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Pillow Animals

Huge, Huggable  and FUN Round Squishable Pillow Animals Make the World a Better Place!

Have you ever hugged a cuddly, colorful, unique and very ROUND Squishable?
You definitely should!
They are the most fun stuffed pillow animals on the planet!
I LOVE them all!
I have started my own collection of these amazing round plush animals and I already have two!
There are dozens to choose from in all animals!
They make awesome gift ideas for anyone at any age!
They will put a huge smile on your face right away, I promise!
Are you ready to meet them?

Squishable Worrible Plush – 15″

My Favorite Squishable Round Monster!

worrible squishable pillow animal

Squishable Worrible

Squishable Worrible Plush – 15″

I am going to start my selection of fun round pillow animals with the Worrible!
He is the cutest (and saddest) Squishable stuffed monster!
I got one for my sister and one for myself!
He is HUGE!
He sits on my sofa and no one can resist him!
As soon as guests arrive the first thing they do is hug him!
I sent one to mys sister who suffers from depression last year saying:
“I hope you feel better! Nothing is too ‘worrible’…”
She loved it and she said it helped her tremendously!

Squishable Jellyfish Large 15″

The Cutest Squishable Round Pillow Animals!

squishable jelly fish

Cute Squishable Jelly Fish Pillow Animal

Squishable Jellyfish Large 15″

I also bought this cute and super fun blue Squishable jelly fish for myself and I gotta tell you he makes an awesome leg rest!
I put him on my bed and I use him to put my feet up when my legs are tired!
(Poor thing…)
I love his cute and cheerful jellyfish face!
He is a happy fellow!
Needless to say he will make a wonderful gift idea too!

Squishable / 14″ Octopus Round Pillow Animal

plush octopus squishable

Squishable Round Plush Pink Octopus

Squishable / 14″ Octopus

I also LOVE this huge and very pink Squishable stuffed octopus!
He is definitely next on my collection!
He is perfect to have on your bed or couch!
I also love his cute and happy ‘octopus’ face!
So, who’s getting a fun plush octopus from you today?

Fun Squishable Yeti Snowman 15 inch

The Most Unique Squishable Round Pillow Animals for Sale!

squishable yeti

Cute Squishable Yeti Snowman

Squishable Yeti 15 inch

Meet Mr. Yeti the Snowman round Squishable!
Isn’t he adorable?
Will make such a fun gift idea for a little boy!
Don’t you feel like hugging him right away?

Cute Squishable Peacock 15 Inch

squishable peacock

Squishable Peacock

Squishable Peacock 15 Inch

I bet you have never seen a plush peacock before have you?
How about a huge and very round and colorful Squishable peacock?
Can you imagine going on a trip and taking this huge peacock stuffed animal with you on the plane?
How many people do you think are going to turn their heads and eyes your way?
You’re right!
ALL of them!
Have fun!

Squishable Woolly Mammoth 15 Inch

plush mammoth

Squishable Plush Mammoth

Squishable Woolly Mammoth 15 Inch

This is a first for me too!
I had never seen this Squishable plush mammoth before!
How cool is he?

Squishable Seahorse 15 Inch

seahorse pillow animal

Squishable Seahorse Pillow Animal

Squishable Seahorse 15 Inch

I know…. I know….
It’s almost impossible to choose only one right?
That’s why I started a collection!
I want to have at least 10 or 12 of these fun and unique Squishables!
How cute and very unique is this yellow seahorse Squishable plush animal?

Cute Squishable 15″ Manatee Round Pillow Animal!

squishable manatee

Unique Squishable Manatee

Squishable / 15″ Manatee

Manatee lover?
Then get this ultra-cute, soft and very huggable Squishable manatee pillow animal for you!
Look at that adorable manatee face!
Too irresistible!
Happy buyers say he is so soft, so cuddly and so huggable, that they don’t even need a real person to hug!
(I’m sure they’re kidding though… Nothing can replace hugging a human right?)

Squishable Blue Whale 15 Inch

squihable blue whale pillow animal

Cute Squishable Blue Whale

Squishable Blue Whale 15 Inch

Look at that cute and happy Squishable round blue whale!
I love her gorgeous bright blue color too!
What a fun pillow animal for your growing collection!
She is also perfect for a cute sea themed nursery room!

Squishable Fire Dragon 15″

squishable fire dragon

Squishable Fire Dragon Pillow Animal

Squishable Fire Dragon 15″

Dragon lover?
No problem!
There is a Squishable for you too!
This is a fun and fierce red fire dragon plush animal!
(Don’t worry though… he is so happy to be going home with you today that he won’t spit any fire…unless he gets mad…)

Squishable Buffalo 15″

The Most Fun Round Pillow Animals for Sale!

squishable buffalo

Squishable Buffalo

Squishable Buffalo 15″

Check out this cute and also very unique cool Squishable round plush buffalo for sale!
He looks like a very happy buffalo though!
I’m sure he won’t attack you!
He is going to look great on your sofa too!

Squishable Moose Large 15″

Large and Cuddly Round Pillow Animals!

moose round pillow animal

Cute Squishable Moose Round Pillow Animal

Squishable Moose Large 15″

Moose lover?
Then this is your Squishable!
He is a very cute, very large and very round, cuddly plush moose!
Perfect to use as a cozy pillow when watching a movie on the couch!

Fun Squishable Black Bear 15″

squishable black bear

Squishable Black Bear Round Plush Bear

Squishable Black Bear 15″

So, how’s your Squishable pillow animal collection going?
I just came across this gorgeous and very cuddly Squishable round black bear!
Isn’t he cute?
Even better than a regular teddy bear!

*Check out these girls showing off a few of their Squishable friends:
Look how big they are!