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Ride On Horse Toys

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Best Rideable Horse Toys for Kids of All Ages!

ride on horse toys

Fun Riding Horse for Kids

Smart Gear Pony Cycle Ride-on Toy

We all know kids love riding toys!
What else is new right?
But they also love ride on horse toys!
There are so many riding toy horses to choose from nowadays that I decided to create this page especially for them!
Back in my time, if I wanted to ride a toy horse I would need to go to the carnival and ride the Merry Go Round…
Yes, there were rocking wood horses back then, but they were very, very expensive and only the very rich kids had them…

My favorite horse toys to ride on nowadays are those you see on this picture!
Kids ride them by bouncing up and down the saddle, just like in a real horse!

So, who’s ready for a horse ride?

Cute Ride on Rocking Horse Toy with Wheels for Kids Ages 3 and Up

cute riding horse toy for kids

Walking Horse Toy, Rocking Horse with Wheels

Walking Horse Toy, Rocking Horse with Wheels for Kids Aged 3 to 5 Years Old

Who wants to ride a very cute mechanical cowboy horse today?
Your child?
All he or she needs to do is to bounce on the saddle!
As they start doing that, the horse’s wheels will start moving and going wherever your kid wants to go!
The first time kids ride this fun plush horse and realize they are ‘really riding’ it, their face light up and their eyes sparkle from excitement!
Get your camera ready for this moment!
One of the best horse toys to place under the Christmas tree this year!

Ride on Black Stallion Plush Horse for Kids with Wheels

best riding horse for kids 3 years old

Ride on Horse Toy Plush Walking Animal Black Horse

Cute Ride on Horse Toy Plush Walking Animal Black Horse U3 for Age 3-5

Now it’s time for the children to ride a cute plush black horse!
They are going to go crazy!
He is a medium-size plush pony that will fit children ages 3 and 4 until about 9 to 10 years old!
He moves the same way the white horse does.
Kids bounce up and down while maneuvering the handlebars.
How fun is that for the little ones?
Is that the perfect horse gift idea for your first grandchild or what?

Cute Ride On Walking Toy Horse for Kids 5 to 12 Years Old

Walking Horse for Children 5 to 12 Years Old or Up to 110 Pounds

Cool Walking Horse for Children 5 to 12 Years Old or Up to 110 Pounds

Walking Toy Horse for Children 5 to 12 Years Old or Up to 110 Pounds

Look at this gorgeous caramel color plush horse toy to ride on!
He is so cute!
(If you have three kids, you can give each one a different color plush riding pony!)
They are all so adorable!
The best thing about these is that there’s no need for batteries!
Kids use their legs and body to move them!
Fun and exercise at the same time!

Adorable Plush White Ride-on Unicorn for Girls

cute riding unicorn for girls

Ride on Unicorn Plush Horse Toy for Girls

Ride on Unicorn Plush Horse Toy for Girls

I just found my favorite riding horse toy for girls!
It is a gorgeous sit-on white toy unicorn!
So adorable!
I am in love!
If you have a 3 or 4-year-old little girl, grab this toy for her! 🙂

Cute Riding Plush Unicorn Toy for Girls

best riding unicorns for girls 3 and 4

Ride on Walking Unicorn Rocking Horse Riding Toy for Children

Kids Ride on Walking Unicorn Rocking Horse Riding Toy for Children for 3-6 Years Old
I bet you had never seen a cute riding unicorn toy before!
How absolutely magical and adorable is it?
The wheels are ultra-smooth and it is very easy for little girls to steer!
It is the perfect size for a 2, 3, and 4-year-old little girl!

Large White Unicorn Ride-on Toy

big riding unicorn

Beautiful Ride on Unicorn, Large

Unicorn, Large Mechanical Rocking Horse Toy, Ride on Bounce up and Dow
I had to show you this beautiful and very realistic large white ride-on plush unicorn for sale!
Can you imagine placing this in your little girl’s bedroom as a gift?
Her very own unicorn!

Awesome Large Mechanical Horse

The Most Fun Horse Toys to Ride On!

big riding horse

Action Pony, Large Mechanical Horse Toy, Ride-on

Beautiful Large Mechanical Horse Toy, Ride on Bounce up and Down and Move

Let the fun begin!
Another ultra-FUN toy horse to ride on for the big kids!
Kids love them!
They are classic!
This is a gorgeous mechanical horse for sale!
That little girl is definitely not complaining…

It fits kids ages 6 and up!

Awesome Motorized Ride-on Horse Rider for Kids!

Best Motorized Ride-On Horse for Kids

Cool Motorized Ride-On Horse for Kids

Battery Operated Ride-On Horse for Kids, Walking Horse Toy with Wheels for Boys and Girls
Another fun and very cool outdoor horse rider for kids 3, 4, and 5 years old! It is a battery-operated riding horse!!
Can you imagine having this in your home? 🙂Perfect outdoor horse gift idea for children!

Cute Horse Stuffed Plush Pony

plush pony to ride

Big Stuffed Animal Plush Pony

3 Foot Big Stuffed Animal Plush Pony
Everybody loves this adorable ride-on plush pony!

(He doesn’t actually move, so kids will have to use their imaginations…)
It will look beautiful in their bedroom!
He loves cuddling too!

Gorgeous Large Size Ride-on Horse with Wheels

large riding horse with wheels

Ride-on Walking Rolling Kids Horse with Easy Rolling Wheels

Cool Ride-on Walking Rolling Kids Horse with Easy Rolling Wheels
This is one of the most beautiful ride-on stuffed horses for kids I’ve ever seen!
He is very realistic!
Look at those mellow ‘horse eyes’ of his!
He is so very lovable!
If your child loves horses, then I definitely recommend you get him or her this cute riding horse with wheels!
Children ages 5 and over can ride him.

Cute Wood Rocking Horse for Kids

Wooden Rocking horse for toddlers and kids

Beautiful Wood Horse for Kids

Amish Made Wooden Rocking horse for toddlers and kids
Of course, wooden horse rockers are still a classic toy horse for kids!
This is a gorgeous hand-crafted solid oak wood rocking horse.
It fits toddlers and as young as 18 months old and up!
Great first birthday horse gift idea!
(It also looks amazing in a new baby’s nursery!)
What parents love most about these wooden horse rockers is that they are very durable and can be passed down to siblings and even grandchildren one day!

Cute PINK Horse Ride-On Toy

Cutest Rideable Toy Pony for Kids!

Pink Horse Ride On

Adorable Pink Horse Ride On

Rockin’ Rider Duchess Stable Horse Ride On

And I will end my selections of fun rideable horse toys for kids today with this adorable pink toy horse to ride on!

It is very affordable and absolutely perfect for kids ages 1 to about 5 years old!
If you were looking for a cool and unique toy to give your grandchild next Christmas, look no further!
It’s going to be a huge hit!

*I hope you had a good time here today choosing a fun riding toy horse for your kid!
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