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Toy Giraffes

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Best Toy Giraffes for Toddlers and Children!

life size giraffe stuffed animal

Impressive Life Size Giraffe Stuffed Animal

I found the cutest and most adorable toy giraffes for kids!
Who doesn’t love a cute giraffe right?
I have always liked them a lot and they are among my most favorite animals!

They are super tall and they spend almost their wholes lives standing up!
(You should see how they drink water, being so tall and all that…ok, I’ll tell you… they have to spread their long legs sideways and lower their long necks all the way down to the lake or pond to have some water…)
Giraffes are lovely animals, very peaceful and full of cool spots all over their bodies!
They also have a huge tongue!
Did you know that? 🙂

Life Size Giraffe Stuffed Animal

This is the most realistic life-size giraffe stuffed animal I have ever seen!
Can you imagine having a real-looking giraffe inside your bedroom?
(Better build a sun roof before you get her… 🙂
She was built using a very strong steel frame inside and soft plush materials outside.
Doesn’t she look exactly like a real giraffe?
I am so impressed!
(And so will you!)
Who is the lucky giraffe lover getting her?

(Product Dimensions: 68.9 x 19.7 x 94.5 inches ; 37.5 pounds)

Very Cute Large Standing Giraffe Plush Animnal

Best Toy Giraffes for Children!

tall giraffe stuffed animal

72” Standing Giraffe Plush Animal

Cute 72” Standing Giraffe Plush Animal

This is a super cute, fun and affordable tall giraffe plush animal for sale!
Look at that happy giraffe face! 🙂
She can’t wait to go home with you and live inside your child’s bedroom!
(This is NOT a ride-on giraffe ok? Only the one above…)
She is basically the actual size of a new baby giraffe and kids love her!
She is also super friendly and it’s always smiling!
She also loves to be hugged and loved!
Enjoy her!

(Product Dimensions: 14 x 28 x 72 inches ; 57.5 pounds.)

Cutest Giraffe Trike Ride On Toy for Toddlers

cute Ride On Toy Giraffe

Adorable Ride On Toy Giraffe

Baby Trike Ride On Toy – Giraffe

How adorable is this giraffe trike for toddlers?
She is made of wood, plush and plastic!
Great first trike for a one year old!
They are going to love climbing her and use their legs and feet to make her ‘go’!
(They also love when mom or dad push them around the house! 🙂

(Product Dimensions: 18.5 x 20.5 x 15 inches ; 7.9 pounds)

Cute Giraffe Plush Rocker for Kids

Giraffe Plush Rocker

Cute Giraffe Plush Rocker

Cute Giraffe Plush Rocker

Of course we can’t talk about the best toy giraffes for kids without including a cute giraffe plush rocker in the mix!
Isn’t she lovely? 🙂
She is very well-made and will hold up kids ages 2 to about 5 or 6 years old rocking on her!
(Kids specially love watching TV while rocking on their cute giraffe!)

(Product Dimensions: 31 x 10 x 30 inches ; 10 pounds.)

Adorable Giraffe Rocker for Babies and Toddlers

adorable giraffe rocker for toddlers

Gerry Giraffe Rocker for Toddlers

Adorable Giraffe Rocker for Toddlers

I had to show you Gerry!
he is the most adorable giraffe rocker for babies around!
He is super comfy and soft to sit on and very cuddly!
Great first birthday gift idea! 🙂

(Product Dimensions: 25 x 12 x 18 inches ; 10 pounds.)

Giant Giraffe Floor Cushion for Baby!

giraffe floor cushion

Giant Giraffe Floor Cushion

Baby Giant Floor Cushion – Olaf The Giraffe

How fun, colorful, soft and adorable is this giant giraffe floor cushion for babies?
I love it!
What a fun thing to do!
Even adults can use this cool giraffe cushion to watch movies or listen to music!
That little girl is having a great time!

