coming up soon!) or her birthday and even for Christmas, I would love to help you!

The mom gift ideas I gathered here are all gifts that I have personally bought for my mom over the years…
I hope I can also help you find something cool for your mom!

Perfect Gift Idea for Moms who LOVE Coffee!

Cute and Colorful Keurig Single Serve Coffee Machine!

Colorful Keurig Coffee Machine

Colorful Keurig Coffee Machine

Keurig K10 Mini Plus Brewing System, Aqua

If your mom LOVES coffee, one of the best gift ideas for her is a new and fun Keurig single-serve coffee maker!
(By the way, how cute is this turquoise one??)

My mother loves her coffee and last year my sister bought her the new Keurig coffee maker as a gift and she loved it!

I also have one and I can tell you it is the best and fastest way to enjoy a cup of coffee…
The best thing about it, besides being so easy and fast to use, is that every cup of coffee always tastes the same!

If your mom also enjoys her coffee, I think you have just found the perfect gift idea for her!
(Don’t forget to also send her some coffee with the machine! Lol)

Best Gift Idea for Moms who Love to Read!

All-New Fire HD 8 Tablet

All-New Fire HD 8 Tablet

All-New Fire HD 8 Tablet, 8″ HD Display, Wi-Fi, 32 GB

My mom is an avid reader!
(I mean, she can read a 500 page book in one night! Of course she doesn’t sleep…lol)

If your mom is like my mother and loves reading all the time, then the best gift idea for her is a new Fire tablet, of course!

It’s great because she can take her whole library with her everywhere she goes!
(It’s perfect for doctor’s appointments! You know how doctors are always late…your mom will never get bored anymore!)

With the new Fire HD your mom will not only read books anytime she wants anywhere she is, but she can also watch movies, play games and even chat face to face with you, using Skype!

(Yes, of course I’ve already bought one for my mom… I love that we can pick one in a fun color! I got the magenta one for her and the orange one for me! 🙂

How about a Cute Bonsai Tree for Mom?

Very Cool Gift Idea for Mother’s Day!

Cute Bonsai Tree

Cute Bonsai Tree

Brussel’s Chinese Elm Bonsai

Does your mom love plants?
(Moms usually do…)

My mom has always loved plants and we always had beautiful plants in our home…

I bought my mom a cute bonsai tree a couple of years ago and she loved it!
They look very cute indoors and moms love taking care of them!
This is a very nice Chinese Elm bonsai tree!
Every time she sees it she is going to think about you!

Cute T-Shirt for Mom

A Mom makes a House a HOME!

Cute T-Shirt for Mom

Cute T-Shirt for Mom

Cute T-Shirt for Mom
by HappyGabby

This is a very cute t-shirt for moms! It has a cute design of kids playing inside the house with their mom and it says “A mom makes a house a HOME!”

Isn’t it adorable??
What do you think?

14k Yellow Gold Mother and Child Heart Pendant Necklace

Beautiful Jewelry Gift Idea for Moms!

Beautiful 14k Yellow Gold Mother and Child Heart Pendant Necklace

Beautiful 14k Yellow Gold Mother and Child Heart Pendant Necklace

14k Yellow Gold Mother and Child Heart Pendant Necklace, 18″

This is one of the most beautiful mom necklaces around!
It is a mother and child heart shaped gold necklace!

I love how their heads form a beautiful heart…
It is the perfect jewelry gift idea for moms!

Real Red Rose Plated in Gold!

Real Red Rose Plated in Gold

Real Red Rose Plated in Gold

24k Gold Foil Trim Red Rose Flower, Best Gift for Mother’s Day

I had never seen one of these before!
(I usually buy roses for my mom every Mother’s Day along with a gift, but it’s the first time I see this beautiful gold dipped red rose!)
It’s a real red rose that was preserved in lacquer and trimmed in 24K gold!
How’s that for a beautiful mom gift idea?
This gold rose comes in a beautiful gift box and it lasts forever!

How about a Cute Mom Wall Art?

Cute Gift Idea for Mothers!

Cute Wall Art for Moms

Moms make the world a better place Cute Wall Art

Moms make the world a better place Cute Wall Art
by HappyGabby

If you want to find a cute and meaningful gift for your mom, how about this adorable wood wall art for moms?
It says ‘Moms make the world a better place’! (How cute is the clay family hugging design?)
Isn’t it perfect?
She can hang it in her bedroom or living-room and think about you every day!

How about a Very Cute Mother and Daughter Figurine?

Cute Gift Idea from Daughters to Moms!

Adorable Mother and Daughter Figurine

Adorable Mother and Daughter Figurine

Precious Moments, Mom, You’re Sew Wonderful, Bisque Porcelain Figurine

I love buying my mom cute figurines!
This is one of the most adorable figurines from daughter to mom!
A daughter kisses her mom on the cheek while she is fixing her teddy bear!
So happy!
So together! 🙂
It will definitely bring tears to your mom’s eyes when she opens her beautiful gift!

Bronze Family Tree Picture Frame

Bronze Family Tree Picture Frame

Bronze Family Tree Picture Frame

Cute Bronze Metal Family Tree with 6 Hanging Picture Photo Frames

Another super cool gift idea for mothers is this beautiful and fun family tree picture frame!
You can add the whole family on this tree and give to your mom on Mother’s Day!
Perfect to have in her home office or in the living-room!

(If you need more frames you can just buy them separately.)
I love this idea!

How about a fun pair of Mom flip flops?

Cool Mom Pink Flip Flops

Cool Mom Pink Flip Flops

Cool Mom Pink Flip Flops
by HappyGabby

If your mom loves to wear flip flops, how about giving her a fun pair of pink flip flops that also say “Cool Mom”?
This pair has a fun design of a fashion mom carrying her two kids!
I think they make cool and unique gift ideas!

To Mom With Love Tea and Cookies Beautiful Gift Basket for Mothers

Beautiful Mom Gift Basket

Beautiful Mom Gift Basket

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets To Mom With Love Tea and Cookie Gift Basket

If all else fails and you can’t decide on a gift for your mom on Mother’s Day, then give her a nice mom gift basket!

I have done that many times in the past and my mom loved getting them.
This one is very pretty and very affordable!
It comes filled with nice treats for your mom, including nice tea, delicious cookies and some other special treats such as floral bath salts, rose shaped petals soap and more!

*I hope you enjoyed my mom gift ideas list in this page and were able to choose a cool gift for your mom!
(I will keep adding more cool gifts here from time to time.)