Japanese Giraffe Ride on Wooden Puzzle

Very Unique Wood Toy Giraffe!

giraffe wood puzzle ride on

Japanese Giraffe Ride on Wood Puzzle

Japanese Giraffe Ride on Puzzle Toy

Is it a puzzle?
Is it a riding toy?
Is it a cute giraffe?
Is it fun?
To all those questions!
it is a very cool and very unique wooden giraffe riding toy puzzle!
Try figuring that one out! 🙂

Beautiful Wooden Rocking Giraffe Toy!

Wooden Rocking Giraffe

Cute Wooden Rocking Giraffe

Jacob the Wooden Rocking Giraffe

I absolutely love this cute wooden rocking giraffe for kids!
His name is Jacob and he loves to make little kids giggle and laugh from happiness!
He is the perfect size for a 1 or 2 year old child and he looks adorable in their bedroom! 🙂

(Overall dimensions: 28.25L x 12W x 21.5H Inches.)

Cute Large Inflatable Giraffes!

Large Inflatable Giraffes

Large Inflatable Giraffes

Large Inflatable Giraffe (Pack Of 3)

You will get three adorable and very tall (60 inches each!) inflatable giraffes!
If you have three kids, you can give one inflatable giraffe to each!

Melissa & Doug Affordable Giraffe Plush Animal for Babies and Toddlers

cute plush giraffe for babies

Cute Plush Giraffe for Babies

Melissa & Doug Cute Standing Giraffe Plush

This is one of the cutest and most affordable real looking standing tall plush giraffe for kids around!
She is super soft and cuddly!
Toddlers love playing with her!
She even helps 10 month old babies to stand up on their own!

(Product Dimensions: 57 x 21.2 x 11.2 inches.)

What a Fun Giraffe Walker and Shape Sorter Toy for Toddlers!

Cute Giraffe Toys for Babies and Toddlers!

best giraffe walker toy

Best Giraffe Walker ‘N Shape Sorter

Cute Giraffe Walker ‘N Shape Sorter

This is also a super FUN giraffe toy for babies and toddlers!
It’s a giraffe walker and shape sorter!
She is not only fun, but educational!
The quality is great and it is very sturdy!
Perfect 1st birthday giraffe toy gift! 🙂

(Product Dimensions: 15.8 x 12.4 x 18.5 inches ; 4.6 pounds.)

Sophie the Giraffe Rubber Teether Set of 4

Sophie the Giraffe Teether Set of 4

Sophie the Giraffe Teether Set of 4

Sophie the Giraffe Rubber Teether Set of 4

This is one of the most popular and most bought toy giraffes for babies with growing teeth!
Her name is Sophie and she is adorable!
She also makes cool sounds when babies squeeze her body!
She is always smiling!

Very Cool Giraffe Kids Play Tent Play House!

Giraffe Kids Play Tent

Giraffe Kids Play Tent

Cute Giraffe Kids Play Tents Indoor/Outdoor Play Tent (Under 6 Years Old)

What a fun and very unique ultra-cool giraffe play tent for kids!
Look at that giraffe neck!
Kids love playing inside tents and imagine how awesome it will be playing inside a giraffe! 🙂
Fun to use indoors or outside too!

Fun Hopping Giraffe Toy!

fun giraffe hopping toy

Fun Giraffe Hopping Toy

Gymnic / Gyffy the Inflatable Hopping Giraffe

Who wants to hop on a fun yellow giraffe today?
Your child?
She is very strong and can carry kids between the ages 2 and 3 up to 5 years old!
Very easy to clean and loads of fun!
Kids love siting on her to watch a fun movie or just bounce up and down tirelessly!

Cute Inflatable Giraffe Swimming Pool for Kids!

inflatable giraffe pool for kids

Cool Giraffe Swimming Pool for Kids

Banzai Spray N Splash Giraffe Pool Inflatable Swimming Water Slide Swim Fun

And last, but not least, a cute and fun giraffe swimming pool for kids!
How adorable!
What a fun way to cool down during summer!
She even has a fun slide too!
I’m in!
(If I were about 3 years old, of course… 🙂

*Did you have fun with these cute toy giraffes?
There’s more!

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